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Credit Repair Referral Partner

Since 2012 we have worked with some of the top names in the real estate, mortgage, auto, and other industries to help them turn their unqualified prospects into qualified buyers. We now offer this same platform to you so you can directly help your clients and build client loyalty.

credit repair referral partner

Melody Hunter, Charles Rutenberg Realty

Seminole, FL

"I met Shirley and Dale about 2 years ago and they explained their services to me.  I am a very busy Licensed Realtor in Pinellas County, Fl.  Once I learned how they can help my clients improve their credit scores I was thrilled.  I have referred several clients to them, but more so the Mortgage Broker I do business with, utilizes ERA services.  Knowing ERA has been a great asset to my business.  Once a client’s credit improves, they can now purchase a home.  This obviously makes many people happy!  I appreciate the knowledge they share and the helpful hints they provide.  I will continue to recommend and use ERA Credit Services."


Rhonda Andersen, BBMC Mortgage

Clearwater, FL

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to repairing my client's credit.  As a mortgage lender, you are key to the success of my borrowers in obtaining a great interest rate and sometimes, even a loan in the first place.  You make it very easy to educate clients on how important it is to stay on top of their credit and also help them remove errors that can highly affect their lives in so many ways.  You make me look good and I am so happy to have you both on my lender team and highly recommend you both to everyone.  You are truly experts in your field."

How Are We Different Than Any Other Credit Repair Company in the Country?

First of all, we are not just a credit repair company. We are a credit restoration and financial services company. That means that we do far more to help your client raise their credit score and get into a sound financial situation.

How We Do Credit Repair Differently

Of course, credit repair is a basis for our overall efforts on behalf of a client. But unlike other companies:

We challenge all derogatory items immediately*. Did you know that most companies do not? Instead, they challenge only 1 to 2 items every 60 days. This prolongs the process for your client and for you. Our goal is to increase that client's score as much as we can and as quickly as we can. Why? Because it's the right thing to do, AND we want you to keep sending us referrals!
*Please note that if a client has a large number of derogatory items we will 1st dispute those items that have the greatest impact on their credit score.

We provide your client with the opportunity to have an overall Financial Makeover. Our philosophy is that a low credit score is a sign or symptom of other more fundamental financial issues. We want to give our clients ways to add positive accounts to their credit reports, save money, pay down their debt (which can improve their DTI), and of course, increase their credit scores. In this way, we prepare the client for long-term financial success.

Your client gets updates directly from the credit reporting agencies. Your client is involved in the process and knows exactly where they are at in the process. And, when the credit reporting agencies send out updates they go directly to your client.

Credit Repair Referral Partners

“ERA Credit Services is the only company I trust to help my clients improve their credit to get their dream home.” – Will Merritt, The Will Merritt Group, Mortgage Brokers

“I want to thank you. I’m closing a loan for $580,000 for a client of mine that you assisted with your credit repair service. If you hadn’t done what you had for him I wouldn’t be closing this loan. I want to let you know how much we appreciate you and how it worked out.” – Dan Ruffner, Vice President of Cadence Bank

“Dale – I wanted to congratulate you and your team over at ERA…(my clients) mid score went from a 645 to a 700 on the dot. Great work!- James Hooper, Capital Line Funding Group

“Thanks for helping my friend Julia out with her credit challenges. She claims her score went up 150 points to a mid 700. That’s impressive. Again thanks.” -Nick Marquardt, Team Kia of El Cajon

“I am so thankful to you for helping my clients clean up their credit. Our Guzman client FICO scores went up from 530 to 678 in a little over 6 months! This means a lot to her because she has been wanting to buy a home for a while and now I can move forward to help her with her financing. Our plan is that she will be in her home before Christmas. You have done an awesome job!”- Demaris Lopez, Movement Mortgage

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