Business Funding

Here you will find updated articles on establishing business credit and making your business bankable so that you can obtain the business funding you need to grow.

Your Business Success Scan

It all starts with our 150-point data scan. Lenders use these data points to determine the legitimacy and health of a business. We see what points your business meets and what needs improvement before you apply for business credit or business loans.

We provide help and resources in each area that needs improvement so that you can prepare your business and make it bankable for funding.

Establishing Business Credit

You will have resources and a list of vendors that will give you a net 30 or net 60 credit line and will report to Experian, Equifax, and/or Dunn and Bradstreet in your business entity name to help you establish credit for your business. We also help you get a DUNS account.

Poor Personal Credit

In most cases, vendors will check your personal credit score if you have not yet established business credit. What if your personal credit score is not at a level where they will issue you a credit account? We will use our 12 years of experience and have several ways to quickly help you improve that score to where it needs to be. 

Business Funding

Once your business meets the lending criteria we will provide you with a Business Funding Coach and a $50,000 funding guarantee. We have several programs to fit your business type and funding needs.