Professionals in related industries are having a lot of success with offering credit repair services. It’s one of the biggest trends that I’ve seen in the 10+ years that I’ve been in the credit repair business. When I started out, I began talking to real estate agents and mortgage brokers about referring their credit-challenged clients to me. That really helped me build my business. However, because of our business model that allows anyone to start adding credit repair and other services to their business quickly, many become agents with our company.  That trend has continued as we see tax preparers add credit repair to boost their business.

If you do taxes for a living, by adding credit repair, you can help the many clients that ask you for help with their credit score and even out your revenue throughout the year. It will help bring in business year-round. Additionally, you can market credit repair services, potentially bringing you more tax clients.

Challenges for Tax Preparers Adding Credit Repair

Being in the tax business you are already heavily regulated. If you try to start a credit repair business on your own, you will now be regulated even more so. You’ll perhaps need a credit repair surety bond to operate a credit repair business in your state. But that’s just the beginning.

You’ll also need to find a company that offers credit repair software to produce dispute letters. You’ll need to find a way to pull credit for clients, which is next to impossible. Most people that start a credit repair business on their own end up having their client pay for an account with an online credit monitoring service. They then ask the client for their login details and get the credit report that way. This is a bit clumsy and forces the client to pay an additional fee.

You may even need a separate merchant services account so that you aren’t comingling funds from your tax business with revenue from your credit repair business.

Why Not Offer More Than Credit Repair?

The additional challenge when starting a credit repair business on your own is that you’ll only be offering credit repair? You might ask what’s wrong with that? Nothing except that there are many other ways to increase a client’s credit score beyond just removing negative items from their credit report. And some clients don’t have negative accounts but still want to improve their credit scores.

Our Credit Repair Business Solution for Tax Preparers

Instead of going through the time, energy, effort, and money to set up everything on your own, and then only offering credit repair, become an Agency owner with our company. You won’t need a surety bond and you’ll have the added benefit of being able to offer credit repair in every state in the country as well as Puerto Rico.

Additionally, you won’t need to pull credit for your clients or open a separate merchant services account. Both are provided to you at no charge to you or to your client. Our company will provide you with a website dedicated to the new credit services you are offering. Again, free of charge.

Stay Focused on Your Primary Business

Perhaps one of the biggest downsides to offering services outside of your tax business is that it can pull you away from doing taxes. Especially during the busy season. With our business model, you won’t need to worry about that because we have staff at our corporate office that does all the work related to providing the service to your client. This also alleviated you from spending $200 or more a month on credit repair dispute software.

Another Advantage of Our Credit Repair Business Model

Going back to what I already mentioned, there are other ways to increase credit scores beyond just removing negative accounts. We have ways to add positive accounts to their credit report which sometimes provides a bigger boost than removing negative items. And in many cases does it faster.

Every client will receive a suite of 13 services including credit restoration that can not only help boost their score but can help their overall finances. For more information on those services visit, Credit Services Suite.

Get Started as an Agency Owner for Under $300

To learn all the details of our credit repair business, visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. There you’ll watch a detailed business overview video. If you like what you see and hear, and I’m sure you will, you’ll be able to schedule a phone appointment with us to ask any questions and learn how to get started.

This article which was originally posted in 2022 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.