To be completely transparent with you, I never thought I’d be writing about DIY credit repair. I’ve been in this industry since 2012 and have helped thousands of people across the country improve their credit scores. Improving each client’s situation took a lot of time and effort. I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say it was not very automated. Until now!

Dispute Your Derogatory Items in Minutes

We have a new technology platform that is lightning-fast. You will have the tools of a credit expert at your fingertips. Credit reports and credit scores are automatically generated for you. You can dispute your derogatory items through the credit bureaus in minutes versus days and even weeks.

You easily choose the items that you want to be disputed through the credit bureaus with the click of a button. Then choose if you want to print and mail the letters or have our company do it for you. It’s that simple. The process takes as little as 10 minutes. And your credit reports and credit scores can be viewed in real-time so you can see the results when they occur.

Call at Anytime if You Have Questions

Have the Knowledge of an Expert at Your Fingertips

This diy credit repair platform comes with credit monitoring, identity protection, knowledge of how items on your credit report are affecting your credit scores, and how certain actions that you take will affect your credit scores. You have all the knowledge of a credit repair expert at your fingertips.

Add Positive Accounts to Your Credit Reports

Here’s something else that I’ve been talking about for years. Credit repair, the process of removing derogatory items from a credit report is beneficial. However, there are other ways to improve a credit score that are faster and produce a better result in terms of improved credit scores. One of those ways is to increase the number of good accounts to offset any derogatory accounts. How can you quickly add positive accounts? By adding utility bills, cable bills, cell phone bills, and rent payments to your credit bureau reports.

This new diy credit repair platform incorporates utility bill and rent payment reporting to all 3 credit bureaus and in fact, can add up to 24 months of past rent payments. We have seen that adding that much positive credit history to a credit report can increase credit scores by up to 50 points in a 45-day period, although results do vary.

To learn about what we feel is the very best diy credit repair program for consumers, watch this brief 5-minute video.

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