Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, solar professionals, do you have clients with a low credit score? How much income do you lose when prospective clients don’t have the necessary credit score to qualify to do business with you. That number can be staggering. But what can you do? You can turn lemons into lemonade!

Here are 4 options if your prospects have low credit scores...

Move on to the Next Prospect

The first option for clients with a low credit score is to do nothing and move on to the next prospective client. Hopefully, these people will be able to increase their scores on their own. Or will come back to you when the derogatory items pulling their score down drop off their credit files with Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. But think of it. How many times has that happened?

Try to Help Them Yourself

The second option is to try and help prospects with low credit scores yourself. But do you have the time and expertise to do so? Are you familiar enough with the Fair Credit Reporting Act to get derogatory items off their report? And, what kind of time will that take from your marketing to new credit-worthy clients.

Refer the Client to Us

The third option for clients with a low credit score is to refer that client to us. We have been in this industry since 2012 and have helped thousands of people nationwide. And we have services beyond credit repair to help your prospects increase their score as quickly as possible. We provide the best opportunity to get derogatory items removed from their credit profile and increase their credit score.

If You'd Like to Earn Additional Income, a 4th Option is to Become an Independent Advisor

You can sell the services, earn income, and stay that much more connected with your client. Many real estate, mortgage, and solar professionals have closed more sales in their primary business as a result of offering our credit restoration service to their clients. And, they have earned a significant income from selling our services. Think of the other professionals in your industry that have credit-challenged clients that you could contact.

Many people in your industry have turned this into an income that exceeds what they earn from real estate, mortgage, or solar sales. In addition to selling the services to their clients, they have developed a team of other Independent Advisors. These might be people in their area or around the country.

A Few of Our Successful Agents

Mike Watson- a former top-producing Keller Williams Agent in Eastlake, CA. Mike became an Executive Sales Director with us with over 100 Independent Agents around the United States.

Miranda Harris- real estate broker in Columbia, SC. Miranda became one of the top producing Agents with our company and earned the title of Vice President. She also became a member of our Six Figure Club.

Derrick Smith- former owner of 2 ReMax brokerage offices in Maryland. Derrick became a Regional Vice President with a business all over the U.S.

Cynthia Davis- former branch manager for CitiBank in Las Vegas. Cynthia became a Regional Sales Director and left the 9 to 5 banking world to develop her own business.

Clients with a Low Credit Score

These are just a few of the people who first came to us because they had clients with a low credit score. You don’t have to change careers and strive for the type of income these people earn. You can work with us on a part-time basis. Simply help your clients to increase their credit score and close more transactions in your primary business.

If you simply want to refer your client prospects with a low credit score to us, or you want to develop a second income this video.


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This article which was originally posted in 2015 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.