A Credit Repair Affiliate Program Designed for Professionals that Need Credit Worthy Clients

Are you in a credit-related industry like real estate, mortgage, solar, or the auto industry? If so, you will most benefit from our credit repair affiliate program. If you are an affiliate marketer and simply trying to earn affiliate fees with no relationship to the consumer that you refer, you’ll want to look at other programs.

Our credit repair affiliate program is designed to help professionals like you (real estate agent, mortgage lender, solar salesperson, auto salesperson, other) solidify your relationship with a client, and close more business. We do pay well for bringing these credit-challenged clients to us, but the main goal is to help you be more successful in your primary business.

There are many credit repair affiliate programs to choose from. However, not all of them are with credit repair companies. Some are with identity protection or monitoring companies. A few are companies that will help consumers build credit. Others are debt management programs.

But few are truly credit repair companies that fix damaged credit profiles. And most of the credit repair companies that offer affiliate programs are not known for credit repair or don’t have a great track record. These programs might be good for affiliate marketers that do no more than providing links on their website. But if you want the best chance of getting your client qualified, read on.

How Are We Different?

Credit Repair is What We Do

We have specialized in credit repair since 2012. We have helped thousands of consumers from all 50 states improve their credit scores. Many of them went on to purchase a home, improve their home such as adding solar power, or purchase a car with a significantly lower interest rate. Read Some Client Reviews

You Stay Involved and Monitor the Progress of Your Client

When you join forces with us you will not just be sending us a lead and then become unaware of the progress of that lead. Let’s face it. You have a vested interest in getting this client prospect qualified. You'll have a full online Business Office where you can monitor the progress of each of your clients. You and your client will be able to call our staff Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm with any questions about their account.

One on One Support

An experienced Agent in our company will be available to assist you with anything you need.

Credit-Related Services Other Than Credit Repair

This is a big one. Other credit repair companies only do credit repair. That means they only attempt to remove derogatory items for the consumer. It’s a beneficial service and we’re very good at it. But removing derogatory items only affects Payment History. Payment history only makes up 35% of a credit score. Why not help with the other 65% and to get the client a higher score and potentially do it faster.

Our clients don’t just receive credit repair. We provide them with 12 other services (see video below for details) that monitor, protect, and help increase their score.

We also have other services as needed. Such as adding rent payments to the client's Transunion and Equifax credit reports. We have seen increases in a short period of time of up to 40 and sometimes 50 points.

There simply is not a better overall credit restoration program for consumers anywhere.

Online Portal and Phone Apps for the Client

All the services we provide and monitoring of the progress of the credit repair service can, of course, be done on a PC or laptop. But we have developed a phone app for our clients to be able to access everything right from their phone. In this way, they can stay abreast of everything at their job, or from anywhere.

Phone App for You to Keep Track of Your Clients

You also get a phone app to monitor the progress of your clients. If you’re waiting for a meeting or otherwise have some downtime, you can pop open your phone app and perhaps discover that one of your clients has a qualifying credit score and is ready to buy from you.

Access to All the Services

When you are an affiliate with our company you have access to all 12 of the client services for yourself. If your credit score could use a boost, you’ll be able to take advantage of our award-winning services. Not only will this help your credit score, but you’ll gain confidence in what you are recommending to your clients.

Add Other Affiliates from Your Industry or From Anywhere

If all you want to do is get your own clients in a better position to qualify to do business with you, that’s all you need to do. However, if you recognize that there are other professionals like you, perhaps even in your office, that have the same challenges getting people qualified as you do, they can become affiliates as well. And you earn income from every client they add to the system!

With other credit repair affiliate programs, you cannot develop true residual income. Yes, you can get paid perhaps for referring the client to a company. Maybe even get paid monthly until the client stops the service. But that is not long-term residual income. You can have a constant stream of monthly residual income from clients introduced to our services by other professionals you have introduced to the affiliate program.

Some of our affiliates have developed a second income stream that rivals or is even greater than the income from their primary business.

Gain a True Understanding of Credit Repair Law and the Credit Repair Process

Perhaps you are well versed in credit repair law and the credit repair process. But as a member of our credit repair affiliate program, you will have access to training that will fully educate you on the subject and make you better at what you currently do.

Use Our Services to Gain More Clients

Have you thought about using credit repair as a way to gain more clients for your primary business? Credit repair can be the hook to get people to call you instead of another professional in your industry. Being a credit repair affiliate can help you build a much deeper pipeline of future business.

See What Others Say About Working With Us

Real Estate

"I am a very busy Licensed Realtor in Pinellas County, Fl.  Once I learned how they can help my clients improve their credit scores I was thrilled.  I have referred several clients to them, but more so the Mortgage Broker I do business with, utilizes ERA services.  Knowing ERA has been a great asset to my business.  Once a client’s credit improves, they can now purchase a home.  This obviously makes many people happy!  I appreciate the knowledge they share and helpful hints they provide.  I will continue to recommend and use ERA Credit Services." - Melody Hunter, Charles Rutenberg Realty


"Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to repairing my client's credit.  As a mortgage lender, you are key to the success of my borrowers in obtaining a great interest rate and sometimes, even a loan in the first place.  You make it very easy to educate clients on how important it is to stay on top of their credit and also help them remove errors that can highly affect their lives in so many ways.  You make me look good and I am so happy to have you both on my lender team and highly recommend you both to everyone.  You are truly experts in your field." - Rhonda Andersen, BBMC Mortgage

“ERA Credit Services is the only company I trust to help my clients improve their credit to get their dream home.” – Will Merritt, The Will Merritt Group, Mortgage Brokers

“Dale – I wanted to congratulate you and your team over at ERA…(my clients) mid score went from a 645 to a 700 on the dot. Great work!- James Hooper, Capital Line Funding Group

“I am so thankful to you for helping my client clean up their credit. Our Guzman client FICO scores went up from 530 to 678 in a little over 6 months! This means a lot to her because she has been wanting to buy a home for a while and now I can move forward to help her with her financing. Our plan is that she will be in her home before Christmas. You have done an awesome job!”- Demaris Lopez, Movement Mortgage


“Thanks for helping my friend Julia out with her credit challenges. She claims her score went up 150 points to a mid 700. That’s impressive. Again thanks.” -Nick Marquardt, Team Kia of El Cajon


“I want to thank you. I’m closing a loan for $580,000 for a client of mine that you assisted with your credit repair service. If you hadn’t done what you had for him I wouldn’t be closing this loan. I want to let you know how much we appreciate you and how it worked out.” – Dan Ruffner, Vice President of Cadence Bank

Watch This Video and Then Book a Time to Talk With Us

If our credit repair affiliate program has gotten your attention, watch this brief video. In this video, we will introduce you to all the specific services your clients will receive and introduce you to a real estate professional who has developed a second career as an affiliate with our company and a significant second income as well.

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This article which was originally posted in 2020 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.