You Can Have & Maintain the Ultimate Credit Score
with the Ultimate Credit Package

If you need or desire to increase your credit score, credit repair is a good first step. But to have the ultimate credit score you need the Ultimate Credit Package from ERA Credit Services.

With the Ultimate Credit Package

  • Monitor your score during and after credit repair, and view your credit report online 24/7

  • Have access to a credit attorney should you have issues with the credit reporting agencies or debt collectors.

  • Learn the components of building a higher credit score other than just removing negative items

  • Protect your identity from being stolen which can plummet your score overnight

  • Have a plan to be debt free, or at minimum lower your outstanding balances to increase your score

This may sound like it could be expensive. And, it would be if you were to purchase these services from different companies. But we have put ALL of these services together into what we call, “The Ultimate Credit Package” and it’s available to our clients now for a one time fee of only $99 and $89/month.

There are over 30,000 Americans currently using the Ultimate Credit Package to protect their financial future.

There is no contract and it can be canceled at any time. But even after your credit score has improved through our documented credit repair service, why would you cancel? For less than cable TV or a Starbucks coffee per day you can protect and monitor your credit, your identity, and have a solid plan to be debt free.

The Ultimate Credit Package not only removes negative items from your credit reports increasing your credit score, but it also will build your credit score to the highest level, monitor and maintain that score, prevent identity theft which can lower your score, and help you get out of debt which further increases your score, saves you money, and helps you qualify for that mortgage, car, or line of credit.

All for a One-Time Activation of $99 and only $89/month.

No Contract, Cancel at Any Time

To speak to us about the Ultimate Credit Package call or text (727) 222-0120

The Ultimate Credit Package Consists of:


Our Industry Leading Credit Restoration Service

  • Remove negative items from your credit profiles
  • All 3 Agencies- Experian, Equifax, Transunion
  • An unlimited number of items
  • Unlimited length of service
  • Monitor the progress online 24/7
  • A dedicated credit advisor that knows your account
  • Track record since 2004
  • Documented results with over 200,000 clients
  • An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Monitor Credit Scores and Get Credit Reports 24/7

  • Get your auto, insurance and mortgage scores
  • Credit score & report updates as often as you like
  • Alerts when score changes or a new creditor reports
  • See bank & credit card accounts in one place

Have a Credit Attorney on Your Side

  • Will challenge credit reporting agencies If they don’t remove an item
  • Will represent you against harassing debt collectors

Build & Maintain the Highest Credit Score Possible

  • Receive an analysis of your credit profile
  • Learn what to do to build the highest score possible

Identity Protection with PrivacyArmor

  • Prevent thieves from stealing your information
  • Alerts if an account is being opened in your name

Get Out of Debt in Up to Half the Time

  • An Interactive budgeting tool
  • Learn how to pay your bills faster with the same $
  • Save more and retire sooner

For a one time activation fee of just $99 and $89/month

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