Boost Your Credit Score
by Adding Positive Accounts

Most people don't realize that there are many ways to boost your credit score.
Removing negative accounts from your credit report will increase your credit score.
And, we can help you with the best credit repair service in the country.

But you also want to ADD AS MANY POSITIVE ACCOUNTS to your 3 credit reports as possible.
The more creditors that report a "paid as agreed" status
to Experian, Equifax, and Transunion each month, the more your credit score will rise.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Ways to
Add Positive Accounts to Your Credit Reports

Credit Builder Loans

Regardless of your credit score, we provide a way for you to take out a small loan and pay it back. The money accrues interest while in a savings account that you get back at the end of the term. Our bank partner keeps a small fee at the end of that term. This is a very affordable way to build your credit score.

Get Credit for Your Monthly Rent Payments

Build credit with payments you already make. Right now your rent payment on your home, condo, or apartment doesn't give you credit on your credit reports. Change that! Get up to 2 years of past rent payments, and all payments in the future, placed onto your 3 credit bureau reports.

Credit Cards are an Important Tool for Building Credit

Choose either a Secured or Unsecured credit card for people with lower credit scores. Or, if you have an excellent credit score, choose from some of the best rewards cards available.

A secured credit card will help you build your credit score by reporting information about your account to the credit bureaus. Doing so impacts your credit score faster.

This article which was originally posted in 2019 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.