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Start a Credit Repair Business in Pittsburgh

Start a Credit Repair Business in Pittsburgh

Statistics tell us that the average credit score in Pennsylvania is approximately 700. Although that’s down from 731 in 2010, it’s still better than 37 other states. Even so, that means that a significant amount of the population in Pennsylvania cannot qualify for good interest rates or for a mortgage at all.  Therefore, if someone is looking for a business opportunity a great idea would be to start a credit repair business in Pittsburgh.

Here’s the problem for most that want to start a credit repair business in Pittsburgh. Government regulations and laws make it costly to get started. Also large, experienced companies create competition in marketing. These larger companies can spend a lot more money to get the attention of those in need of credit repair in Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania area.

And, as a solopreneur you have to do everything yourself which includes websites, other technology, marketing materials, contracts and forms, and more. It’s overwhelming. Then you have to have the capital which could add up to tens of thousands to do it professionally and legally. So, is there an alternative?

Start a Credit Repair Business in Pittsburgh

What if you could leverage what a large, national company has already set up? What if from day one you had the service delivery ability and experience of a national company that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Credit Services Organizations?

You would be able to own your own business. However, you would represent a company that has been in business since 2004. You would also get trained not only to sell credit repair and other financial services. You would be trained to build a substantial business in Pennsylvania and around the country if you chose to do so.

And get this. You could start this credit repair business in Pittsburgh for less than $500.00!

If this is of interest, contact Regional Sales Director, Rick Ruperto. Rick is a Pittsburgh native and responsible for expanding our company in that area as well as the rest of Pennsylvania.

For more information visit Credit Repair Business in Pittsburgh.

Rick Ruperto
Regional Sales Director
Financial Education Services
(412) 346-2803

Central Pinellas Chamber Affinity Program Announced

The Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce
& ERA Credit Services
Affinity Partners for Financial Services

Largo, FL- The Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee has approved a new Affinity Partner Program with ERA Credit Services. ERA Credit Services is an independent Agent for Financial Education Services (FES). FES provides solutions to increase consumer credit scores, protect assets, and help consumers save money.

ERA Credit Services has an office in Clearwater and has been a Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce member since 2015. Principal of ERA Credit Services, Shirley Guiducci, is Co-Chair of the Women’s Leadership Committee.

Through this new Affinity Program, ERA Credit Services will offer the Protection Plan Membership. The Protection Plan provides 12 services for consumers. 6 of these services combine as a powerful credit centric solution to restore, increase, monitor and protect a consumer’s credit score. Also included in the Protection Plan is a Will, Living Trust, & Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney.  In addition there is a service that alerts loved ones of the location of important documents, accounts and assets. And, there are services that help consumers save on Insurance, Travel, Prescription Drugs and Online Shopping.

Discount for Central Pinellas Chamber Members

There are approximately 25,000 Protection Plan Members nationwide. Both the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce and ERA Credit Services are excited to introduce this program at a discount. The $99 one-time activation fee will be waived for Chamber members, their employees, family and friends. The Protection Plan Membership is only $89/month. By utilizing the money savings services offered in the Protection Plan, Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce members can save more than the monthly cost of the program.

Donation to
the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce

By enrolling in the Protection Plan, Chamber Members are also giving back to the Chamber. $12/month of each membership is being donated to the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce by ERA Credit Services.

For further information contact Shirley and Dale Guiducci at ERA Credit Services.
Phone- 727-222-0145 Dedicated phone line for Chamber members

Central Pinellas Chamber Affinity Program Announced

Credit Score Basics – How to Get a Good Credit Score

The first step in learning the credit score basics is to learn what makes up a credit score. Although each credit bureau uses a somewhat different scoring model (FICO, FICO II, Vantage) what constitutes a credit score is represented by this infographic:

Credit Score Basics
What Makes Up a Credit Score

When people want to improve their credit score they mostly focus on removing derogatory or negative accounts from their credit report. They may try it themselves. Then after little or no results they call a credit repair company for help. Credit repair, or what we call credit restoration, is a good thing to do. Removing derogatory accounts will increase your score.

Obsolete Accounts– accounts older than 7 years from the date of last activity should be deleted automatically but sometimes they are not. We use federal law to get these items removed for you.

Accounts with Erroneous or Outdated Information– If these are negative accounts, removing them will increase your score. We also use federal law do get these items updated or removed.

Unverifiable or Unverified Accounts– These are accounts that the creditor of record cannot or chooses not to verify. These items will be removed via federal law if challenged in the correct manner.

Our company has been providing the fastest, most effective results in the credit repair industry since 2004.

However, that only impacts 35% of your credit score.

We can help you in every area of your credit score basics

Therefore, we provide other services that impact 100% of your credit score.

Let’s tackle the next biggest percentage, your amounts owed (30%)

If you can pay down the amounts you owe to 30% of your credit limit that will increase your credit score. For instance, if you have a credit card with a $1,000 limit, pay down the balance to $300.  You may not think you can based on your budget but we have an online budget and debt payoff tool that will show you how to pay these accounts down. And, it will show you how to do that with the same amount of money you currently spend on your bills.

Next, the Types of Credit and New Credit (20%)

Sometimes it’s hard to understand that if you don’t have the right types of open credit accounts (revolving, installment) such as a car loan, mortgage, and credit cards you can’t have an optimum credit score. In other words, you have to have credit to have a good credit score. And you need new credit from time to time especially if you do not have enough open lines of credit.

We help people establish new lines of credit with a secured credit card program from Synovus Bank and a program that will add a positive rental history to your Transunion credit report. And, we will make other recommendations to you as well.

Lastly, Length of Credit History (15%)

This one just takes time. We have to get you the right types of credit, remove negative items, and let it season. Over time your credit score will go up based on the length of credit history.

Dale Guiducci is the owner of ERA Credit Services offering credit repair in San Diego and credit repair in Clearwater, FL and credit repair in Tampa, FL. ERA Credit Services is an Independent Agent for Financial Education Services (FES) which has an A+ rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Guiducci is also a Vice President with Financial Education Services and trains new Agents for FES on a national level.

Credit Repair in San Diego – Get Far More for Less

You need to know 3 things when you’re looking for Credit Repair San Diego

Credit Repair San Diego

1) Most credit repair San Diego companies do not dispute all your items right away. They’ll dispute only one or two derogatory items every 60 days. They drag out the process so that you end up paying a monthly fee for several more months than is necessary.

2) Most credit repair companies do not involve you in the process. They do not show you the items being disputed. Therefore, you don’t know what is being done or where you’re at. You have no way of checking your credit score on a regular basis to see if they are getting you the results you desire.

3) Most credit repair companies only do credit repair and do not help you with other services that could increase your credit score as well. Credit repair is a great service if done correctly. But it isn’t the only thing that can be done to increase your credit score.

So, you have two choices. You could call several companies and interview them. If you do this now, you know the questions you should ask them. See if you can find one that disputes all items right away. Try and find a company that will inform you every step of the way so you know you’re getting the best service possible. Ask if they provide other services that will increase your credit score as well.

Credit Repair San Diego

Or, you could simply make one phone call to ERA Credit Services at 619-492-3040 for credit repair in San Diego.

– Talk to a company that will fully explain the process to you right over the phone.

– We challenge all your derogatory items right away insuring you’ll get the fastest results possible.

– We will share with you how you’ll get online access to all the information about your account.

– We let you review the letters written about your negative accounts so you know what items are being handled.

– We also will provide other services to increase and protect your score.

– And, we provide you with knowledge about credit so you can maintain a high score in the future.

You will receive the best credit repair service available in America today for a one time activation fee of just $99 and only $89/month. In addition, you’ll have an online account showing you all your negative items and the results of those items as they occur. You’ll have online credit monitoring so you’ll see changes in your credit score and get pull your own credit anytime you like. You’ll also receive recommendations as to what you can do yourself to increase your score. And, you’ll have LifeLock to protect your identity and credit score. Again, for only $89/month.

Make one phone call for Credit Repair San Diego to ERA Credit Services (619) 492-3040.

ERA Credit Services is backed by industry experience since 2004 and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

ERA Credit services is an independent Agent for United Credit Education Services, Farmington Hills, MI