Earn guaranteed residual income up to $8,400+ per month in the first year. Our financial services company is the fastest growing company of its kind in the U.S. We are a 5-year-old, A- BBB rated company that offers ways for the average consumer to save more of what they earn, eliminate their debt, raise their credit score, and save for retirement. We are looking for a team builder, not just a salesperson.

There are many companies that offer to educate consumers on how to improve their finances. We provide them with financial experts such as CPAs and CFPs to do it for them and provide them with a long-term financial plan.

With the condition of the U.S. economy, many need the services we offer. Therefore, we are looking for an individual that can develop a team of people to offer our services in their local community and around the nation.

We are a 100% virtual company, so you can work as a team builder right from your own home or anywhere that has an internet connection.

Leads will be provided to the right person

Services we provide our clients:

  • Increase W-2 employee takehome pay (average increase of $300/mo)
  • Review 3 years of tax returns for additional deduction opportunities
  • Tax preparation for individual, couple, LLC
  • Tax debt relief
  • Home-based business deductions
  • Negotiate monthly bills on behalf of the client (average reduction of $200/mo)
  • Credit Restoration
  • Debt Elimination
  • Retirement savings programs that eliminate risk and increase return

We have:

  • Saved our clients taxes $10 million per month in taxes
  • Lowered their monthly bills by over $2 million
  • Given our clients a plan that has eliminated over $2 billion in interest on their debt
  • Helped over 18,000 clients increase their credit score by an average of 50 to 150+ points

all in just 5 years...

If you are hungry, know how to talk to and work with people, and want to build a business that will pay you bonuses and guaranteed residual income, take a closer look.

Go to www.creditbizoverview.com and watch a business overview. Then come back to this page and click the icon below to schedule a phone appointment with us to get any questions answered, and so that we can determine if this is the right for both you and our company.

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