If you’re looking to start a credit repair business you may have come to the conclusion that you basically have two options.

Option 1- Piece together the business by paying separately for software, a website, contracts, training, and other essential components by buying kits, CDs, and manuals.

Option 2- Purchase a credit repair franchise that presumably has everything you need to get started.

We actually are going to provide you with a third option for a credit repair business opportunity below
that we believe you’ll find head and shoulders above the first two.

You can get started for only under $300! 

A Challenge to Overcome to Start a Credit Repair Business

Neither of the first two options overcomes a major challenge in the credit repair business. You need to have the time to not only find clients but also perform the credit repair service for these clients. Finding clients is a full-time job by itself. Doing the work of credit repair is another full-time job. So, to work with either of the first two options there will be a limit to the amount of credit repair business you can generate. Or, you need to hire staff to generate the business or provide the credit repair service, whichever part you do not want to do or are least skilled to do.

If you have done any homework on the topic you probably did an internet search for the following terms as we did:

start a credit repair business

starting a credit repair business

credit repair business opportunity

credit repair business franchise

and terms very similar. What you found are the types of opportunities mentioned above. Companies that provide pieces of the business, and others that offer a credit repair franchise.

What You’ll Need to Start a Credit Repair Business from Scratch

Before you can decide on a company to work with that offers pieces of the credit repair business you need to understand all the pieces you’ll need. Here is a partial list of what you would need to start a credit repair business.

A Web Site- and text for that website such as frequently asked questions, a marketing video explaining your service, a contact form, an option for a client to sign up for your credit repair service online, and more. Also, in order for that website to bring you traffic or prospective clients, you'll need to learn and understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Marketing Materials- brochures, flyers, business cards, and a logo just for starters. To compete with other companies you'll also need videos on the services you offer, Some credit repair companies also now provide a phone app for their clients.

Credit Repair Laws and Surety Bonds- each state in the U.S. has specific laws regarding the operation of a credit repair business in addition to the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). Many states also require the purchase of a credit repair surety bond. These bonds range up to $100,000.

One of Your Biggest Expenses is Credit Repair Software

You'll need Credit Repair Software to assist in the credit repair process. Otherwise, you'll need to draft dispute letters manually. You'll also need to develop a sales tracking system, and accounting procedures to monitor payments from customers.

Credit Reports- credit repair software companies like Credit Repair Cloud do not provide you with a direct means of pulling credit for your client. They recommend that you have your client open an account with a company like Identity IQ or Smart Credit. This is an additional monthly fee for your client. Then you'll need to ask them to provide you with their log-in details so you can get their credit report. This is not the most professional and convenient way to get a credit report.

Merchant Services- in order for you to take credit and debit cards for payment, you'll need a merchant account with a merchant services company. With Credit Repair Cloud, you'll need to set this up yourself and incur an additional cost to do so. Please note that it is difficult to get a merchant services account, as a credit repair provider. You'll potentially need to provide financial documentation including bank statements.

A Staffed Phone Line for customer support. This is often overlooked. Some customers will be highly concerned and pay close attention to what is happening with their credit restoration account. You need to think about the time you'll have during business hours to answer these calls. And, if you aren't always available during business hours,https://eracreditservices.com/2020/06/credit-repair-business-training/ how will you manage the receipt and return of these calls.

An Automated Process for updating clients on their credit repair progress. People are very used to being able to access information online or through their phones.

Get Trained by People That Work the Business Everyday

Receive training on credit repair laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act, sales training, and business training that can be done online or in person. Also, will you be able to explain to a prospective client the probability of getting the specific derogatory items they have on their credit report removed? You must manage a client's expectations. Otherwise, they may expect all items to be removed and a 750 credit score within 30 days. As this won't happen in most cases, you should explain this upfront. You will learn this through our flexible credit repair classes.

Differentiators- If you start your own credit repair business by purchasing software through a company like Credit Repair Cloud or DisputeBee, you'll be providing credit repair to your clients, yes. But what will distinguish you from all the other companies out there that provide credit repair services and have far more experience than you do? What will make you different?

We found no companies other than the third option (which we’ll reveal below) that provides all these pieces. To put it all together, costs will range upward from $1,000 to start a credit repair business. But that does not include many of the missing parts of your business. You can estimate the true start up costs yourself but our figure is conservatively at $10,000 over the first year.

Credit Repair Franchise

There is the credit repair franchise or licensee option. We found a few although there may be more.


According to Franchise Gator,  CreditCRM has a start-up of $15,000.

Credit Dispute Pro

Franchise Clique lists Credit Dispute Pro at a start-up of $9,500.

Credit Repair USA

There is also a company called Credit Repair USA which is not a franchise. They consider you a licensee. According to a video on their website as of the update of this post, they’ve been bringing on licensees since 2015 and have about 200 such licensees. Franchise Gator lists their fees at between $199/mo to $1499/mo.

Challenges with a Credit Repair Franchise

Let’s assume each of these franchisors or licensors provides you with everything listed above. And let's ignore the fact for a moment that many credit repair franchisors have gone out of business. That, of course, leaves their franchisees with no benefit from the money they spent on the franchise. You still have to consider that franchisors typically limit your territory.

And what really are you paying thousands of dollars for? None of these companies have a household name. If you buy a Subway sandwich franchise you’re getting a recognized name and national TV exposure. But none of these companies will accomplish that for you.  And, are they going to satisfy the requirements in your state, or do you have to do that?

The Best Solution to Starting a Credit Repair Business

Option 3- So, what if you could find a company that provided everything you needed to get started in your credit repair business? And, you got everything from Day One.

Website- you have a personalized website built for you at no cost. It's complete with frequently asked questions, marketing videos explaining your services, a contact form, an option for a client to sign up for your credit repair service online, and much more.

Online Marketing- if you want to use social media and other aspects of the internet for marketing you'll have landing pages at no cost. If you want to build a credit repair business online, you're ready to start posting and placing ads.

Marketing Materials- you'll have immediate access to professional brochures, flyers, folders, videos, and business cards. These materials are compliant with all state and federal regulations, and laws.

Credit Repair Laws and Surety Bonds- You'll be able to do business in your state without having to purchase a surety bond. But in addition, you'll be able to do business in all 50 states immediately.

No Credit Report Broker, Merchant Sevices Company, or Credit Repair Software Needed

Merchant Services- you will not need to open a merchant services account as all customer payments are made directly through the company's online portal.

Credit Repair Software- we have the most sophisticated credit repair business software in the industry. However, you won't have to learn it because you'll have the staff provided to you. These highly trained credit repair personnel will analyze credit reports, draft dispute letters, and get them processed. All that information will be uploaded to your online portal for your review.

This is a huge factor to be considered when starting a credit repair business. Your time can now be spent building your business versus doing administrative work.

Customer Support- you'll have a dedicated team to handle all your client calls, answer questions, and update you if needed. This also saves you time and allows you flexibility during business hours.

Automated Client Reporting- each of your credit repair clients has an online portal and secure login.

Training- immediately available to you will be our online credit repair training system. You can not only start your training right away but you can do it on your schedule. You'll also be included in our weekly live training that you can access from your home or office. One-on-One Coaching will be provided to you by top people that currently work in the field and have built an incredibly successful credit repair business.

Differentiators- you will provide the fastest, most effective credit repair service in the country. And, you'll also provide, at no extra cost to you or your client, other services to help increase their credit score. Such as services that add positive accounts to their credit reports. You'll provide an online credit education tool, online credit monitoring, identity monitoring, and more. All at no extra charge. This will make you different than everyone else out there that just provides credit repair.

Highlights of our Company

  • We offer CROA-compliant credit repair at one of the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • We do not limit your geographical limitations. You'll be able to do business in any and all 50 states.
  • You can find and develop other individuals who wanted to also be in the credit repair business and get paid for the production of their business.
  • You can offer other services that will help your clients increase their credit scores, pay off their bills faster, budgeting tools, and more.

And, you could get started immediately for less than $300.

Well, if you’re serious about getting into the credit repair business this is not a hard decision.

ERA Credit Services can provide you with the opportunity to be in the credit repair business, get everything listed above, and do it for less than $300 out-of-pocket start-up costs. You can literally start today and begin earning money by the end of the day. On top of everything listed above, we have the best compensation plan in the industry.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. We have simply found a way to provide a better opportunity. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out more?

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