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Credit Repair Affiliate

Credit Repair Affiliate

Become a Credit Repair Affiliate

You may be in an industry that gives you access to people that are challenged with their credit score. Industries like real estate, mortgage, banking, auto, solar and tax preparation are good examples. Or, you may want to learn how you can work with people in these industries to help their clients.

Becoming a credit repair affiliate with our company can generate immediate and residual income. In doing so you would represent our parent company and sell our array of credit centric and other services. You would be provided a website customized for you. You also would receive training on the services so you would be a credit repair expert.

Once someone has been turned down for a mortgage due to credit score, they immediately understand they need help. The typical conversation with someone to explain what we do, pricing, and get them enrolled in the process is about 20 minutes. You would earn $100 and residual on a monthly basis on each client. That’s a great hourly rate!

Our expert staff them handles all the service delivery and customer support. That allows you to concentrate on your main business or go out and get more customers. The process is streamline and simple.

Build a Credit Repair Affiliate Business

There is also an opportunity to expand your business beyond just what you can do. Imagine having other credit repair affiliates all over the country. You would earn from the production of all your Affiliates no matter where they are located. If you have an interest in building a large business we train you on this as well.

We’ve been in business since 2004 and have an A+ BBB rating. By becoming a credit repair affiliate with our company you would be representing the #1 credit repair company in the country.

For more information on becoming a credit repair affiliate visit our page at Credit Repair Business Opportunity.  There you’ll find an informative video and the opportunity to Book a Phone Appointment with Vice President, Dale Guiducci.

Affordable Credit Repair Tampa

When looking for a professional to increase your credit score you want affordable credit repair Tampa. But you should also expect value. ERA Credit Services provides both.

ERA Credit Services
in Clearwater is backed by a track record since 2004, and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We provide our clients with online access to their account, and a review of information being sent to the credit bureaus.

In addition, ERA Credit Services also makes recommendations as to what you could also do to increase your score. We protect your identity with PrivacyArmor®. And give you online access to your credit scores and credit reports so you monitor the progress of your score.

Affordable Credit Repair Tampa

Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce MemberIf you’re looking for affordable credit repair Tampa with the best value, look no further. Once you are a client we obtain copies of your credit reports. We run an analysis and find all items that are negatively impacting your credit score. We address all items immediately with all 3 credit reporting agencies Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. In approximately 45 days you will receive updated credit reports from the 3 agencies. That’s fast!

If you want fast and also affordable credit repair Tampa, this is the company to call. We provide you with a no cost, no obligation phone review. Our experts will tell you exactly what credit repair is and what it does. Then we will walk you through every step of the process.

To get started with affordable credit repair Tampa it’s only $188 then just $89 per month for the Protection Plan. The Protection Plan includes information on how to build the highest credit score, identity theft protection, online credit monitoring, an online budgeting tool, credit attorneys, and of course, the most affordable credit repair Tampa.

When real estate and mortgage professionals have clients that need to increase their credit score they refer those people to ERA Credit Services. Call today (727) 222-0120. Email [email protected]. Or visit our website by clicking below to “Book a Phone Appointment on a day and time that’s convenient for you.

Affordable Credit Repair Tampa
Tampa Credit Repair Agencies

Tampa Credit Repair Agencies

When searching for Tampa credit repair agencies you’re going to have a lot of choices. You can take the easy route and call the first one listed on Google. Or, if you know what to look for, you can take an extra few minutes to visit the company website and determine if the company has the key factors of a great company.

What are the keys to a company providing the best credit repair services in Tampa? And, what questions should you ask when contacting Tampa credit repair agencies?

– How long has the company been in business? Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce Member
– Do you have the opportunity to talk with someone that can explain the law and process of credit repair to you? Or, are they just trying to get the sale?
– Can you see credit repair services reviews on their website or Yelp page?
– Do they work with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and banks in the Tampa area? This is a key indicator. If professionals in these industries trust them to help their clients that’s a good sign.
– Are they knowledgeable and do they explain the process to you?
– Do they ask you about your situation and explain how they can help YOU. Or, is it a one size fits all approach?

Questions You Should Ask

– Will they challenge all the negative items right away? That’s what you want. Or, do they drag it out costing you time and money?
– Do they educate you about what makes up a great credit score and make recommendations on what you can do to help raise your credit score as well?
– Will you have online access to your account so you can monitor your progress?
– Can you see what items they are handling for you and when?
– Do they provide live Customer Support that you can call and ask questions?
– Does the company give you with online access to your credit reports and credit scores so you can see what’s happening with your score?

What do Tampa Credit Repair Agencies Charge?

For every one of the Tampa credit repair agencies you call it’s going to be very different. There is typically a start up fee to get your account going. But if you’re paying $100 or more per month, that’s too much. In addition, if you have to sign a contract beware. That typically means that you’ll be locked into a specific time you’ll have to pay for their services. The time it takes to repair your credit will vary based on your situation. It could take as little as 60 days so don’t sign anything that forces you to pay for any length of time.

For experienced and knowledgeable credit repair service in Tampa and the Tampa Bay area call us at ERA Credit Services. We provide a no obligation, very informative phone consultation. You’ll know exactly how credit repair works under federal law. And, you’ll know if credit repair is going to work for your specific situation.

We have been in business since 2004 and are backed by an A+ BBB rating. We provide a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Professionals from Keller Williams, BB&T Bank, Charles Rutenberg Realty and many others confidently call upon us to assist their clients.

Visit Best Tampa Credit Repair Services to learn more or call us at 727-222-0120.