Credit Repair San Diego

We got our start in the credit repair business in San Diego in 2012. And although we have experienced incredible growth and now serve clients all over the country, we will always be thankful to the San Diegans who supported us in those early days. We raised our kids in San Diego, bought our first home there, and of course, enjoyed the perfect San Diego weather.

Today we help people all over the U.S. improve their lives by educating them and assisting them in improving their credit score. We also partner with professionals in real estate, mortgage, banking, solar, and auto industries to help their credit-challenged clients become qualified clients.

Education, Tools, and Services

We first want to talk with you so that we can understand your specific situation. What is your credit score and what would you like or need it to be? What is listed on your credit reports now that may be causing you to have that lower credit score?

Then we’re going to share what we specifically can do for you. Your situation is unique to you so we devise a plan of action specific to your situation. That just makes sense but other companies only have a “one size fits all plan”.

If you choose to work with us we have multiple ways, through our tools and services, to improve your credit score. We explain all of this to you during our first conversation.

Superior Customer Support

You’ll have an online account where you can monitor your credit score progress and access information about things that you can do to help improve your score as well. But we also provide customer support Monday through Friday from 6 am to 2:30 pm Pacific to assist you with any questions or needs that you may have.

You’ll also have our local business line to reach us (Dale & Shirley Guiducci) directly when needed.

You’ll receive regular emails from us with tips on what you can do to fully utilize our services and create good credit habits for your future.

Credit Repair San Diego

We’re here for you. Visit any of the articles below to learn more and book a free, no-obligation phone appointment by clicking that tab at the top of any page.

We look forward to talking with you!

Dale & Shirley Guiducci

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