Agent Training and Marketing Resources

These Resources are For Your Use For Learning & Marketing Your Business

  • All of the videos below are hosted on Wistia and do not contain any branding
  • You can copy/paste the link in an email or text to a prospect.
  • You can use the link to Google Drive to download the video and host on your own website or landing page.
  • You can download the PowerPoint slides to do a live presentation
  • Watch each video before you send to a prospect

FES Agent Quick Start Guide

To make sure you get the info you need to get off to a great start, download and follow this Guide. If you have questions about any aspect of the business reach out to your sponsor or schedule a Coaching Call with Vice President, Dale Guiducci by clicking the icon at the bottom of this page.

Email to Send to New Agents After Enrollment
“Get Your New Agents Off to a Good Start”

Send this email to a new Agent right after you enroll them. This makes for good duplication and gives them direction. It reinforces what you did on the enrollment call. BE SURE TO ATTACH A COPY OF THE FES AGENT QUICK START GUIDE

The Protection Plan Script for Customer Prospects
“If you know this script, you know this business”

This script is responsible for closing thousands of Protection Plan sales. It follows the concept of “asking questions before you start selling” or “Ask Before You Tell”. It then describes the credit repair process and the “credit-centric services” we provide in the Protection Plan.

Learning this script will help you make sales but it will also give you knowledge, and therefore confidence, to talk to more people and referral sources.

Company Overview Videos

There are 2 Company Overview Videos below that you can share with prospects.
Which of the 2 you choose to will depend on the prospects interest. 

Are they mainly interested in just the services but possibly open to looking at the business opportunity?
Then share the video 1

Have they expressed an interest in a business opportunity, and possibly the credit repair business?
Then share video 2

Watch each video as a training resource for your own knowledge but also to learn how to use these videos for different types of prospects.

FES Company Overview – Video 1

This Video is for:
1- Protection Plan Customer Prospects that you think may want to look at the business as a “side hustle”, earn a little extra income, and get their services for free.
2- Agent Prospects that know little or nothing about the credit repair business. It introduces them to our business gradually.

Therefore it’s Perfect for Most Protection Plan and Agent Prospects

FES Company Overview – Video 2

For Prospects Looking for a Business Opportunity
& Are Open to a Credit Repair Business

This video dives into the business quickly and may be too much for the person that isn’t actively looking for a business opportunity.
But for those that have made the decision to start their own business, this video is perfect.

Video for Referral Source Prospects

This video is for those in real estate, mortgage, banking, auto, solar
or any other industry that require clients to qualify via credit score for financing.

The main message in this video is to share the reasons why we have the very best credit restoration program in the country and therefore why they should REFER their credit challenged clients to you. However, at the end is does tell them about the Agent option.

The UCES Protection Plan

This Video Has 2 Purposes

1- It is a must see (over & over again) video for you. It will make you an expert in the credit repair process. And, it will help you understand the probability of removing specific types of items from a credit report. If you want to sell Protection Plans and have happy customers then you will digest the information in this video.

2- It educates your Customer Prospect about the types of items that can be removed, the probability of getting them removed, the UCES process, and all the services we provide in the Protection Plan. It’s a great video to show first, and then follow up to close the sale. It goes through much of the same info as the Protection Plan script. It may also be enough to get Customer Prospects to enroll themselves.

Note- if a customer does enroll on their own you will still need to call them to explain what they must do after the enroll (log into their portal, verify personal info & go through the steps to give UCES permission to pull credit & provide service).

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