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Do you need credit worthy clients? How often do you spend time with a prospective client, after having spent advertising dollars to get that prospect, only to find out they don’t have a high enough credit score to qualify to do business with you?

What do you then do with that prospect? You can spend further time trying to guide and help them which, in most cases is not productive. Or, you can partner with ERA Credit Services and allow us to work with that client to increase their credit score while you focus on your main business.

There are fewer credit worthy clients in Florida

Florida consumers have a lower credit score on average than those in the other 50 states. According to Experian in a 2014 study, the average VantageScore credit score in Florida is approximately 656 while the U.S. average is 669. In 2013 the Sun Sentinel reported that credit scores in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties had dropped to a 646 after it had been a 658 in 2012. Compare that to states where the average score is well over 700.

Here’s the Average VantageScore in Major Florida Cities (Experian- 2014) credit worthy clients infogrpahic

Tallahassee- 643
Jacksonville- 647
Miami- 649
Orlando- 656
West Palm Beach- 665
Tampa- 659
Fort Meyers- 673

What if you could spend very little time and effort, yet build your pipeline of credit worthy clients and qualified buyers? By working with us you can. We would be happy to discuss how our credit restoration service works and how you can monitor the progress of your client’s service online. Let us do the work while you build your business. Then we’ll pass that client back when they are ready to close a deal with you.

Better yet, what if you could become an Independent Agent and earn income associated with helping your clients? Our staff does all the credit repair work, analyzing credit reports, working directly with the client and the credit bureaus. After explaining our service your job is to input the client’s information into our online system. And, you get paid the next week! This could lead to some great part-time income or even to a whole new career.

Either way we would like to speak with you and see how we can increase your bottom line. What if we could help you close just a few more sales per year? What if you could now separate yourself from your competition by having a partner that can help prospective clients when no one else can?

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