FES Protection Plan Videos

An Introduction to the FES Protection Plan
An overview of services within the FES Protection Plan
and instructions on how to log into the Protection Plan customer portal,
getting Credit restoration started, and sending in proof of identity documents

Providing Proof of Identity Documents
Instructions on how to provide proof of identity documents to begin your credit restoration service

Get Your Credit Reports and Credit Scores Online Through Smart Credit
Just 3 easy steps to set up your online credit monitoring and it’s all part of the Protection Plan Membership!

Activate Your LifeLock® Identity Theft Protection Service
As your credit score increases so does the likelihood of your identity being stolen.
Therefore we provide you with identity theft protection as all part of the FES Protection Plan.

Receive Recommendations and Learn How to Increase Your Credit Score
A big part of the FES Protection Plan is financial education of our clients.
Here you can get the information you need to have a sound financial game plan today and into the future.

Debt Zero – Your Online Debt Pay Off System
Debt Zero is a clear guide on how to more effectively pay down your debt.
The system will show you how to properly allocate your money towards your monthly
payments using nothing more than your current income.

Submit Your Updated Credit Reports and Other Correspondence to Us
About 35 to 45 days after sending your dispute letters to the
credit bureaus you will receive updated credit reports.
Learn why we need those from you and how to send them to us.

FES Travel
Deeper Discounts than Travelocity, Priceline, or Expedia
when your an FES Protection Plan Member