If you have experience in building teams, have had success in the network marketing, multilevel marketing, or direct sales industry you are going to want to know about our direct sales business opportunity.

43 million Americans have what is considered a poor credit score. And, the majority of adults do not have their basic financial affairs in order. We offer several vital services to consumers to protect their identity, credit, family, finances, and future with our core product being credit restoration.

Let us introduce you to a different type of marketing we call “Hybrid Marketing”

We combine the components of a lucrative direct sales opportunity with the structure and services of corporate America. Because of the nature of our business, our services, and the size of the market for our services, there are more options for gaining customers. This creates more opportunities for immediate as well as residual income.

Typically in the direct sales industry, a significant majority of the customers using the company’s products or services are the company’s enrolled representatives. Therefore, new customers also have to be sold into the business opportunity at some level. Of course, the effort to gain customers in this manner is worth it for two reasons. One, the new rep using the product can lead to other reps that will use the product. The other is the residual income produced from the monthly consumption of the product or service.

Our services, such as credit restoration, are superior to the competition yet have a lower price point. Our Advisors can position themselves against anyone in the market in their area providing a similar service, including traditional corporate businesses. And, be in a position to win that business every time.

How our direct sales business opportunity works

The majority of our sales are to customers that are simply consumers and have no involvement in the business. Put simply, our Advisors do not have to recruit a new Advisor to gain new customers. This opens up opportunities to build sales revenue and income. Of course, building a large team of Advisors in addition to selling to consumers adds to sales revenue. And, to monthly and residual income opportunities.

Our Advisors can develop relationships with professionals in multiple industries who need creditworthy clients. Such as real estate, mortgage, banking, automobile, and others. These professionals are happy to refer us to their credit-challenged clients. Our service can help that client become qualified to do business with the professional that referred us to the client. A good example is that of a real estate agent that has a client with a credit score that is preventing them from buying a home. The real estate agent has a huge incentive to refer us to that prospect because they can potentially gain a commission worth thousands of dollars. The built-in incentive to refer business to our Advisors allows a real estate agent to make a significant income without recruiting if they so desire. Think of the people that really like selling but are not very strong recruiters.

However, this ‘business to business’ relationship
opens up opportunities for recruiting new Agents as well

In many cases, the real estate agent or mortgage professional becomes an Advisor with our company. They decide that they'd like to earn the income associated with the sale of our service in addition to helping their clients. Many of our top producers began their careers with our company in this manner.

Have you ever spoken to someone about your direct sales business opportunity that wanted and/or needed to make a strong income right away? But they were discouraged by the low amount they could make on an individual sale. With this opportunity, an Advisor can earn $75.00 per sale immediately. That eliminates the objection of not being able to earn income right away. Many of our Advisors start part-time but come on board full-time for this reason. Others start full-time right away.

Residual Income

We also have a very strong residual income component to our compensation plan in this direct sales business opportunity. And, because of the opportunity to sell to consumers as well as recruit a team, it can build quickly.

In a conservative theoretical scenario, let's say an Advisor got one sale a day, 5 days a week, through referrals from real estate, mortgage, banking, automobile professionals, or warm contacts. They could be earning about $1,500/month plus residual income at the end of a year of $2,400/mo. This is without recruiting one single person.

Now factor in recruiting a team. Theoretically, let’s say that they recruited one new person a week. They could be earning thousands of dollars more per month at the end of the year.

Our Training is the Key

Everything described above creates a lucrative opportunity for the individual that simply wants to sell services. And, also for those that want to build and manage a large team of Advisors. However, it’s our training curriculum is the key to driving sales and building a productive team of Advisors. We offer video, live weekly training, and one on one coaching for our Advisors. We also have live regional seminar training and training streamed over the internet to teach Advisors the mindset and skill set needed to be a successful business builder.

If you’re a direct sales, network marketing, or multi-level marketing professional and are experienced at building teams think of what you could do with this direct sales business opportunity. Click below to view a detailed video. Then you'll be given the opportunity to book a phone appointment to talk directly with us.

This article which was originally posted in 2015 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.