When looking for a home-based business opportunity it makes sense to look for a company that has already built a strong business infrastructure. Then an individual can plug into that infrastructure to have everything they need to run a successful business from the start. That includes all kinds of tools and systems from marketing to merchant services to adherence to federal and state laws. In this case, I’m going to discuss an opportunity that combines the large and ever-expanding market of credit repair and network marketing.

Yes, Network Marketing!

If you just rolled your eyes or had the hair on the back of your neck stand up, read on for a bit. Let me address a common criticism about the network marketing industry. That is that most people that try network marketing fail. That’s true. But that’s also true about any independent opportunity that involves sales. The vast majority of people are poor at sales. Yet believe that they’ll be successful in an opportunity that requires selling and people skills.

However, what if you didn't need to sell? What if your level of sales skills didn't matter? What if all you had to do was get people to watch a video, attend a live online business presentation, and/or get on a 3-way call or 3-way Zoom and let an expert answer their questions for you? We have that system so it gives literally anyone the ability to grow a home-based business.

There is a common theme one needs to keep in mind when judging the network marketing industry. No matter the company, there are people in that company that do very well. Therefore, it’s not the industry that prevents people from having success, nor perhaps even the company. In most cases, not all, it is a lack of skill and/or effort on the part of the individual.

OK, that is out of the way and you’re still reading. That means you appreciate the benefits of network marketing in relation to building a business. And, you believe that you have some people and sales skills. Perfect!

The Opportunity

Through our company ERA Credit Services, we represent MWR Financial, a network marketing company that provides financial services to consumers. These financial services first help people save money by making sure they are taking all the tax deductions to which they are entitled. They also can save people money by renegotiating monthly payments with service providers such as cell phone, cable, internet, utilities, and more while keeping the same service and same providers.

Credit restoration is next. If a client has items that are obsolete, erroneous, or unverifiable on their credit reports, and most Americans do, they will remove as many of those as possible. This will increase the client's credit score allowing them to lower interest rates and pay less on car, mortgage, insurance, credit card, and other bills.

Once they help clients save money, they help them grow and protect their money through asset protection vehicles that are typically only known to the wealthy. These are only some of the financial services provided by MWR Financial. For a more comprehensive explanation of the services visit Credit Repair with a Financial Makeover.

Team Up with Professionals in Credit-Related Industries

Typically in a network marketing opportunity, the marketing is done strictly to consumers (B2C). However, because we offer financial services and specifically credit restoration we can market these services to professionals that need credit-worthy clients in order to increase their business. This opens up our opportunity for business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Think of people in real estate, the mortgage industry, automobile, solar and more. They must weed out many people that do not have a good enough credit score or debt-to-income ratio (DTI) to qualify for financing. Our Financial Directors can team up with these professionals to not only help the consumer qualify but help the business professional close more sales.

Building a Team

Our Financial Directors can do well by marketing these financial services to consumers and business professionals to get more customers. However, the compensation plan gets very lucrative if someone builds a team of other Financial Directors.

By doing so, our Financial Directors get paid guaranteed residual income. The amount of residual income grows as their team grows. It's considered guaranteed because it is not predicated on sales volume or others on the team reaching certain levels of production. It is based solely on the size of the team.

This Opportunity Brings Together 3 Growing Markets

This opportunity brings together the growing financial services market, the huge and ever-expanding credit repair market, and the market of people that need a 2nd income that doesn’t take up a lot of their time. Most people know others that have challenges with their finances and credit. And/or they know people in real estate or the mortgage business they could help by turning their credit-challenged clients into qualified buyers. And who doesn't know people that would like to earn extra income?

Get a Complete Business Overview

There is a lot to learn about this company. Too much to address here. But if you are intrigued about such an opportunity that combines credit repair and network marketing visit our Business Opportunity page.  There you can watch a detailed video outlining our company and opportunity. Then below that, you’ll see an icon that will bring you to my calendar. I encourage you (only after you watch the video) to book a phone appointment with one of our Executive Directors. We can address any remaining questions you have and have a general discussion about whether this might be a mutually good fit.