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Credit Repair Reviews of ERA Credit Services - What Our Customers Say

Our clients have been so generous to share their thoughts and provide their credit repair reviews. Hear what they have to say.

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*The comments below reflect the specific experience with our services by that client. Your results may not match those that you see below. The removal of derogatory items and improvement of credit scores is dependent on many factors including the number of derogatory accounts, the creditors, the age of the account, and the state of that account. You may have accounts that are highly improbable to remove. Your results will differ. We make no promises regarding our ability to remove derogatory accounts from your credit reports nor make any promises as to an increase in your credit score. 

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Melody Hunter, Charles Rutenberg Realty

credit-repair-reviews-Melody-HunterSeminole, FL

I met Shirley and Dale about 2 years ago and they explained their services to me.  I am a very busy Licensed Realtor in Pinellas County, Fl.  Once I learned how they can help my clients improve their credit scores I was thrilled.  I have referred several clients to them, but more so the Mortgage Broker I do business with, utilizes ERA services.  Knowing ERA has been a great asset to my business.  Once a client’s credit improves, they can now purchase a home.  This obviously makes many people happy!  I appreciate the knowledge they share and helpful hints they provide.  I will continue to recommend and use ERA Credit Services.

Rhonda Andersen, BBMC Mortgage

credit-repair-reviews-rhonda-andersenClearwater, FL

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication with repairing my clients credit.  As a mortgage lender, you are key to the success of my borrowers in obtaining a great interest rate and sometimes, even a loan in the first place.  You make it very easy to educate clients on how important it is to stay on top of their credit and also help them remove errors that can highly effect their lives in so many ways.  You make me look good and I am so happy to have you both on my lender team and highly recommend you both to everyone.  You are truly experts in your field.

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Gregg McLeod

Salisbury, NC

My credit score has increased by 64 points since joining (less than 60 days).

Heather Pappas

St. Petersburg, FL

I just wanted to say thank you! My credit score has already increased by 69 points (31 days). I'm now at a 609. I am just so happy. I am going to highly refer you. I am so thankful. It was definitely worth the investment at such a low cost.

Rahsann Johnson

Torrance, CA

When I glanced at my score I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. I personally needed some good news because people I knew have died of Covid. My score went up 100 points!!! I needed this and thank you.

Donald Berger

Long Island, NY

When I started with ERA I had 51 negative accounts on my 3 credit bureau reports. You were able to remove 50 of those accounts for me. I can't thank you enough!

Maryla Hawekotte

Dunedin, FL

Thank you very much for helping me and my sons with the credit score. Your office is doing an absolutely awesome job. I'm recommending you to everyone I know. It is very important that we know how to check and keep our credit score at a high level for our daily life. You and your office proceed in that direction. God Bless

Herman Kepani

Aiea, HI

Within just over 30 days my credit score went up 69 points!

ME White

Washington, GA

My daughter enrolled me a few months ago. For the 1st time in my life, my score hit 701. Their credit attorney stopped the calls and that was a huge relief. It was just $89 per month. So well worth it.

Thomasina Martinez

Altamonte Springs, FL

They are amazingly assertive and quick. My score went up 95+. The process is very easy to follow and customer service is awesome

Kristie Eichenberger

It’s nice to be able to take care of everything under one place and pay only 89.00 for all 12 of these services when normally I would be spending over $500.00 if I got these services individually. They really show that they care about you.

Paul DeMiere

Valrico, FL

I used Lexington Law previously. I had 24 items across 3 bureaus and they only helped me remove 1 inaccurate item in 4 months. This company is different. Within 45 days, they’d helped removed half of the items on my credit.

J Danielle

Brandon, FL

I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. My car broke down on me and I was in need of a new vehicle. I was in a very bad place financially without any guidance. A friend told me about this service and I gave it a shot with nothing to lose. I was so shocked to see my score increase 93 points after the first round of disputes, which changed my position financially. I was able to purchase a car with no money down and an interest rate of 2%. What I enjoyed most about this service is that I never had to question what was going on. I was really engaged in the process and was ecstatic with my results.


Ft. Myers, FL

They raised my score by 117 points & had my repo removed off my credit.

Mechelle Oliver

Tampa, FL

Out of 20 negatives items on Experian and Equifax, 15 were deleted!

Munira Grinnage

Tampa, FL

The services alone are worth the down payment and the monthly charge. No other credit repair company gives you identity monitoring, legal services, your own tracking system and so much more. My credit score went from 422 to 720 the first round of services. I was able to get a credit card limit of $5000 within 3 months. I am very pleased

Carlos Torres, Independent Agent

Grand Prairie, TX

Hello Dale. This is a Trans Union Report for the first round of disputes (45 Days) for Mrs. Coronado.  It has 11 deletions!

Marie Cherilien

El Cajon, CA

Hey Dale, you have a happy customer. After the first round my credit score went up 56 points from 546 to 602!

Samuel Letchworth

Largo, FL

After years of patiently waiting for a couple of items to magically 'poof' from my credit report...I finally took action. Well, today I received my first response from my first round of dispute letters and I am thrilled! After just 45 short days, something that has haunted me for years is no longer on my credit report. Can't wait to see a response from the other two bureaus and the increase in my credit score.

Dan Ruffner, VP Cadence Bank

Clearwater, FL

Dale, I want to thank you. You got my client's negative item removed from his credit report. That allowed us to close on a $560,000 mortgage loan and get him into his new home. We couldn't have done it without you.

Dione Spiteri

Chicago, IL

Went off Yelp reviews and naturally skeptical but they literally eliminated everything negative. I didn't even think it was possible to do so in such a short time. Already referred a ton of people to them but thought a review would help others too. You won't be disappointed.

Gustavo Diaz

Miami, FL

Dale, thank you for helping me with my credit. In a period of 2 months, my credit has changed. A bankruptcy was removed, and also six other items from my credit report. I will recommend your services to anyone who needs it.

Julia Plummer

Roseville, CA

In January 2012, I “woke up” from a few years of grief and decided to check my credit score. It had always been decent, so I was mortified to discover that it was just terrible and riddled with a lot of collections that weren’t my accounts. I couldn’t get anywhere with the collection companies (and I needed a new car) so a friend recommended that I contact Dale at ERA Credit Services. In partnering with him/ERA and following their program, my credit score improved substantially in a short amount of time and I was able to purchase a new car. In just under two years, my credit score has increased so much so that I just closed escrow on a new home. There’s no doubt that I couldn’t have done it without ERA Credit Services, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Bryan Fallucca

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

My credit score went from a 586 to a 748 allowing me to purchase a new car with no money down and a very low monthly payment!

Jay Hicks

Orlando, FL

When I logged into my web portal I saw that 90% of the negative items on my 3 credit reports were deleted. My credit reports haven’t been this clean in decades!

Gina Demangos

San Diego, CA

Dale really taught me the importance of a credit score. His company also offers identity theft and financial education. Seems simple, however, there is so much more involved than one probably realizes. My husband and I subscribe to his services and highly recommend them to our friends and business partners.

Nick Marquardt, Kia of El Cajon

El Cajon, CA

Thanks for helping my friend Julia out with her credit challenges. She claims her score went up 150 points to a mid 700. That’s impressive. Again thanks

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Sherief Elansary

San Diego, CA

I have been working with Dale and ERA Credit Services for only about 3 months, and after my first round of dispute letters, I was able to get 14 of my 15 negatively listed items on Transunion to drop off.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to see results and a huge positive impact on my credit.

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Isaac Nellums

Albuquerque, NM

Amazing and fast results!!!!!  Within my first round of letters to the bureaus, and within 45 days, ERA Credit Services was able to remove 5 out 5 derogatory items off my credit report, including a $145,000 foreclosure, an $18,000 auto loan, some hospital bills, and some erroneous items on my credit report. Awesome job ERA Credit, I will highly recommend your services to all of my friends and family. Your services really do change people's lives. You’ve changed mine, and for that I thank you.

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Kevin Hall

San Diego, CA

I learned about Dale Guiducci and ERA Credit at a networking event.  His knowledge and experience really sold me on his ability to deliver.  I saved the information for months before I would have the opportunity to subscribe to their services but I am so glad I did.  As someone who is very thorough in performing due-diligence, I was skeptical initially but ERA Credit has outperformed my expectations very quickly.

After hiring ERA Credit, in 90 days my credit score went up 90 points.  Errors and duplicate items are falling off my credit report quickly, more quickly than I’ve ever been able to accomplish on my own.

The most incredible thing ever:  I got home yesterday and one of my creditors had contacted me to tell me that I no longer needed to send them any more money.  I was told that my debt was now considered “settled in full” and the item would be deleted from my credit report without any delay.  I had been paying this debt dutifully for years, I had never disputed the amount due and I had never been late.  I was an ideal paying debtor but (I believe due to ERA Credit) now we were through – a savings of hundreds of dollars – more than paid for Dale’s and ERA Credit’s services.

Five stars are not enough because there is no higher recommendation I can give.  Your credit score impacts your life in so many ways.  The cost of loans, credit, the place you live, and the job you work at (more and more).  If your credit needs repair, do not hesitate – contact Dale and know that things will get better sooner than you might think.

I will continue to recommend Dale Guiducci and ERA Credit to everyone and anyone who can benefit from a repaired credit score.


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Joan Jackson

Occoquan, VA

Thank you Dale at ERA Credit Services! So far, there have been 18 items deleted off my credit report. It’s only been a couple of months. I can’t wait to see how many more will be taken off! Thanks, Dale for your hard work!

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Demaris Lopez, Branch Manager Movement Mortgage

Chula Vista, CA

I am so thankful to you for helping my client clean up their credit. Our Guzman client FICO scores went up from 530 to 678 in a little over 6 months! This means a lot to her because she has been wanting to buy a home for a while and now I can move forward to help her with her financing. Our plan is that she will be in her home before Christmas. You have done an awesome job!

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Michael C.

San Diego, CA

I happily give ERA Credit 5 stars. Wish I could give more.

I knew my credit needed repair but didn’t know the first thing about how to fix it. I Googled ‘credit repair’ and got back thousands of results – attorneys, bureaus, experts… and zero ideas who to go with. I wanted a ‘human’ who would take the time to talk to me and really examine my credit, not just run me through some cookie-cutter set of repair procedures.

So I picked ERA Credit services because they had good Yelp reviews – most others had either no reviews or they were bad. Turned out that I made a great decision. I called and reached Dale. He was at a credit education conference out of state and still took the time to talk to me. There was no pressure to buy anything; in fact, he didn’t even mention paying for his services until we exchanged a few emails and determined I was a good match for what he offered.

I ended up paying for his services a few months ago and my credit has already improved. The reason I write this review today is that yesterday I got a call from Chase Bank saying someone tried to open a line of credit in my name; it was fraudulent. Dale took my call after hours, and followed up again at 8 am the next morning. This guy is great, I trust him.

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Andrienne Moon

Los Angeles, CA

I have great news to share, all of the derogatory files on my Transunion account have been removed and my credit score is up 100+ points.

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Michael and Laurel-Ann Schrader

San Diego, CA

My wife and I were needing a new car and we have been working on restoring our credit with Dale for six months. We went to a Toyota dealership and were able to get a new car at 1.9%. My Experian score has gone up 120 points in 6 months. The program does work! Don’t put it off!

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Shannon Hayes

Rancho Penasquitos, CA

Thank you ERA Credit Services, for your assistance and credit education! I thought I would have to file bankruptcy to remove a judgment, but it was deleted from my credit reports along with three other items, with the first round of disputes in less than 30 days. I trust the process and will recommend it to everyone I know.

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Sandi Marvich

San Diego, CA

I’ve known Dale for about 2 years. Knowing how ethical and upstanding he is, when presented with this idea, I felt comfortable giving it a shot. Just got my 1st round of responses back and they go from 7-10 things taken off my credit!

Can’t wait for the next round and seeing where my rock bottom credit ends up – I know it will get me back in the land of the living – credit-wise! Check out Dale and his amazing customer service in helping through this process.

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Jackie Guerra

Chula Vista, CA

I am thrilled. The information provided by Dale regarding the service was very thorough and helpful. Utilizing the service is painless and easy to follow. Best of all, I had five items removed from my credit report in the first 45 days, including a tax lien (which I had no idea about). This service really works!

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Toni Turner

Ramona, CA

Several years ago I filed bankruptcy. I was told these items stay on credit reports for up to ten years! In October of 2012, I signed up with ERA Credit Services to work on removing negative items from my credit. By the end of November, my bankruptcy was removed! That was only after the first round of letters. I’m so happy with the results…

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Yvette Reid

Cherry Hill, NJ

In just two months, my credit score increased to the point that my car insurance premium was lowered by $2,000 per year!

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Bill Shook

Atlanta, GA

The real estate collapse forced me into a short sale which was sure to damage my credit, but it was deleted from my credit report in the first 30 days.

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Darbe Nokes

Malibu, CA

I thought I had excellent credit but never really checked on it. Unbeknownst to me, I had several items on my credit file that weren’t even mine. The service got them removed and my score went from the mid 600’s to the high 700's

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Chuck Matthews

Detroit, MI

While buying my wife a car, I was informed I had a 620 credit score. After just 60 days my score increased to 799 and I got a much better interest rate.

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Loumaong Keo

Long Beach, CA

Thanks to United Credit Education Services & FES. When I was introduced to service, after just 90 days, I got 6 items deleted from my credit file. I look forward to seeing more results. The service is affordable; I definitely recommend your service to friends and families.

LeQuana Robinson

Inkster, MI

After my first round of disputes, my [credit] score went up 80 points!

Lily Ortiz

Atlanta, GA

I had a tax lien on my credit report for years that was damaging my credit score and it was removed from my credit report in 30 days!

Lenny Downie

Phoenix, AZ

I had 14 derogatory accounts removed from my credit file, including 3 repossessions and my credit score jumped up significantly, allowing me to purchase a BMW 740i and a new home for my family!

Carlo Desierto

San Diego, CA

After just the first round of dispute letters, I saw derogatory items come off my credit report. WooHoo!

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