Congratulations on becoming a FreedomPath Advisor or FreedomPath Plus Advisor. If you’re just getting started with FreedomPath the information on this page will help you launch your new business quickly and correctly.

New FreedomPath Advisors fall into one of two categories. Those that were looking for a way to help credit-challenged people with credit repair and credit building, and perhaps found the FreedomPath opportunity online. And those that weren’t necessarily looking for a credit business but were introduced to FreedomPath through a friend or colleague. Either way, I want to start by sharing a brief explanation of the credit repair process and give you my thoughts on how to build a FreedomPath business.

If you're a FreedomPath Plus Advisor, there is a video further down on this page that discusses the business credit and business funding platform called BizPath. There is also a link to download the FreedomPath Funding Guide that describes the different types of funding programs available for you and your clients. Please note that this Guide is updated regularly by FreedomPath. Therefore the Guide you receive here may or may not be the most updated version. You can consult your FreedomPath back office for the latest version.

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A Brief Explanation of Credit Repair

Credit repair is nothing new. It’s been around for decades. My wife Shirley and I have been in this industry since 2011. The first thing to understand about credit repair is that the entire process is controlled by the federal government and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It doesn’t matter who is doing the credit repair. It could be a big company like Lexington Law, an individual that bought credit repair software from a company like Credit Repair Cloud, or consumers themselves.

The Credit Repair Process

Dispute letters must be written the correct way. When the credit bureaus receive them, they determine if the letters are properly written as they will look for any reason to reject the dispute. If they do not reject the dispute, they then check the age of the item. If the item is older than 7 years (or 10 years for bankruptcies) then they must remove it by law.

Assuming the item is less than 7 years old, they then must contact the creditor of record. The creditor then has 30 days to respond and verify the information they previously reported or not. If they do respond and verify, the item will not be removed. If they do not respond within 30 days, the item will be removed. It’s that simple.

So, if a consumer has an item on their credit report that is a legitimate non-payment or late payment, the only way to get it removed quickly is for the creditor to not verify the information they previously put on that consumer’s credit report. The good news is that it happens often, especially on older items, and when the debt has been previously paid in full and the account is closed.

However, credit repair is not an automatic cleansing of someone’s credit report. Some derogatory items may remain. That is why the services that FreedomPath is offering beyond credit repair are so powerful.

Building Positive Credit

There are many factors that determine a credit score. But in general credit scores are impacted by the number of derogatory items and the number of positive items sometimes referred to as tradelines. So, if we can’t get everything removed through credit repair as described above, adding positive items to a credit report will build the credit score as well. And in most cases will build it quicker and make the score go higher than removing older negative items.

The Power of the FreedomPath Platform

As you’re getting started with FreedomPath the first thing to recognize is that one of the most exciting aspects of the FreedomPath platform is that we are putting the credit repair process in the hands of the customer. They can immediately see their credit scores, credit reports, and negative items. With a few clicks, they choose the items they want disputed in 5 minutes.

But this platform also allows them to add positive accounts or tradelines to their credit report right away. They can add up to 24 months of rent payments and their utility bills. Based on my experience in this industry, adding these types of accounts to a credit report will increase credit scores faster and make them go higher than removing derogatory items in most cases.

How to Sell the FreedomPath Services

Of course, you can sell the services to individuals that you know or meet who need help with their credit score. It’s a great service bringing a lot of value for $189 to start and $89/month. For doing so, you earn 40% of the $189 enrollment fee or $75.60. You earn 30% of the client's monthly $99 fee each month which is $29.70/month.

But if you want to build a large FreedomPath business and earn a significant income, sell the platform to professionals in credit-related industries. As you're getting started with FreedomPath, having this mindset will help you build a larger business. To do this you must expose FreedomPath to people in real estate, mortgage, car sales, solar, business lending, and more. Any professional that needs their clients to have a qualifying credit score to buy from them. This is the vein of gold within the FreedomPath business model.

Let’s use the example of a used car lot. Perhaps up to 30 to 40% of the people that come to that lot have poor credit. In fact, it may be why they are coming to a used car lot as opposed to buying a used car from a larger car dealership. It some cases they can still get approved for a car loan, but they will need a large down payment and pay up to 25% interest on the balance of the loan. Therefore, they walk away.

Leverage the FreedomPath Platform

You could get referrals from this used car lot and make $75.60 per sale. Or, you could have them become a FreedomPath Advisor and sell the services directly to their client. By doing so, they are helping the person with poor credit who otherwise couldn’t afford to buy a car from them. They could even give them a voucher for say $500 to come back to the dealership once they have an improved credit score.

So, the used car lot makes the $75.60 commission, but you make 20% of their commissions every time they sell the service. And you get paid an additional monthly bonus on your overall organizational volume. Go get 3 of these car lots and you’re making the same as if you made all the sales and you’re doing none of the work. This gives you more time to build a larger FreedomPath business. In other words, as you're getting started with FreedomPath, look to leverage the FreedomPath platform to grow your business.

Biz Path - Establishing Business Credit and Business Funding Opportunities

The first step to learning about Biz Path is to watch the training video below. Please note that this video is a recording of a live Zoom meeting in January of 2024. You will have access to further live Zoom trainings and the schedule will be posted here.

How to Get Off to a Great Start with FreedomPath

1- Make a list of everyone that you know in real estate, mortgage, solar, auto, business lending, tax, accounting, and more. Show them the FreedomPath platform. Use the scripts at and call them. All you need to do is get them to watch the 5-minute video at

If they are interested in learning about the compensation and other aspects of the business, show them an overview video at 

I recommend that you watch these videos yourself to know what information you are sending to people.

2- Make a list of people that you know that would be willing to help you. Call them and ask them who they know in the industries listed above. Their interest may or may not be piqued by your new business. It doesn't matter. Get names and numbers of professionals in credit-related industries and call those people.

3- Put a post on your social media platforms like this. "I'm working on a new project and I need to speak with people in the real estate (mortgage, auto, solar, etc.) business. Please tag any real estate agents you would recommend in the comments. Thanks!"

Getting Started with FreedomPath – You’re Next Step