Hi, I'm Dale Guiducci. Along with my wife, Shirley, we are the owners of ERA Credit Services. Since 2012 we have enjoyed a great deal of success in the credit industry. We have helped thousands of people across the country improve their credit scores. And, we have turned our success and experience into a passion to help others get into the credit business as well. This Credit Repair Blog is a collection of our experience of building a credit repair business. We hope that consumers and prospective credit repair business owners can gain value from our various articles.

In our credit repair blog, you will find posts on topics such as having a healthy credit score, many ways to boost your credit score, and credit repair. Did you know that credit repair only affects 35% of your credit score? We have services that can help you improve 100% of your credit scores.

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There is also an extensive library of posts on the topic of starting a credit repair business. I've dedicated myself to helping people research the best way to own and operate a successful credit repair business. Many of our blog posts also contain videos that you can also find on our YouTube Channel. So if you like to watch and listen versus reading, we've got you covered.

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You may be in the credit repair business already. Or you would like to learn about how to build a successful credit repair business before you get started. We have many posts about sales, marketing, credit repair software, and more. We give you our 9+ years of experience right here in our credit repair blog.

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And, if you are in what we call a credit-related industry, you'll find valuable information about teaming up with us to build your pipeline of buyers. We use the term "credit-related" because you need clients with a specific credit score or higher to qualify for financing in order to make a purchase.

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