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From One of Our Independent Business Owners

"I just got an update on my credit score and I went from a 585 to 649 in less than two months. I'm super excited about creating a story that I can tell my future clients! Thank you, Dale and Shirley, for being great mentors to me and so many others in the group we are lucky to have the both of you to help us achieve our goals of success in the credit repair industry!" - H. Whitner, Philadephia, PA

Only Offering Credit Repair is NOT a Good Business Model - Here's Why

It's very understandable why you are interested in starting a credit repair business. People need credit repair and are looking for someone to help them improve their credit scores. I get it.

The Competition in the Credit Repair Business

But from a business strategy standpoint, if you only offer credit repair, you are competing with the tens of thousands of other companies that only offer credit repair. What will make you any different? What will give you the edge over all those competitors?

Credit Repair Does Not Solve the Big Problem for the Client

Even more important for your clients is that credit repair is a band-aid to a larger problem for most people. In other words, they have a low credit score for a reason or perhaps several reasons. It could be that they struggle to pay bills on time at certain points in their life. Perhaps they don't make enough money, they spend too much money, and/or they don't save or invest enough money. Why not be able to explore what that reason is and fix that along with improving their credit score?

Compliance with State and Federal Laws

Another important issue is the fact that by offering credit repair, and certainly when offering credit repair alone, you become a target for your state and the federal government. You must comply with the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). In most states, you also need a surety bond which then only allows you to perform credit repair services in that state. Only large companies with big budgets are equipped to deal with this. The rest of us would take a huge risk if we start a credit repair business on our own.

A Better Business Model for Offering Credit Restoration

Instead of venturing into a business that's going to take a lot of time, energy and money to get started, that will ultimately not completely solve your customer's problem, and will put a target on your back and create a huge amount of risk for you, why not look for an alternative?

Get Started Today

Instead of taking weeks and months, spending thousands of dollars, and hoping you got it right, join a company as an independent Advisor. Your business is already set up. It's compliant with CROA and RESPA. It's a proven business model. And the technology used to provide the services is something we couldn't assemble on our own.

Your website is built and available immediately. You'll have professional, quality marketing materials, videos, and more at your fingertips. You won't need a merchant services account, find a way to pull credit, and you won't be running to the mailbox to send and receive dispute letters for your clients.

Provide More for Your Client and Crush the Competition

With our business model, you'll allow your client to work on all areas of their finances, not just improve their credit scores. But you'll also provide them with the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to improve their scores.

The proprietary credit restoration platform is far faster and more accurate than you could provide yourself. Credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus are pulled instantly when you enroll the client. Dispute letters are drafted, and your client decides which negative accounts they wish to dispute. Then the dispute letters are sent to the credit bureaus at the click of a button. Not only is this service unmatched anywhere, but you won't be doing this administrative work. Instead, you'll have time to market and grow your credit repair business.

Raise Your Client's Credit Scores Faster

Did you know there are ways to increase credit scores faster than with credit repair? You will offer your clients the advantage of having their monthly rent payments and utility payments, such as electric and cable, reported on their credit reports. For most people, this will increase their scores faster than waiting for the negative items to be removed from their credit reports. Think of the marketing advantage this gives you over companies that provide just credit repair. Oh, and this is all done by the software platform.

You Can Sleep Better Knowing you Are Not at Risk

100% of the solutions that are provided to your client are compliant with all state and federal laws. As long as you don't make false promises, which we educate you about and monitor, you can sleep like a baby. And get this, you can do business in all 50 states without needing a surety bond even in your home state.

The Upfront and Monthly Costs for this Business and Services for Yourself

Business, Services, Training - To get started you pay a one-time business fee of $289 plus tax and shipping for a business kit.

Monthly Fees - You pay a monthly business fee of just $99. Compare that to paying monthly fees for software, merchant services, website hosting, and more! You have none of that with our business opportunity.

Here's How to Learn the Details

It is imperative that you watch this video
to discover everything that you'll be able to offer your clients

Start Your Credit Repair Business Today
for Just $289 and $99/mo

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"Never before has our financial services
and credit repair business opportunity
been in such high demand"

The recent crisis in the economy along with the economic effects of COVID-19 has negatively impacted millions of hard-working individuals making credit improvement a highly sought-after service. Millions of Americans need to repair their credit to qualify for a home loan, lease an apartment, obtain a car loan, get a credit card, or even apply for some jobs. In addition, by repairing their credit people can save thousands of dollars in lowered interest payments, and much more.

But as financial services professionals, we need to do more. We must put people on a path to having a well-thought-out financial plan of action and provide them with the experts that can execute that plan.

"My experience with this company has been exciting. It’s like a dream job where you get to solve people’s problems every day." – Richard Go, San Diego, CA

"I would not have believed anyone who told me I could make a very small investment in myself, be given all the tools and support for unlimited success, and fire corporate America in such a short time period. The best part, it’s already really good and I’m just getting started!"- Natalie James, Jacksonville, FL

We have the #1 financial services and credit repair business opportunity in the industry

Unlike trying to start a credit repair business on your own, you will have everything you need from day one as a Financial Director representing one of the top financial services providers for averaging Americans in the country. You will own your business. And as a business owner, you will have all the tools to become a highly sought-after financial services provider with a proven credit restoration service. We will teach you exactly what you need to know to get customers referred to you. You'll have the option to keep your business small and earn some great part-time income. But you'll also be able to build your business as large as you want all over the country.

Our unique financial and credit repair business opportunity is now available in all 50 states. Our company is the most trusted brand in the industry and:

  • Has a highly successful track record in the financial services and  credit repair business
  • Has helped tens of thousands of consumers remove negative items from their credit reports and increase their credit score
  • Offers other services to help people rebuild their financial future and achieve financial wealth
  • Provides our clients with a money-back guarantee
  • Provides you with a staff that performs the financial services and credit repair work for you so you can concentrate on the marketing and selling to new clients
  • Has a training program equaled by none in this industry
  • Gives you an online presence immediately with landing pages and marketing videos

A Credit Repair Business Opportunity with Our Company is Financially and Emotionally Rewarding.

You can earn a substantial income as a financial services and credit repair agency. However, a career in the financial services and credit repair business is also emotionally rewarding. There is no better feeling and sense of accomplishment than to end your day knowing that you helped people rebuild and reestablish their credit and build their financial future.

With our financial and credit repair business opportunity you THERE ARE NO:

  • Credit Repair Franchise Fees
  • Royalty Fees
  • Advertising Fees
  • Renewal Fees
  • Relocation Fees
  • Restricted Territories

The Advantages of Becoming an Advisor and Owner:

Support tools for your credit repair business success

  • Website - A professional website customized for you and your business with high-quality videos
  • Online Business Office - A robust back office tracking every customer and transaction
  • Online tools like videos to help you market on social media and the internet
  • Online Customer Reporting - your customers can track the progress of their credit repair online 24/7/365
  • Customer Support - You and your customers will have access to a team of highly trained experts to answer any question
  • Financial Services - you can have all the services offered including money saving, money growing, and money protecting services as well as credit restoration and credit building for yourself.
  • Click this link to find information on the services offered that you will have access to as an Advisor.
  • Duplication - Learn how you can duplicate your business by developing other Advisors in your area or around the country
  • Income - Earned on each sale to a customer and when sponsoring other Advisors

All for a Fraction of the Cost of Starting a Credit Repair Business on Your Own

There is Simply No Better Opportunity Out There

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ERA Credit Services and/or its partners, agents, or affiliates make no guarantees to the level of financial success Advisors/owners can achieve. Earning substantial income with this opportunity requires hard work, leadership, and dedication and some business owners may make no money at all. All income you receive will depend upon your individual effort and ability.