Credit Repair Career

Enjoy a Rewarding and Lucrative Career in Credit Repair

Good credit is in demand. And, most people have never been educated on how to achieve and maintain a good credit score. Therefore, you can bring credit services and education to  the millions who need it and get paid well to do it in a credit repair career.

Hi, I’m Dale Guiducci. I have been in the credit repair industry since 2012. Over those years I have shown hundreds of people how to start a credit repair business for themselves. As well, I have coached hundreds more on how to attract more clients and drive revenue and profits into their credit repair business. And, I can help you too.

The Challenges You Need to be Know About to Start a Credit Repair Career

Even though credit repair is a great business, and you can help Americans improve their financial situation, it’s a very difficult business to get started.

Because of federal and state regulations, surety bonds, low up front client fees, heavy adminstrative and customer support requirements, and technology needs, it can cost a lot of time and more money that you think to start a credit repair business.

You Need More Than Dispute Software

You can see on the front page of Google a dozen or more websites that tell you they have the credit repair dispute software that you need. And, that’s all that you need to have a successful credit repair business.

But what they don’t tell you, or train you on, is how to generate a steady flow of customers. Or, how to sell to those customers against the competition. They don’t tell you about the needs your customers will have after you sell your service to them.

If you’re going to operate your business by yourself and/or work your credit repair business part-time, how are you going to do all the work? And, will it be worth it if all you can charge is around $100/month to your clients?

Business Model, Technology and Most of All, Training

Because I have been doing this as long as I have, I can steadfastly say that it doesn’t matter what previous experience you have. You need to be trained. And, you need to be coached in your credit repair career.

Instead of trying to figure out how to get clients, what if someone could share exactly how they get referrals coming to them every day? And you just do what they do.

Other than trying to figure out what is going to get prospects to buy your service, what if someone told you exactly how to close 50% or more of the people you talk to about your credit repair service? And, you just do what they do.

And, instead of you scrambling to provide all the services to clients, you had a team of people that not only provided the services but also took care of all customer support needs after the sale?

Own an Independent Credit Repair Agency

Have you ever said to yourself or others, “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel?” Me too. So, instead of starting it all from scratch yourself, why not represent the #1 company in the industry? The investment is low and you can start immediately.

To learn more click Join Our Team. You can watch a 20 minute video that will explain all the details. If you like what you see then click the icon below the video to “Book a Phone Appointment” with me. Let’s talk. Let’s get your questions answered. Let’s see if it’s a good fit for you. I look forward to talking with you!