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The Best Credit Repair Company
in San Diego

Searching the internet for the best credit repair company in San Diego is a daunting task. Then you have to call each one to find out how they work, how much they charge, and if they are right for you. And, of course, you want to work with the best credit repair company in San Diego. But how do you make sure?best credit repair company

Key Considerations When Choosing A Credit Repair Company

State of California Requirements

There are no licensing requirements in California to perform credit repair. However, to operate a credit repair business in California a company or individual must have a $100,000 surety bond.  Or, they must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, attorney or bank and therefore be exempt from needing a surety bond.

ERA Credit Services is backed by a 501(c)3 non-profit and is therefore able to offer credit repair services in California and all 50 states.

Track Record

Because there is no state testing a consumer can’t be sure of the knowledge and expertise of someone claiming to do  credit repair. Therefore you have to go by experience, ratings, and certifications. How long have they been in business? Are the rated and/or accredited by the BBB? Are they certified by the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO)? These are indications of a solid, reputable San Diego credit repair company.

ERA Credit Services has been operating in San Diego since 2012. We are backed by an A+ BBB rating and accreditation. And we’re also backed by a NACSO certification.

How Fast Are Your Negative Items Addressed?

To find the best credit repair company in San Diego you’ll want to ask how quickly the negative items on your credit reports will be addressed. The reason this is an important question is that most companies will only address 1 or 2 items at a time. This prolongs your service, your fees, and your results.

The credit repair service we offer challenges every derogatory item on each of your 3 credit bureau reports immediately. No matter how many there are.

What Else Do They Do To Increase Your Credit Score?

Credit repair is a great service. As negative items are removed you improve your credit score. However, credit repair affects only 1 category out of 5 that makes up your credit score, payment history. Payment history accounts for 35% of your overall credit score. What about the other 65% of your credit score? What do they do to to maximize the increase of your credit score?

We provide the best credit repair service in San Diego. But we also provide other services to help increase the other 65% of your credit score. To learn more about all the credit enhancing services we provide visit Credit Repair Services.

Keeping You Informed

When talking with a credit repair company ask them how they keep you informed of what they are doing for you and the progress of removing derogatory items from your report. Typically the biggest complaint by consumers is that they were not kept informed of the progress of their credit repair service.

When working with ERA Credit Services we provide you with a secure, password protected online account. You’ll see a summary of the accounts we are working on for you. You’ll see when any action occurs on your account. You’ll have video tutorials on all the services we provide you. And, you’ll have a dedicated phone number to get support from 6 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. And you’ll be able to call our San Diego number on Saturdays.  To see our online customer portal and learn more about all the services we provide to you for one low fee, visit Customer Online Account.

The Way We Do It – The Best Credit Repair Company in San Diego and the Country

We charge a one time activation fee of just $99 and then only $89/month. We address all negative items immediately. Our goal is to increase your credit score as fast as possible. It includes all 3 credit bureaus, as many items as are on your reports, regardless of the type of item it is (cable bill vs. foreclosure).  We provide you with online reporting. You can log in and see the activity on your account 24/7. We send the dispute letters to you for your review so you’ll see that we are working on every item you have right away. We also provide you with other critical services to increase, monitor and protect your score.

We provide the fastest, most effective results in the industry.

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