As a real estate agent, you need qualified home buyers to make a living. But many of the leads you’re generating now can’t qualify for a mortgage loan. This is generally due to a low credit score. What if you had an easy way to turn many of these credit-challenged prospects into qualified home buyer leads?

If you’re generating home buyer leads, there’s no way to avoid getting those that can’t qualify. But that's not a bad thing if you have an option for them. Right now you probably send a lead over to your favorite mortgage lender and wait to see if they qualify. The question is, what do you do with those that don’t qualify? I ask real estate agents that question all the time. The answer that I get most often is that they let their mortgage partner work with them and hope they can get their credit score up high enough to qualify.

It's Not Your Mortgage Partners' Job to Fix Credit

This is the passive approach. And in most cases doesn’t work because your mortgage lender or loan officer isn’t equipped, nor has the time to do a thorough job of raising credit scores. Yes, they can coach people on a few things to do. But even if these folks follow through on what they’re told to do, in most cases, they still can’t raise their credit score high enough to qualify. If your car isn’t running well, you don’t take it to get detailed. You take it to a certified mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem.

Add Another Partner That Can Fix Credit

So, instead of being passive and/or tossing unqualified leads aside because they can’t qualify due to credit score, get them working with someone that can actually fix the problem. Get these people into a program that can eliminate the reasons that their credit score is low. And, can add more positive accounts to their credit report where appropriate.

We have been working with real estate agents, mortgage professionals, banks, and people in other credit-related industries since 2004 to help their credit-challenged clients become qualified buyers. We have 12 different ways that we can potentially increase a consumer’s credit score. Yes, we can potentially get some of their derogatory items removed. But there are many other ways to improve a credit score as well. Basically, you’ll add one more step to your pipeline. But by doing so you’ll increase the number of the leads that you are generating now that can potentially buy a home through you.

The Passive or More Active Way to Work With Us

You can work with us in one of two ways. One is passive. The other involves you more. The passive way is similar to how you work with your mortgage professional. You pass the person or couple over to one of our Agents. We do our job and pass them back to you when the job is done.

The other way is that you can be the Agent. There are advantages to this approach. You get your prospect involved in our program and earn the commission associated with doing so. Our staff does all the work on behalf of the client. You monitor your client’s progress. When they are ready and have a qualifying credit score, you start showing them homes.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

In either way you are maximizing your marketing efforts and generating more qualified home buyer leads. The passive approach requires about 10 minutes of your time. If you become an Agent with us it will require about 30 minutes of your time but you are getting paid for that time.

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