Do You Want to Take Your Credit Repair Business to a New Level?

Learn how from a Credit Repair Business Coach, Dale Guiducci.

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Credit Repair Business Coach & Trainer with Financial Education Services

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Getting Customers

  • How to market your credit repair business
  • How to approach people to get your first credit repair prospects
  • Ask your prospects the right questions
  • Educate your prospect on credit repair and the process
  • Explain the services to continually add value and differentiate you from the competition
  • Close the sale

Getting Referrals

  • Learn how to get professionals in credit related industries to give you referrals
  • What is the key question you must ask?
  • How to share details of your services to referral sources all over the country
  • How to stand out and get them to send their credit challenged clients to you

Building Your Team

  • Learn to develop leverage in your business so your income isn’t just dependent on what you do
  • How to approach people about the business opportunity
  • What tools you should sue to explain the business
  • How to qualify someone that tells you they’re interested in the credit repair business
  • What referral sources you should talk to about the business and which ones you should not

New to the Credit Repair Business?

If you’re new to the credit repair business it’s a tremendous advantage to have someone coaching you on what and what not to do. Don’t make mistakes that have already been made by other people. Set up a game plan that is proven to generate business.

Want to Advance Your Business?

Maybe you’ve been around for a while and need some ideas on how to move your business forward. Or, perhaps you want to quit your day job and go full time in credit repair. But you need to know what to do to break $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month, or more.

I’ve always said, “you can’t learn this business in a bubble.”

Didn’t someone teach you how to tie your shoes? Weren’t you taught how to ride a bike and to read? What about in high school and college? Didn’t you have teachers and professors? How about if you were an athlete, didn’t you have a coach? Then why is it that when we start something as serious and difficult as starting a new business we try to do it all alone?

You need a credit repair business coach to look at your business from the outside in. Then just be coachable and willing to learn. If you’re those 2 things, then let’s talk.

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Please Prepare for the Call

1- Be prepared. Know where you are at in your business (title, volume, # of current Agents, # of customers, etc.)
2- Be in front of a computer. We may be talking about topics that require you to get info from your back office.
3- Be on time. If you are going to be late or can’t make your appointment please be courteous and give me as much notice as possible.

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