The Best Credit Repair Company in San Diego

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The Best Credit Repair Company in San DiegoBest Credit Repair Company in San Diego

After a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo in an attempt to find the best credit repair company in San Diego you have probably found several listings. Every one of them tells you they’re the best and most effective. Calling all these companies is very time consuming so here are some answers you want to get before proceeding.

A National Company vs. a Local San Diego Credit Repair Service

Which should you choose? It’s seems like it would be best to work with a local company. But many local credit repair companies are one person operations that have limited resources in their abilities and have no backup should something happen to that one person such as illness, vacation, closing their business and worse. What happens to your account and money? The national companies typically have poor or no personal customer service. And, what’s your recourse should you not get the results you’re looking for?

SolutionERA Credit Services is local and national. We have been providing credit repair services to San Diego consumers since 2012 and pride ourselves on giving the personal service you expect. However, we are also part of a national credit repair company with 13 years experience and phenomenal customer support. You have the best of both worlds. And, you get our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee that will be honored no matter what happens to us locally.

Pricing – Before you begin service with a credit repair company, whether it be in San Diego or any other city in the country, you should know there are 2 pricing models predominantly used in the credit repair industry.

Monthly fees – some companies charge a set up fee and then a monthly fee until they have performed the work of deleting items from your credit report. As a result of charging the customer a fee each month some companies slow the process and extend the length of time it takes to get results for the client. We get calls from people working with other companies that tell us they have been paying fees to a company for over a year, perhaps two years and still don’t have results.

Solution – we also have a monthly credit repair program for only $87/month with no set up fees. It addresses all negative or derogatory items immediately. We receive most of our business from real estate, mortgage and banking professionals that want credit repair for their clients as soon as possible. They expect us to perform quickly so they can close a transaction with the client they referred to us.

Pay Per Deletion – some credit repair companies charge when they have removed items from your credit report. In most cases they do actually charge an initial fee as well to give you an estimate of the charges once they have pulled your credit reports before you begin service. This may seem like a good way to go but they also typically charge between $25 per item up to $500 per negative item. The range in fee depends on the type of item. For example, an old charged off credit card might be $25. But a foreclosure or bankruptcy could be $500. But what you need to be aware of is that the charges are per item per credit bureau. So, you actually get charged $75 up to $1,500 per item. This pricing method can range from $2,000, $3,000 and up to $5,000.

Solution – In addition to our monthly program described above, we also give the client an option of a flat rate fee of $499.00 (discounts available for active duty military and couples) for the most effective and fastest credit repair results in the industry. It is all inclusive. All 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion), an unlimited number of derogatory items, includes any type of item such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, liens, charge offs, medical bills, student loans, late payments and more. We work for you for up to a year if necessary and offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

How Can You Stay Informed About the Progress of Your Credit Restoration?

Most companies send and receive communication directly to and from the credit bureaus. You are not part of the process and therefore have no way of knowing what’s happening with your account.

Solution – Our first step is to analyze your credit reports for no additional fee and upload all your derogatory items to an online, password protected account. You can then log in 24/7 and see your items and then follow the progress of what items have been deleted, upgraded to paid as agreed, and what items remain for us to work on for you. You are not in the dark. You see us working for you every step of the way.

Trust the Professionals

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