We Offer a Unique Credit Repair Business Opportunity
for a Fraction of the Cost of Starting One on Your Own

From One of Our Independent Agents

"I just got an update on my credit score and I went from a 585 to 649 in less than two months. I'm super excited about creating a story that I can tell my future clients! Thank you, Dale and Shirley, for being great mentors to me and so many others in the group we are lucky to have the both of you to help us achieve our goals of success in the credit repair industry!" - H. Whitner, Philadephia, PA - March 2020

It's a 2 Step Process

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Step #2- Now Meet Dale Guiducci - Your Credit Repair Business Coach
and Top Producer in the Credit Repair Industry
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$Million Annual Revenue Producer

Leadership & Outstanding Achievement Awards Recipient

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Never before has our
credit repair business opportunity
been in such high demand

The recent crisis in the economy along with the economic effects of COVID-19 has negatively impacted millions of hard-working individuals making credit repair a highly sought-after service. Millions of Americans need to repair their credit to qualify for a home loan, lease an apartment, obtain a car loan, get a credit card, or even apply for some jobs. In addition, by repairing their credit people can save thousands of dollars in lowered interest payments, and much more.

"My experience with this company has been exciting. It’s like a dream job where you get to solve people’s problems every day. Being a Sales Director, which is the money spot, means it’s even more exciting solving people’s problems!" – Richard Go, San Diego, CA

"I would not have believed anyone who told me I could make a very small investment in myself, be given all the tools and support for unlimited success, and fire corporate America in such a short time period. The best part, it’s already really good and I’m just getting started!"- Natalie James, Jacksonville, FL

We have the #1 credit repair business opportunity in the industry

Unlike trying to start a credit repair business on your own, you will have everything you need from day one as an Independent Agent representing the top credit repair company in the industry. You will own your Credit Repair Agency. And as an Agency owner, you will have all the tools to become a highly sought-after credit repair specialist. We will teach you exactly what you need to know to get credit repair customers referred to you. You'll have the option to keep your business small and earn some great part-time income. But you'll also be able to build your credit repair business as large as you want. Many of our Agents earn a six-figure income in their credit repair business.

Our unique credit repair business opportunity is now available in all 50 states. Our company is the most trusted brand in the industry and:

  • Has a highly successful track record in the credit repair business since 2004
  • Has helped tens of thousands of consumers remove negative items from their credit reports and increase their credit score
  • Offers other services to help people rebuild their financial future
  • Provides our clients with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Provides you with a staff that performs the credit repair work for you so you can concentrate on the marketing and selling to new clients
  • Has a training program equaled by none in this industry
  • Gives you an online presence immediately with landing pages and marketing videos

A Credit Repair Business Opportunity with Our Company is Financially and Emotionally Rewarding.

You can earn a substantial income as a credit repair agency owner and credit repair specialist. However, a career in the credit repair business is also emotionally rewarding. There is no better feeling and sense of accomplishment than to end your day knowing that you helped people rebuild and reestablish their credit and financial future.

With our credit repair business opportunity you THERE ARE NO:

  • Credit Repair Franchise Fees
  • Royalty Fees
  • Advertising Fees
  • Renewal Fees
  • Relocation Fees
  • Restricted Territories

The Advantages of Becoming an Independent Agency Owner:

Support tools for your credit repair business success

  • Website - A professional website customized for you and your business with high-quality videos
  • Online Business Office - A robust back office tracking every customer and transaction
  • Credit Repair Staff - Your customers will have their credit repair performed by a staff of experts
  • Online tools like landing pages and videos to help you market on social media and the internet
  • Online Customer Reporting - you & your customers can track the progress of their credit repair online 24/7/365
  • Customer Support - You and your customers will have access to a team of highly trained credit repair experts to answer any question
  • Agent Support - You will have access to a team dedicated to answering your questions and supporting you in your business
  • Financial Services - you will have all the services offered including credit repair, online credit monitoring, will & trust, identity monitoring, life insurance, & more
  • Click this link to find information on the services offered that you will have as an Agency Owner.
  • Duplication - Learn how you can duplicate your business by developing other Agencies in your area or around the country
  • Income - Earned on each sale of the credit repair service and our other services
  • Bonuses - Earned on other Agencies and new customer acquisitions
  • Residual Income - Earned on the accumulation of sales of services such as our Protection Plan
  • Benefits - Life insurance, potential $600/mo car payment, retirement bonus, & more

All for a Fraction of the Cost of Starting a Credit Repair Business on Your Own

There Simply is No Better Opportunity Out There

Please Note- Appointment Calendar is Set for Eastern Standard Time 

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ERA Credit Services and/or its partners, agents, or affiliates make no guarantees to the level of financial success our Independent Credit Repair Agents can achieve. Earning substantial income with this opportunity requires hard work, leadership, and dedication and some Agents may make no money at all. All income you receive will depend upon your individual effort and ability.