If you are looking for a way to work for yourself and become financially independent, we have an opportunity for you to do so by helping other entrepreneurs. You are going to learn how you can find financial freedom by becoming a business loan broker. You can start immediately and there is no licensing or certification needed because you’ll have the help of our team of funding experts that will work with your clients.

The last few years have seen a turbulent world economy. Our dollar is buying less and therefore people need to work harder to maintain their lifestyle. The only way to get ahead and break out from living paycheck to paycheck is to become an entrepreneur and start a business. But there are problems for business owners too.

There is a lack of capital available to some segments of our society and a severe lack of education on how to obtain capital. That’s especially the case with small and micro business owners. 82% of small business owners fail due to cash flow issues.

business loan broker
Help Small Business Owners Accomplish Their Goals

FreedomPath has the answer for small business owners and an opportunity for you to become a part of the solution as a Business Loan Broker

With 202 direct lenders FreedomPath is the largest commercial funding marketplace in America. But the only way someone can access our funding marketplace is through a FreedomPath Advisor. That is your opportunity. You can become an Advisor and offer business term loans, SBA loans, lines of credit, working capital loans, syndicated lines of credit for startups, and much more.

The challenge that many that have worked in this space have had is that in some cases the business owner does not have a strong enough credit score or history and they have not yet established business credit. You can help with that as well.

With FreedomPath, you can take someone from establishing an LLC (which they can get through you) to establishment of business credit, to funding a business loan. You earn 40% of the origination fee and 40% of the commission paid by the lender.

If this sounds like something worth looking into watch the video below

You’ll get all the details. If you like what you see and want to learn more, you can schedule a phone appointment with us. You can be a part of our team of FreedomPath Advisors around the country assisting consumers and business owners alike with credit and cash flow challenges.

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