Credit Repair Cloud Software may be the most popular platform used by individuals in the credit repair business. Despite legal issues and changes in the market, Daniel Rosen has continued to attract thousands of people eager to repair credit for consumers.

However, technology has brought about a new way to help consumers repair their credit. This new credit repair technology allows a credit repair client to see their credit scores and credit reports with all 3 credit reporting agencies immediately.

Simple, Fast Credit Repair Software

The client can see their derogatory items and instantly choose which of those items they want to be disputed. With a click of a button, the dispute letters are drafted and sent immediately to the credit bureaus. The client can then monitor their credit reports and credit scores in real-time in their client portal. Further, the client is shown how the accounts on their credit report are impacting their score. They are given suggestions about what they can do to increase their score.

The client can also immediately get 24 months of their rent payments reported on their credit reports along with utility bills such as electricity, cable, and cell phone. This alone will increase a client’s credit score perhaps faster and higher than credit repair.

What Does This Do for Those Using Credit Repair Cloud Software?

If someone currently using Credit Repair Cloud Software uses this new technology for the customers their business becomes much more streamlined, and their monthly overhead reduces dramatically.

  • No need to have clients sign up for a separate service to get their credit reports
  • Disputing can be done within minutes
  • Ongoing monitoring of the client's progress
  • Higher credit scores, faster
  • Better client experience for less cost

In addition, because of the power of this platform, Credit Repair Cloud software users:

  • No longer need surety bonds and can therefore open up their market to all 50 states
  • No need for merchant services accounts as client payments are made through their Advisor portal to the parent company. They are then paid their earnings by the company

How Credit Repair Cloud Users Can Grow Their Business

Like many credit repair business owners, perhaps you have spoken to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, car dealers, and more. And maybe you’re getting referrals from these people. As you know, you need to constantly call them and remind them that you are there to help them. And you need to call them to let them know the progress that you are making with their clients. Let’s face it, it’s a lot of work for each client.

What if you sold this new technology to a real estate broker or car dealer and got paid for every client that they enroll in the service? I know that perhaps you don’t understand how that works just yet. This new credit repair software platform is so simple to use that even a car salesperson or real estate agent can use it. They don’t need weeks of training. All that they need to do is show the platform to the client that got turned down because of credit and sign them up. The platform does the rest.

Intrigued, But Not Convinced?

How could you be convinced just yet? You’ve spent countless hours and a lot of money on Credit Repair Cloud Software. You were obviously convinced that was your best option. And it may have been then. But there is a new game in town, and it serves you well to learn about it.

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