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Need Help With Your Credit Score?

If you have obsolete, erroneous, or unverifiable
derogatory items on your credit report,
that’s our sweet spot!

Our Credit Restoration Suite of Services - Just $89/mo

$99 activation fee plus 1 monthly payment of $89 due at enrollment

  • Immediate Challenge of All Derogatory Items
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Credit Builder Tools & Education
  • Budgeting Tool
  • Credit Attorney
  • Will & Living Trust
  • Debt Payoff System
  • Financial Organization
  • Net Worth Tool
  • Savings Goal Tool
  • Discount Shopping Portal
  • Discount Travel Portal
  • Online Access to Progress Report & All Services
  • Phone App for Access On the Go
  • Customer Support M-F 9:00 to 5:30 Eastern

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Clearwater Credit Repair Services
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Looking for a new challenge?

If you're looking for the next chapter in you're life...
We're looking for people to take on the challenge of becoming an Independent Agency owner and representing us in your area.

Our Story

After the Great Recession in 2008, many of our existing accounting business clients had ruined their credit by borrowing money to keep their businesses open. They had recovered financially but their credit was damaged.

We looked for a solution and called a dozen credit repair companies to find one to which we could refer these clients. We didn't feel confident standing behind any of them. They didn't treat people as individuals. They had a "one size fits all" service and did not work on all areas of a client's credit score.

Then through a colleague, we found a company that works on all areas of a credit score and provides the innovative tools and technology that consumers need.

This company approached us to become an Independent Agent and represent them. Their product offering was so unique in the market that we did just that. 2 years later we closed our accounting business to solely focus on helping people improve their credit scores.

Clearwater Credit Repair Services

10 years later we service clients all over the United States with dedicated Agents in those areas. We are pleased to bring the fastest, most effective credit repair services to Clearwater and the Tampa Bay Area.