Do You Want to Take Your Credit Repair Business to a Whole New Level?
Or, Just Learn the Best Way to Get One Started?

Learn How from Credit Repair Business Coach, Dale Guiducci

  • Over $5 Million in Credit Repair Business Sales Revenue
  • Top 5 Sales Producer Nationally 5 Years in a Row
  • Top 5 in Recruiting Nationally 5 Years in a Row
  • Most Valuable Agent Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Industry Trainer
  • Frequent Radio Guest and Industry Speaker

What Challenges Are You Having With Your Credit Repair Business?

Since 2012 I've spoken with over 5,000 people like you that were either struggling with everything they needed to do to start a credit repair business or were having challenges building and running their business.

  • State and Federal Regulations
  • Websites and Technology
  • Credit Repair Software
  • Merchant Services
  • Pulling Credit
  • Finding Client Prospects on a Regular Basis
  • Keeping Up with Service Delivery and Customer Support
  • In General, Having the Time to Do It All!

My Story...

Hi there! Since 2012 I have been building and operating my own credit repair agency. In that time we have become a national company. We have professionals in credit-related industries and companies that refer us to their credit-challenged clients and clients in nearly all 50 states. I also have helped hundreds of people start their own credit repair businesses that chose to use our business model. Those individuals receive all my training and expertise free of charge.

However, there are many that chose to start a business on their own using what I call the "Do-It-Yourself" method. Maybe you're one of those people. You've pieced together, or are trying to piece together all the components necessary to get a credit repair business off the ground. And perhaps you've discovered that doing the marketing, the sales, the service delivery, and the customer support for enough clients to make your business profitable is a daunting task.

That's why I created this Credit Repair Business Coaching Program!

If you run your business long enough, and you're a sharp business person, you'll figure out most of what I teach on your own. Remember, I've been doing this since 2012. But what if you could get that knowledge NOW? What if you could jump ahead through several years of figuring it all out and design your business to run effectively and efficiently right NOW? And, what if it didn't cost you thousands of dollars, maybe tens of thousands of dollars, in lost revenue while you were trying to learn this business? For those that are serious about building a credit repair business, having a Credit Repair Business Coach is the perfect solution.

Professionals Have Coaches. Who's Your Coach?

You might think that the idea of working with a coach for your business is unique. It is for the average person. But highly successful business professionals have coaches. Athletes have coaches. Actors have coaches. Even doctors, nurses, teachers, technicians, and more all take continuing education classes on an ongoing basis to learn new techniques to make them better at what they do. So, why do you have to figure out the credit repair business all on your own? Now you don't!

“Everyone needs a coach…We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

The Credit Repair Business is Unique

You may have been successful in another occupation or business venture before starting a credit repair business. So was I. But I quickly learned that being in the credit repair business presents us with some very unique challenges.

  • This is a highly regulated industry by both state and federal governments. You can't just get a business license from your city or town and be off and running
  • The credit repair industry has changed dramatically like many other industries. Large companies like Lexington Law, are driving price and service offerings in the market.
  • There is no one out there teaching people how to build a credit repair business. Yes, there are companies that offer certification programs on how to dispute derogatory items. But they don't teach you how to market and run a successful business. Credit repair dispute software companies will teach you how to use their software, but they leave the rest up to you as well. They don't even help you with surety bonds, pulling credit, or merchant services. They certainly don't teach you how to get client leads or sell to those clients. 

So, I'm changing things! I'm offering you the opportunity to learn what I know about the credit repair business. All of it! I hold back nothing. I give you everything that I've given hundreds of people that started their businesses with our credit repair business model, and more. Why more? Because they didn't need to know and accomplish as much as you do.

Here's What You'll Learn From Credit Repair Business Coach, Dale Guiducci

Getting Customers

  • How to market your credit repair business online and offline
  • How to approach people and get them to refer credit repair prospects
  • Managing the expectations of your credit repair prospects
  • Educating your prospect on credit repair and the process
  • How to continually add value and differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Closing the sale and having an extremely high closing ratio

Getting Referrals

  • Learn how to get professionals in credit-related industries to give you referrals
  • What is the key question you must ask?
  • How to share details of your services to referral sources all over the country
  • What you must teach your referral partners to increase your value
  • How to create a steady stream of clients without paying for leads

Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

  • Surety bonds and why they are necessary
  • What you can and cannot say online (website, social media)
  • How to craft your message but still be within the law
  • Details on the Fair Credit Reporting Act you should know
  • Details on the Credit Repair Organizations Act you should know
  • How to advertise your business legally

And Much More

  • The probability that certain items will be removed through credit repair
  • Streamlining the sales process
  • Streamlining the dispute process
  • How to give your clients online access to their credit repair progress
  • What to do if you have a full-time job or other business
  • How to stand out from the crowded credit repair business market

New to the Credit Repair Business?

If you're new to the credit repair business it's a tremendous advantage to have someone coaching you on what and what not to do. Don't make mistakes that have already been made by other people, including me! Set up a game plan that is proven to generate business.

Want to Advance Your Business?

Maybe you've been around for a while and need some ideas on how to move your business forward. Or, perhaps you want to quit your day job and go full-time in credit repair. But you need to know what to do to break $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month, or more.

I've always said,
"You can't learn this business in a bubble."

Didn't someone teach you how to tie your shoes? Weren't you taught to ride a bike and to read? What about in high school and college? Didn't you have teachers and professors? How about if you were an athlete, didn't you have a coach? Then why is it that when we start something as serious and difficult as starting a new business we try to do it all alone?

You need a credit repair business coach to look at your business from the outside in. Then just be coachable and willing to learn. If you believe that you're those 2 things, then let's talk! If you're not ready, no worries. I offer free advice and training on my YouTube channel.

Book a Free, No-Obligation Consultation Below

Let's discuss the challenges you are having and I'll share what I think I can do to help and the amount of time together it will take. We'll then talk about your budget for coaching and see what we can do to get your business making you a lot more money so you can decide if having a Credit Repair Business Coach is right for you.

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Hear Some Success Stories From
Our Credit Repair Business Owners and Students

OK, so what does all this cost?

Good question! When coming up with a value for helping people as you navigate through the quagmire of getting a credit repair business started, or helping you get your business to the point of generating a full-time income, and giving you my 10+ years of hard-earned experience, you might imagine that my initial thought coaching is worth thousands of dollars! And, it is!!

Then I thought about what I paid for coaching and training to learn to think like an entrepreneur and make the right decisions to drive my business continually upward, and I came to the conclusion that..., once again, my coaching is worth thousands!

Every which way I looked at what I'm offering you I kept coming up with a dollar value that was way more than what most credit repair business owners could afford to pay me. I almost scrapped the whole idea. But I really wanted to do this. Credit repair is a great business. And, we know more and more Americans need good, ethical, and honest credit repair businesses to help them get the credit score they need.

So, I came up with a ridiculously low introductory price for all my coaching...

You'll Receive:

  • A Comprehensive Business Assessment
  • A Gameplan, based on the Assessment, with prioritized action steps to take your business to the next level. This is a 1-hour Zoom Meeting.
  • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions with me and my partner Shirley Guiducci
  • Access to my Private Facebook Group with over 300 of my current and former credit repair business owner students
  • Weekly Facebook Live Training conducted by me along with other successful credit repair business owners
  • Access to 90+ previous training sessions
  • Access to all my training videos

*Please note that membership to our group has rules. These rules will be spelled out in our agreement.

That's access to everything I offer with weekly 30-minute coaching sessions and weekly coaching sessions for as long as you want and need them...

For a One-time Fee of Only $297 and Just $99/month!

To be honest, this price will not last for long. To offer up my time for this price isn't really worth it to me for the money alone. But I do want to help people like you get started in a great career in credit repair.

So, if you think you're ready, and if you're not it's completely OK, but if you are...let's start with a phone call to get to know each other, and for me to learn about your challenges.

Book a Free, No-Obligation Consultation Below

Let's discuss the challenges you are having and I'll share what I think I can do to help. We'll then talk about your budget for coaching and see what we can do to get your business making you a lot more money.

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