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San Diego Credit Repair

San Diego Credit Repair – A Complete Plan to Increase Your Score

If you face challenges with your credit score such as not qualifying for a loan, you may search online for a solution and call a credit repair company. All San Diego credit repair companies will attempt to remove negative items from your credit report. Some will do a better job than others. But credit repair alone will not give you the maximum increase in your credit score.

Your credit score is not just based on negative items on your report. You need a credit score plan that will impact every aspect of your credit score. We analyze your reports with all 3 credit bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, Experian). We then provide you with a credit score plan that includes our A+ Better Business Bureau rated credit repair service to maximize your credit score.

The San Diego Credit Repair Protection Plan

We call this package of services the Protection Plan. We start with credit repair. We’ve been a top rated San Diego credit repair company since 2004. We have become the company of choice for real estate companies, mortgage companies and banks for San Diego credit repair.

We give you on online account so you can see the progress of what we are doing. You’ll see the negative items we are working on for you. We dispute all your items immediately unlike other companies that want to prolong your service with them.

But we don’t stop there. You need to see your credit score and be able to access your credit reports 24/7. How else will you know if credit repair is working? We give you that.

But what about other steps you can take to increase your score? We give you a plan of action to increase your credit score now. This knowledge will help you for the rest of your life so you can always have the best credit score possible.

We then protect your identity through LifeLock. Why? Because as you increase your credit score you become a higher risk to have your identity stolen. That would disrupt any plans of buying a home, getting a business loan, buying a car, etc.. We prevent that from happening.

What about your existing debt? We teach you how that affects your credit score and give you a plan to pay down then debt using the same amount of money you currently use to pay debts now. Not only does it increase your credit score but you save thousands, potentially tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

Then we make sure your family and assets are protected by giving you a Will, Living Trust and medical and financial Powers of Attorney. Everyone needs these vital documents but less than 20% of people have them.

Would you like to save some money on purchases you currently make anyway? Of course! Because of the number of clients we have, we can give you buying power. We can save you money with online shopping, travel, insurance, and prescription drugs.

This is a full credit score and money savings plan of action

san diego credit repair