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Month: November 2016

Start a Credit Repair Business in New York

Start a Credit Repair Business in New York

According to statistics there are well over 2 million consumers in the state of New York that have a 599 credit score or lower. Therefore many people in New York that want to purchase a home cannot qualify due a low credit score. If you want to start a business, a good option is to start a credit repair business in New York.

However, state and federal laws along with competition from large, experienced companies make it difficult. To start a credit repair business in New York on your own is even harder.

You’ll also need a minimum $10,000 to invest in your business to do it professionally and legally. So, what’s the alternative?

Start a Credit Repair Business in New York with ERA Credit Services & Partners

Here are some of the advantages of becoming an Independent Agent with us:

Leverage the infrastructure and service delivery capabilities of a national company that has an A+ rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can also have a National Association of Credit Services Organizations certification behind you.

Be a part of a company that has already been in business since 2004 allowing you to utilize our experience and stellar reputation.

No need to go through state and federal regulations and requirements. We have already satisfied all regulations with the state of New York and all 50 states, and federal FTC regulations. Therefore you could start doing business immediately. You can start a New York credit repair business but also build it throughout country.

Take advantage of our flexible online training program and weekly live training that fits into your schedule.

And, you could start a credit repair business in New York for less than $300

This opportunity is available now. After you do some research on your own to see if this is a good fit for you you can talk directly with me, Dale Guiducci. We’ll get all your questions answered. And, I’ll explain what it takes to build a successful credit repair business based on my experience since 2012.

I will teach you exactly what I did to build this business. I am looking for serious entrepreneurs to start a part-time credit repair business and move into a full time career. Or, those who want to begin a lucrative and rewarding full time credit repair business right away.

You’ll also have the opportunity to leverage our experience and learn how to build a successful New York credit repair business. We have developed our credit repair business in many areas across the country and we are looking for someone to start a credit repair business in New York.

If this is of interest go to and watch the video located there. It will give you detailed information on our credit repair business model and company.

Then you’ll see how to book a phone appointment with us on the date and time you choose. We look forward to talking with you.