"We don’t just restore your credit reports and credit scores.
We provide the fastest, most effective
and most complete credit repair service in the country."

ERA Credit Services is an Independent Agency representing a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
and does not directly provide credit repair services or accept funds from clients for credit repair services.

Credit Repair Service

We deliver the fastest, most effective credit repair service possible. Why can we say that? Because the process of credit repair is determined by federal law. There are no loopholes. Because we have been doing this since 2004, we have determined how to work within the law to get our client's credit scores as high as we can as quickly as we can. But there's more that can be done to increase a credit score than just credit repair.

Online Credit Monitoring

We believe that your credit score is a vital sign of your overall financial health. Therefore it’s important to monitor your credit report and credit score on a regular basis. That is why we provide an online credit monitoring service to our clients as part of our service. What a great addition to our credit repair service. And, it's free!

Secured Credit Card

Some need to establish credit or they have a credit score that is currently too low to qualify for an unsecured or traditional credit card. We offer a secured credit card program through Synovus Bank. You can deposit from $300 to $2,000 in an FDIC account and receive a credit card up to the limit of that deposit. Your approval for this program is not based on a credit score. On-time payments will be reported to all 3 major credit reporting agencies thus increasing your credit history and credit score.

Credit Education

We help our clients to understand their personal credit reports, credit scores, and what they can do themselves to further build a positive credit score. We offer an online service that analyzes their credit report and gives recommendations on the steps they can take to significantly impact their score. This service educates the client that is serious about building and maintaining the best credit score possible. Another credit repair service enhancement. Free to our clients.

A Credit Attorney

In some cases, the credit reporting agencies, also known as credit bureaus, do not remove items that should be removed by federal law. In those cases, we engage the services of our credit attorney to act on your behalf. And, if you’re being harassed by creditors the credit attorney will step in to stop them and, when necessary, sue them for money damages. A credit attorney is provided as part of our credit repair service at no extra cost to you.

A Will & Living Trust

Are you concerned that your loved ones will have to deal with the State to recover your assets in the event of your death?

Do you want to make sure that your assets are distributed to the people you desire to have them?

Would you like to control what happens to you in the event of your disability and save your family from having to make those decisions?

A will alone is not enough. You also need a living trust, health care power of attorney, and financial power of attorney. We provide that to you free of charge with our credit repair service!

Identity Monitoring

Free credit monitoring services only detect changes to your credit. The service that we provide you detects and helps fix identity theft problems. The system alerts you if your credit report is being pulled. If you instigated that credit pull, you can continue. However, if you did not it means someone else did and you can have it stopped. Identity monitoring is an important asset. It's all part of our credit repair service, FREE!

Other Services

Add Your Rent Payments to Your Credit Report

We also provide other services based on a client's needs. For example, if a client is a renter of a home or apartment we can add their rental payments to their Transunion credit report. By doing so it will add another positive account to the credit history and increase their credit score.

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