Credit Repair Referral Partner

The partnership between a credit repair company and professionals in credit-related industries (real estate, mortgage, solar, banking, auto & more) is beneficial for both partners. Add to that the benefit that the client receives and you have a classic win-win-win scenario. If you’re interested in becoming a Credit Repair Referral Partner we’d love to talk with you. But read on.

Articles in this section of our credit repair blog will share how we have been working with professionals in credit-related industries since we started our company. By doing so, we have helped hundreds of clients buy a home, get solar installed on their home, buy a new family car, and otherwise improve their lives.

Earn More Through a Partnership with ERA Credit Services

And, of course, we have helped our partners close more transactions, and earn income for themselves and their families. These relationships have allowed us to grow our business all over the United States. 

No Matter What State You’re In, We Can Work With You and Your Clients

Most credit repair companies, due to state and federal regulations, cannot help consumers in other states other than the state in which they are headquartered. ERA Credit Services however can help consumers anywhere in the U.S. including territories such as Puerto Rico.

How Are We Different Than Other Credit Repair Companies?

We Work as Fast as the Law Allows

Regarding credit repair, the removal of derogatory items from credit reports, we follow federal law as all companies should. However, most companies in our industry purposely slow the process down to charge the client as many monthly fees as possible. We speed it up! Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest credit score in the shortest amount of time allowed by law.

We Do Far More Than Credit Repair

Removing negative items will increase a credit score. But that only affects 35% of a credit score (Payment History). We have many more ways to increase a consumer’s score because we also work on helping the client produce more positive credit accounts. 

Adding Rent Payments to Credit Reports

Here’s one way we help clients improve their scores beyond just credit repair. If your client currently rents a home, condo, or apartment we will get their rent payments going back up to 24 months added to their credit reports with Transunion and Equifax. This is the fastest and most effective way to increase a renter’s credit score. Read More About Adding Rent Payments to Credit Reports.

Do We Pay You an Affiliate Fee for Referring Your Clients to Us?

The answer is no and here’s why. We have to keep our costs down for the sake of the client. If we paid you a referral fee as some other companies do, we’d simply be passing that fee onto the client. Instead, we do more to help the client than those companies do. And by doing so, we increase the probability that you’ll be cashing a much bigger check when your client becomes qualified and closes a transaction with you.

But You Can Earn Far More Income With Us by Becoming an Agent

Many times people in credit-related industries do want to supplement their income. If you like the sound of that you can become an Independent Agent and sell our services directly to your client. For doing so you’ll earn on average about $175 per client. You can even scale that business and get referrals from people in your office or around the country. If you’d like to learn more visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. There you can watch a 30-minute video that will give you all the details.  

Here’s What We Recommend You Do to Learn More

If you’re just interested in referring your credit-challenged clients to the #1 credit repair company in the country, Book a Phone Appointment with us. Let’s talk. You can get your questions answered and we can start to develop a lucrative and long-lasting business relationship. 

If you would like to earn from selling the services to your credit-challenged clients directly, and even possibly building a significant income, watch our credit repair business overview video here. Then below the video, schedule a time to get your questions answered and get started.   

Either Way, We Look Forward to Working With You!

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