To own and operate a successful business of any kind you must continually assess your business and make changes to improve it. We are very pleased to share with you our latest improvements that will motivate our clients to stay on service with us longer, perhaps indefinitely. This will help with company revenue and residual income for our independent agency owners. Let me explain why the best credit repair business opportunity just got better.

In the credit repair business, one of the areas that all companies constantly work on is the retention of customers. The solution that many companies in the credit repair industry have adopted is to purposely slow the delivery of the service. This extends the time their customers must be on service with them. We have never done that and never will. Our goal is to get our clients the highest credit score as quickly as allowed by the federal credit repair laws.

More Value, More Services for Less!

So, if we are getting our clients a higher credit score quicker how do we keep them on service with us longer? By providing more value and more services outside of just credit repair. First off, credit repair (the removal of derogatory items from a credit report) affects Payment History. Payment History however accounts for just 35% of a credit score. We give each of our client's other ways to improve their credit scores. This gets them a higher score and sometimes in a shorter period of time.

However, if we only provided other ways to improve a credit score, once the client reached their credit score goal, they would cancel. So, we also offer many other services to help each client improve their overall finances. Money savings services such as negotiating the client's monthly internet, cable, home security, light, and other bills so they can save money each month. We have CPAs standing by to look at our client's tax returns to make sure they have taken all the deductions they are entitled to. We have a debt elimination system to show clients how to pay down their debt in a smarter way to shorten the time to pay off that debt. This saves them tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. All these services and more come in our core package of services we provide each client at no extra cost to them. Please note that all of our independent Financial Directors also receive these services along with credit restoration for their personal use.

The Best Credit Repair Business Opportunity Just Got Better

Beyond the services described above, once our clients are saving more of the money they earn, we also provide them with asset protection vehicles to help them grow their money tax-free. Our clients can establish a Private Reserve Account which in effect, acts as their own bank. They can borrow money from it and pay that money back into the account without tax ramifications. We also have real estate investment vehicles that allow the average American to purchase shares of real estate in the path of growth.

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