We're Dale and Shirley Guiducci. We began our career in the credit repair industry in 2012 when we were looking for a credit repair company to help some of our accounting clients. When we told people we had found a great credit repair company, our business exploded. 2 years later we shut down the accounting business and since have been working together full-time in our credit repair career opportunity.

If you're looking into the credit repair industry, our #1 message to you is that you MUST choose the right business model. This industry is unique and presents specific challenges that can be very difficult to overcome.

Dale and Shirley Guiducci of ERA Credit Services

On this website and in our credit repair blog, you'll find information about 4 areas. Our Credit Services for consumers, our Credit Repair Business Opportunity, Credit Repair Business Coaching, and Referral Partner program for professionals that need credit-worthy clients. We love talking with people about whichever facet they are interested in. So, please see at the top of every page an opportunity to "Book a Phone Appointment". You'll find that we don't sell. We provide and explain your options and leave the decision up to you. Thanks for being here...

Need Help with Improving Your Credit Score?

You may be looking for what most people call credit repair. Credit repair only attempts to remove derogatory items from your credit report. We do that well. But we do so much more to help you increase your credit score. Let's talk. We need to know your challenges and goals. Then we'll share a plan to improve all areas of your credit to maximize your credit score.

Enjoy a Rewarding and Lucrative Career in Credit Repair

Good credit is in demand. And, most people have never been educated on how to achieve and maintain a good credit score. Therefore, you can bring credit services and education to the millions who need it and get paid well to do it with our company when you start a credit repair business for under $300.

Already in the Credit Repair Business? Get Coached by Dale & Shirley

If you already own a credit repair business then you realize it brings a unique set of challenges. Instead of figuring out how to overcome those challenges on your own, call upon the experience and expertise of award-winning and industry-leading professionals that have trained hundreds of credit repair business owners. Learn more.

Do You Have Client Prospects That Can't Qualify Because of a Low Credit Score?

This is a challenge for nearly every professional in real estate, mortgage, solar, banking, auto, and many other industries. You can either try to help them yourself, which is time-consuming or hope they can increase their score themselves. A third option is to partner with us. Learn more about how we can help you build your pipeline of buyers and close more business.