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Credit Repair Laws – Know the Rules

Credit Repair Laws – Know the Rules

In most cases, our articles about credit repair are focused on either consumers that are looking for a credit repair company or individuals that are looking to start a credit repair business. This article is directed toward both. Consumers should know some basic credit repair laws when searching for the best credit repair company. And, prospective credit repair business owners certainly need to be aware of credit repair laws before they decide to start a credit repair company or to determine what type of credit repair business model is best for them.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, is a consumer protection law governing what is reported on consumer credit reports and the privacy of that information. It also ensures the accuracy of the information listed on credit reports by creditors and how inaccurate and outdated information can be corrected. The FCRA was passed in 1970 yet most consumers do not know their rights under this law. There are many aspects of this law but for most consumers, there are two main components of the Fair Credit Reporting Act that benefit them most often.

Right to Your Credit Report Once a Year

Consumers have the right to receive a free credit report from each of the 3 main credit bureaus, or credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) once a year. However, the credit bureaus do not need to provide a credit score. They can charge a fee if the consumer also requests a credit score.

To get a free credit report annually from each of the 3 credit bureaus go to www.AnnualCredit Here consumers will be able to see and download a copy of any or all 3 credit reports. However, consumers should be careful as this website will charge for items such as a credit score.

Due to COVID-19, the credit bureaus are allowing consumers to view their credit reports online for free on a weekly basis through April 2021.

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Right to Challenge or Dispute Inaccurate Items

The other most used component of the FCRA is the right to challenge or dispute inaccurate or outdated items on a credit report. If a consumer concludes that the information listed on their credit report is not correct, they have the right to ask that this information be verified by the creditor.

Each of the credit reporting agencies or credit bureaus gives consumers a way to do this online. However, consumers need to be aware that there are only a few reasons that the credit bureaus consider legitimate for information to be disputed. If not listed correctly the dispute will be dismissed.

Even though the credit bureaus by law must allow consumers this right they don’t have to make it easy. That is why, in most cases, it is advisable for consumers to enlist the help of a reputable credit restoration company to assist them in the process. Otherwise, consumers can spend the time to learn how to do this themselves. Some can and will do this. It’s similar to changing the oil on a car. Some will buy the tools and learn how to do it themselves. Others will go to Jiffy Lube.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act

The Credit Repair Organizations Act, or CROA, is a set of laws governing credit restoration or credit repair companies. There are several aspects of CROA that individuals wanting to start a credit repair business must know. But there are 2 key components that must be addressed. And, that most individuals that desire to be in the credit repair business will find it difficult to satisfy.

Charging Upfront Fees for Credit Repair Services

The Credit Repair Organizations Act makes it illegal for a credit repair company to charge upfront fees to provide credit repair services before the services are provided. However, a credit repair company can charge a nominal account set up fee. The purpose of this law is to prevent unscrupulous credit repair companies from charging large fees and not providing services at all which has happened in this industry. The details of ‘when services are rendered’ are difficult to interpret. But for individuals starting a credit repair business, this will affect their cash flow for a period of time. They will not be able to get paid right away. This can prevent well-intended people from starting a credit repair business.

Surety Bonds to Provide Credit Repair Services

The other key component that affects individuals that want to start a credit repair business is the requirement of a surety bond. Surety bonds are also known as a credit service organization bond or credit repair company bond. Surety bonds are like insurance policies with the consumer as beneficiary. If the credit repair company does not provide services after collecting fees from the consumer, the consumer can be reimbursed. Surety bonds basically ensure that the credit repair company will do what it says it will do.

The requirement for a surety bond and the amount of the surety bond is dictated by each state. Some states do not require them while others require different amounts up to $100,000. Surety bonds are purchased through private companies and fees range greatly. If a credit repair company has a surety bond in a particular state, they may conduct business only in that state. To do business in other states they must meet the requirements of those states.

Exemptions from the Credit Restoration Organizations Act

Written into CROA are exemptions for specific types of organizations or entities. If an entity that provides credit repair services is a bank, credit union, attorney, or 501(c)3 organization, they are exempt from CROA. This means they do not need to have a surety bond and can legally conduct business in any state if they fulfill other requirements in those states.

Understanding Credit Repair Laws

Understanding a few basics of credit repair law is helpful for consumers. But it is imperative for anyone that wants to start a credit repair business to understand these laws completely. Unfortunately, people spend a significant amount of time and money getting a credit repair business set up only to learn about these laws after the fact. Many either abandon their efforts and money or decide to continue and provide illegal credit repair services. This opens them up to a great deal of liability.

Provide Credit Repair Services Legally in All 50 States

For perspective credit repair business owners that want to provide services legally in all 50 states, there is a solution. There is a business model that is set up with all the infrastructure provided and all credit repair laws satisfied. And it costs less than $300 to get started. This is the business model we got started with back in 2012. If you’d like to know more visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. Watch a 30-minute video. If you like what you see you can then book a phone appointment with me, Dale Guiducci, to learn more and get your questions answered. Ultimately our goal is to see if our business model is the right fit for you.

Credit Repair Business Training

It often occurs to me how much different this business of credit repair is than what people perceive it to be before they get into it. As an example, we get calls frequently from people that want to start a credit repair business. And, of course, they want credit repair business training. But they believe the training they need is in how to dispute and remove negative items from credit reports. Do they need to know that? Yes, and No.

Drafting Dispute Letters is Clerical Work

If you’re going to be the only one that runs and operates within your business, then yes, you do need to know how to draft dispute letters. However, the function of analyzing credit reports and drafting dispute letters is clerical work. A credit repair business owner shouldn’t expect to be paid a six-figure income for drafting dispute letters and other admin work. Someone else should handle this for their clients while they perform the function that creates the most value. And, that is building a business.

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Soloprenuer vs. Entrepreneur

When someone starts a business and they are the only one in the business, they are not an entrepreneur. They are a solopreneur. They do everything and are responsible for everything. If something gets done they have to do it. Marketing, sales, admin work, customer service falls upon them. You do own your business. But your business also owns you. It’s not a sustainable business model. It’s not a smart move given the time, energy, and money required to start a credit repair business.

Instead, you should strive to be an entrepreneur where you are promoting, building, and directing your business. You handle the most important functions which are marketing and sales. You are the face of your business to your prospective clients and people that can refer business to you.

If you’re thinking about starting a credit repair business and are looking for credit repair business training, we can provide both. You can be in business tomorrow with a complete credit repair business infrastructure and credit repair business training. But we are not going to teach you how to draft dispute letters. Instead, we’re going to provide you with a staff of highly trained and supervised people that will do that for you. Instead, we’re going to teach you how to operate a successful credit repair business.

It’s not just credit repair training. It’s credit repair business training.

We teach our Agents how to be efficient and effective at getting clients, referrals for clients and overall, building a large business if that’s what they so desire.

We have a flexible online training program that will fit anyone’s schedule. In addition, our Agents receive one on one coaching from Dale Guiducci. Dale has developed a credit repair business that generates over $1 million in annual revenue. We teach people absolutely, unequivocally everything they need to know with regard to building a successful business in the credit restoration industry.

Don’t sign up for an expensive seminar that will teach you how to analyze credit reports and draft dispute letters. With our company you’ll have a staff that does that for you. Learn how to be a business owner, an entrepreneur in the credit repair industry. Learn how to leverage your time while you build your new credit repair business.

Be in Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

The key to success in the credit repair industry is the business model. If you do it all alone you simply won’t have the time and resources to generate the clients and deliver the service. With our business model it’s turn key for you. It allows you concentrate on the revenue producing tasks and let the clerical work be done by a  staff of trained people. If this makes sense to you click below and learn more.

Learn About a Business Model That Will Provide You With
Everything You Need to Get Started as an Entrepreneur in the Credit Repair Industry.

You Can Do Business in All 50 States Without Surety Bonds

And, You’ll Be Trained on How to Grow a Successful Credit Repair Business


This article was originally published on April 16, 2016. It was updated (6/24/20) to provide our readers with the latest and most accurate content.

Credit Repair Business Training
Credit Repair Business Software

Credit Repair Business Software

I found something interesting when researching keyword phrases that people search for on the internet relating to the credit repair business. The term, ‘credit repair business software’, is the 5th most popular searched for term. Yet terms like ‘credit repair business law’, ‘state regulations for credit repair business’, ‘credit repair state laws’, come up with no search volume. Meaning virtually no one is searching for information about the laws governing the business they are considering starting. Yet there is a frenzy over what credit repair business software to use.

On the one hand, I’m not surprised. People call us every week after starting a credit repair business or attempting to. They have suddenly realized one of two challenges or both. Either they discovered that they need to obtain a surety bond to have a credit repair business in their state and weren’t told that by the credit repair business software company. Or, they realized that having credit repair business software now means they must conduct every aspect of their business by themselves which requires far more time and far more money than they had counted on.

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Credit Repair Business Software May Not Be You’re Best Move

I am going to share with you why contracting with a credit repair business software company is, in most cases, the worst move you can make when starting a credit repair business. If you disagree after reading this, you can then visit an article I wrote on The Best Credit Repair Software.

You’re likely perplexed at this point because everything you’ve read and researched on the internet says you need credit repair business software to start a credit repair business. Then I come along and tell you just the opposite. I understand so let me share why I’m saying that.

Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur

If you are considering credit repair business software that means you will be doing the marketing for your business to get clients. You will be doing the selling of your services to those clients. You will have to find a professional way to pull their credit. By the way, most credit repair business software companies will have you tell your clients to open an account with another company like Identity IQ. Your clients will pay an added fee for this. Then give you their username and password so you can look at their credit report. Not very smooth and professional.

You’ll use your software to analyze that credit report and draft and send dispute letters to the credit bureaus. Then you’ll need to keep your client informed and be the customer service person for every client in your business. There’s more to it than that actually. I call a person that does this a Solopreneur. Not an Entrepreneur. You have a business, true. But you’re doing everything. What happens if you have another job or business? What happens when you want to take time off or get sick. Who’s taking care of your existing clients, doing the marketing, making sales, etc.?

What Are You Good At and Have Time For?

What I just shared with you is the number one reason why people fail in the credit repair business. There is a major factor in how much time you have to do all this. But there is also something else. Are you good at all this? Do you have the skillset for marketing, sales, admin, customer service, and more? I know that I don’t. Which is why I went in a different direction. More on that below.

Here’s something else. Let’s say you are good at all those skills. What are you offering to the market? Credit repair, right? Well, so do thousands of other people. What makes you different than those thousands of other solopreneurs and the big companies you’ll find on page one of Google? That’s right. You’re just another credit repair company. I have a solution for that as well that you’ll learn more about below.

Research Credit Repair Law in Your State First

Looking for credit repair business software should not be the first item on the agenda. You need to understand that credit repair business software companies like Credit Repair Cloud want to sell you their software. They don’t teach you how to get your business legally set up in your state. You’re on your own. We just had a woman join our company that had spent about $1,000 with Credit Repair Cloud only to discover that she couldn’t legally conduct business in her home state of Georgia.

The first thing you should do when contemplating starting a credit repair business is to research the laws in your state pertaining to being a credit repair business owner. There is a federal law called the Credit Restoration Organizations Act, true. But each state has its own set of laws regulating the credit repair business. And, you had better understand those laws or you will open yourself up for some significant liability.

Surety Bonds

Most states require you to have a surety bond to protect consumers in the event you don’t complete the services yet keep their money. Basically, it covers damages to consumers by mismanaged and underhanded credit repair companies. But this only allows you to do business in that state. What about the surrounding states or states across the country? It is very impractical and expensive to obtain surety bonds in many different states and certainly the entire country.

How Are You Going to Get Credit Reports?

If you get a surety bond if required by your state, you are not done yet. Not by a long shot. You still need to figure out how to pull credit or use the choppy method suggested by your credit repair business software company. The reason why pulling credit for your clients is an issue is that credit is pulled through credit report brokers. These are smaller companies contracted with the credit bureaus to provide businesses like mortgage companies, car dealerships, retailers, etc. with credit reports. In effect, these credit report brokers represent and have contracts with the credit bureaus. And, guess what? The credit bureaus don’t like credit repair companies and direct their brokers to not work provide them with credit reports. Why? Because we make them do a ton of work (follow through on disputes) from which they generate zero revenue. The credit bureaus are in business to make money. We credit repair business owners cost them money. We are a huge expense and headache for them.

Getting Set Up to Take Credit and Debit Cards

But that’s not all. How are you going to take credit and debit cards? You’ll need a merchant services company to facilitate that. But first, you’ll need a merchant account at a bank. To get the merchant account you may need a business license. They will pull your credit, ask for employment history, bank statements, and more. Then, if you get the account opened, they will either help you facilitate taking credit and debit cards or pass you on to a third merchant services provider.

It’s not over. According to, “Whether you end up working with the bank or, more likely, a third-party acquiring partner, you’re going to end up with a “bundled” solution. This means that your payment processing, hardware, and software may be sold as one big package but are actually all from different companies. Sure, it may work in theory, but products made by different companies don’t always work together seamlessly. It’s highly likely that you’ll need additional support to get all the systems working together. You have to pay for that out of pocket. Plus, keeping all those systems working together over the long haul can mean lots of expensive maintenance.”

If you get through all of this, bless you. But I will wager that you won’t. And, here’s why. Merchant Services companies don’t want to do business with credit repair companies either! Why? Because credit repair clients always, 100% of the time, cancel their accounts. And, quite often they’ll request a chargeback, so they get ALL their money back. That’s right. They call their bank or credit card company and tell them they never asked for the service or didn’t get the service they expected. They are the client of the bank or credit card company and their wish is granted. Merchant Services companies hate this. And, by the way, merchant services cost you a lot of money as a business owner.

Now Go Build a Website or Pay Someone To Do It

Ok, so now let’s say you have your credit repair business software. You’ve got your surety bond in your state. Doing business in other states is not a priority for you. You don’t mind asking your clients to open an account with some company and give you their login credentials to look at their credit report. You somehow can take credit and debit cards. But what about a website? Social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok, and more.

Going through what I’m telling you about will take months and cost you thousands of dollars. And, then you’ll be doing all the work. Your business will own you instead of the other way around. Is that what you’re looking for? If so, visit The Best Credit Repair Software. I truly wish you the best of luck.

A Better Credit Repair Business Solution

However, if you want a better solution that will put you in business tomorrow then do what I did. Work with a company that has the entire infrastructure already set up. Websites, pulling of credit, merchant services, and a customer service staff that does the dispute letters for you and takes care of your client after the sale. You still need to do sales and marketing. That’s on you. But think of the time you’ll have available to do it. And, get this. You’ll be able to do business in all 50 states immediately without any surety bonds! You can be in the credit repair business immediately and it costs less than $300 to get started.

I know it sounds too good to be true. Especially if you’ve already gone pretty far down the path with a credit repair business software company. This is the business I have owned and operate full time for the past 8 years. So, I have put a credit repair business video together for you to watch. It’s 30 minutes long. It gives you all the details. If you like what you see after watching the video, then just below the video is a tab. Click it and you’ll be directed to my calendar. Pick a day and time that works for you and we’ll get on the phone and talk. No selling on my part. I’m just here as a resource to answer your questions and see if our credit repair business model is a good fit for you. Please note that you must watch the 30-minute video first. I am not going to do a presentation for you. That’s what the video is for. I am going to have a business conversation with you and answer your questions. I do look forward to talking with you.

Watch Our 30 Minute Credit Repair Business Video

Start a Credit Repair Business for 2020 and Beyond

2019 has been a year of change if nothing else. Stricter government regulations on the credit repair industry have kept our company busy making sure it and our Independent Agents are compliant in every way. In addition, we have been continually enhancing our product offering to our clients to include non-credit related products and services to help people save money. So, it was time, perhaps a bit earlier than I anticipated, to release a brand-new credit repair business overview video entitled, Start a Credit Repair Business for 2020 and Beyond.

Major Change in the Industry

Since 2012 when I first started my own credit repair business, I see a major change. It is far more difficult to start a credit repair business on your own now than ever before. It’s not just the government regulations. Although that is an issue. Even if, as a credit repair business owner, you learn the laws and try to abide by them, you may still get contacted by your state and be asked to make changes to your marketing or other practices.

But it’s also the competition. As in other industries, the larger players dominate advertising on and offline. They can afford to charge lower fees and beat the smaller companies that way as well. So, even if you figure out how to get your business up and running, you need to compete with much larger companies for the clients.

Work with Us and Stay Ahead of the Competition

That is why working with us is a great way to go. Collectively we are a major player. Our attorneys stay on top of all state regulations. And, we have done something no other company has done in this industry. We have other services that we give our clients at no extra charge. And, we charge less than any of the major players out there. Therefore, by working with us you stay ahead of the competition.

Start a Credit Repair Business for 2020 and Beyond, my new video, is going to share all the details. It’s 30 minutes long. So, get to a place where you won’t get distracted and take good notes. I love videos because they share 100% of the correct information 100% of the time. And they never forget to tell you something. But once you watch the video, you’ll then be able to book a phone appointment with me. We can get into any questions you may have. And, I’ll share with you my 7 plus years of experience in the industry. You can then make an informed decision if this is the right fit for you. I look forward to talking with you.

Start a Credit Repair Business for 2020 and Beyond
<img class="blog_post_image" src="" alt="How to Sell Credit Repair
to Customer Prospects" />

How to Sell Credit Repair
to Customer Prospects

Let’s assume you’ve started your credit repair business. You’ve put some of my credit repair marketing tips into practice. Or, some of your own. And now you have customer prospects. What are you going to tell them about your credit repair service that sets you apart from the competition? What’s going to get them to agree to become your customer and pay you to provide credit repair? The bottom line is, have you learned how to sell credit repair to customer prospects?

We use a very specific process when having a conversation with credit repair client prospects. This process is responsible for literally tens of thousands of sales of our credit repair services since 2012. We, of course, have revised the process as needed. But it still follows the same basic principles. It is one of the first tools we give a new credit repair Agent so they can learn how to sell credit repair to their customer prospects.

credit repair business coach

Ask Questions to Gather Information About Your Credit Repair Prospect

Too often salespeople in any business want to jump into telling and selling far too quickly. They’re so focused on closing the sale they forget the most important factor in selling. And, that’s to ask questions. By asking questions you do 2 very important things. You gather the information that is useful in the subsequent conversation. And, you build trust and credibility. The more questions you ask, the more you seem like you know what you’re doing. You put people at ease. And, you don’t seem like an aggressive salesperson.

  • How did you hear about us?
  • What’s happening with your credit report (or credit score) that’s creating some challenges for you?
  • What type of derogatory items do you have on your credit report? (Note- we do NOT pull credit for a prospect yet. We do not do this until they start the service. We have found that people know if they have negative items on their credit report, what type of items they are, and roughly how old those items are. That’s all we need to know at this point.)
  • What type of accounts are they?
  • Are these open or closed accounts?
  • How old are these items?
  • Do you know your current credit score?
  • Do you own a home now or are you a renter?
  • What type of positive accounts do you have on your credit report?
  • What’s the primary reason you want to increase your credit score at this point?

Depending on their answers your conversation will go down different paths. But this is the basic information you want to know before you launch into telling and selling.

Educate Your Prospect on Credit Repair Law

This does not mean you start citing chapters from the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It does mean that as you explain what you do, the process you are going to go through to help them. As an example, explain that you’ll be looking at their credit reports and analyzing those reports to determine their derogatory items. You, or someone in your company, will draft dispute letters. The letters will go to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will contact the creditors. The creditors have 30 days to reply. If they reply, your item will not be removed, and you’ll have to take the next step. If they don’t reply, the item will be removed.

Whatever you feel your process is, explain it! This is key in learning how to sell credit repair. This provides comfort to the prospect. It also, again, builds trust and credibility. How are they going to be involved in this process? Explain it. Notice as you are explaining this process, you are selling your service.

Stop and Ask a Key Question

What’s the key question? “Do you have any questions about what I just explained to you?” You want them to ask questions at this point. What questions could they ask?

  • How long does it take? (I’ve learned to weave the time frame into my explanation of the service as covered above. This alleviates this question.)
  • Can you get a certain type of item off my credit report?
  • How much does it cost? (Hopefully, you’ve not shared this with them yet. Why? Because you do not share prices until you’ve built value for what you do. In fact, you may not be done building value. See the next step.)

If they have no questions, that’s ok. You either proceed (see below). Or, you tell them how much your service costs.

What Else Do You Do Other Than Credit Repair?

This can be a huge factor in your success. If you’re going to have to compete with other companies in your area or on the internet, you have to offer more than the removal of derogatory items. If you’re going to rely on word of mouth only, and your prospects aren’t going to call anyone else, maybe not.

We offer an array of credit-related and financial services as part of the credit repair service we offer. So, when we are teaching new Agents how to sell credit repair to customer prospects, this is a key component.

Close the Sale

Once you’re done with explaining other services you offer, or if you do not offer anything else as part of your service, it’s time to close the sale. We ask very simple and non-threatening questions. “Does this sound like something you’re ready to get started with today?”

At this point, you’ll find out how motivated they are. Do they really want to buy that house or car? If your prospect came as a referral from a real estate agent or mortgage broker, the chances of them saying “yes” are high. The chances are probably not so high if they came from an internet ad or Facebook or Instagram post.

If they say they are not ready, I suggest asking another question to find out why. “Is the reason you’re not getting started due to your budget or do you need to know more about how we can help you increase your credit score? This will typically flush out whether they have the money or not. If not, you can choose to get a future date when they will have the money and follow up.

Learn More About Our Credit Repair Business Model

We offer a very unique credit repair business model. This model can alleviate many of the challenges in starting a credit repair business. Visit Start a Credit Business. There you’ll find a detailed overview video. Once you’ve seen the video, if you’d like to ask questions and learn more, let’s talk. Click the ‘Book a Phone Appointment’ icon and schedule a call with me on a day and time that works for you. Talk to you soon!

I hope you got value from this post. That is my goal.
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“Please know that I do not distribute my subscriber’s information”. – Dale Guiducci


A Credit Repair Career –
What Does It Take?

When thinking about possible businesses to start, whether it be a part-time side hustle or a full-time venture, a lot of people think about a credit repair career. And, for good reason. Especially if they get gratification from helping others. A good credit score has become more important than ever before. And, there are millions who have a poor score and don’t understand how to get a good credit score.
I’ve written many blog posts and done over a dozen videos that you can find on my YouTube channel that explain the steps necessary to start a credit repair business. So, I’m not going to cover those details in this post. Instead, I’m going to focus on what it takes after someone has begun their credit repair career.

Know the Probability

I know this sounds very basic, but I talk to people in credit repair all the time that really do not know how federal law works. They simply do not understand credit repair law. It’s one of the first things I teach someone when they join our company. I’m not just talking about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Someone in credit repair needs to understand the probability that an item can get removed from a credit report based on several different factors. How old is the item? What type of item is it? Who is the creditor? Is it an open or closed account? Is it a charge-off? Has the item been paid or is it still outstanding? All these factors will either increase or decrease the probability that you or any company can get that item removed for the client.

credit repair business coach

Understand the Credit Repair Market

Another area I see lacking by many that want a credit repair career is that they don’t understand the credit repair market. They believe that everyone that has a sub-600 credit score desires to take the steps and spend the money to get a higher credit score. That is not true at all. The only time most people with a poor credit score are motivated to improve their situation is when they want to use their credit. When they want to buy something like a home, a car, or another major purchase that requires financing. I say this all the time. “People can live their whole lives with a bad credit score.”

The reason that this is important to understand if you want to have a credit repair career, is because of marketing. You could spend a bunch of money and countless hours chasing the wrong people. You need to find people that are emotionally invested in a major purchase. And, have enough money so that your fee for service seems like nothing compared to not being able to make that purchase. Chasing people that have a low score but aren’t ready to buy something that requires them to have a good score is a serious waste of time and money.

Know Your Competition

It amazes me that people want to be successful in selling their credit repair service, but they have no idea who the competition is in their local area and the national companies. Once you learn who your competitors are then find out what they do and what they charge. Do they pull credit, or do they ask the client to furnish it? Is there policy to dispute all items right away or do they string it out to be able to charge more monthly fee to their clients? Do they provide their clients with any online reporting? You need to know what you’re up against in order to do what comes next.

What Makes You Different?

There are thousands of companies, large and small, in this country that do credit repair. How are you going to be any different? Why should someone trust you? What is going to make them start their credit repair service with you? If you can’t answer these questions with some serious differentiators and with confidence, stop now and find those answers.

How Are You Going to Get Your Clients?

This is also huge to figure out before you invest a lot of time and energy into your credit repair career. There are 2 main ways to attract clients. You can advertise. If you decide to go this way it doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, there’s always going to be a challenge. When someone calls, emails, texts, or comments in response to an ad, you’ll have no trust factor or no credibility. You’ll have about 10 seconds to develop that. Which means you better be good on the phone and have some sales skills. It goes back to what I said about people with a low credit score not necessarily being motivated. They may see your Facebook post at 11 at night and be a little curious. But are they serious? You’ll need to sort through a ton of advertising leads to find sales. Trust me.

The best way in this industry to find qualified leads and have trust and credibility before they even contact you is when you get referrals. Specifically, referrals from real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers and loan officers, and other credit-related industry professionals. This is the bread and butter of the industry. You can offer these professionals the opportunity to help them close more business and make a significant amount more money every year. All they need to do is edify you and give you their credit-challenged prospects info. It’s a beautiful thing.

Be Consistent in Your Credit Repair Career

In order to have a successful credit repair career, it’s also important to be consistent. Many people start a credit repair business on a part-time basis. It is easy in that case, to become distracted and not put in consistent hours and consistent effort into building your business. Especially in the beginning, whether or not it’s going as well as you expected, you have to push through the emotions and the fatigue and do the work every day. Given that you have studied and know credit repair law, know the chances of removing items, know the credit repair market, know your competition, can share your differentiators, and have a good marketing plan, you still need to work your tail off. It won’t come easy. And, it will take some time. But a successful credit repair career will only come to those that consistently work on their credit repair business every day.

If you would like to learn how you can have your own credit repair Agency and work with me, visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity to watch a short video and then book a phone appointment. We’ll talk about what you’re trying to accomplish and whether what we do is a good fit for you.

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The Best Credit Repair Software

The Best Credit Repair Software

If you are interested in starting a credit repair business, then you realize there are a lot of items to research. One of the more crucial items is the software you’ll use to generate dispute letters. There are many different options out there which makes it more confusing and time-consuming. So, what is the best credit repair software?

Here’s what I can tell you which I believe is the most important choice factor. I have talked to literally thousands of people over the last 7 years who either want to be in the credit repair business or already are. Those that were in the credit repair business already did the research. There were many to choose from:

And more

The Best Credit Repair Software

The #1 choice for those that were already in the credit repair business that I talked to is Credit Repair Cloud. A lot of these credit repair business owners had spent a lot of time researching, and also using Credit Repair Cloud, and decided it was the best credit repair software.

But read on…

The most important thing for you to realize is that these established credit repair business owners that were using the best credit dispute software were talking to me because something was wrong with their business. To be more specific, something was wrong with their business model. They were calling me to understand our credit repair business model to overcome the challenges they had. What were those challenges?

credit repair business coach

Let’s go back to the research you’re doing. You’re coming to realize that to get your business started, in addition to finding the best credit repair software, you also have to:

– Investigate what your state requirements are (surety bonds and/or other).
– Realize that satisfying your state requirement only allows you to do business in your state.
– Investigate the federal Credit Restoration Organizations Act (CROA) to understand how you can charge a client.
– Figure out how to pull credit for your clients (credit report brokers will not work with credit repair companies). Even Credit Repair Cloud refers you to an online credit monitoring service that requires your client to pull their own credit. This is not the most professional approach.
– Figure out how to be able to take credit and debit cards (merchant services companies will not work with credit repair companies).
– Build a website and learn how to drive traffic to that website while competing with large companies on Google such as Lexington Law,, Pyramid Credit Repair, and others.
– Develop strategies to compete with companies in and out of your area that have a Better Business Bureau rating and accreditation, National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO) certification, or other designations.
– And more…

But What’s Your Biggest Challenge

BUT HERE IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE AND WHY THESE CREDIT REPAIR BUSINESS OWNERS WERE CALLING ME. Despite what ALL these credit dispute software companies tell you, providing credit repair service to a client is very time-consuming. You need to figure out how you’re going to find the time to market your business, sell to those prospects, provide customer support after the sale AND, provide the service. Importing credit reports and generating dispute letters is key. But it’s only part of providing service.

And, by the way, even if you figure this out, you’re still only providing credit repair (the removal of derogatory items) to your clients. Successful credit repair companies today provide far more services like online credit monitoring, identity monitoring, credit education, and online tools for their clients.

If you can afford to hire staff, you may overcome this challenge. But if you’re going it alone you should be prepared that this will require more time than you’re anticipating. If you have a job or other business, you’re going to have to find that time. That is why these people were calling me. They didn’t have the time to do everything. They had to either stop marketing efforts because they didn’t have the time or turn away clients.

The Big Takeaway

So, what’s the biggest take away from this? The best credit repair software is not going to overcome your biggest problems. After 7 years in the business, I can emphatically tell you with conviction and confidence, there is only one business model and opportunity in the country that WILL overcome every challenge you face in starting a credit repair business. And, that’s ours.

Take 21 minutes to watch a detailed overview video about our business model. You’ll learn that:

  • No surety bond is required
  • You’ll immediately be able to do business in all 50 sates
  • We are fully compliant with CROA
  • Credit is pulled for your clients at no charge to you
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and debit cards at no charge to you
  • You’ll have a professional, customized website provided for you
  • Access to complaint social media marketing materials, phone apps, a sales funnel system and more

And, you’ll learn that you won’t have to worry about analyzing credit reports and drafting dispute letters. That will be provided for you by trained and experienced staff.

A Credit Repair Business Opportunity that Solves All the Problems

There’s more to learn about our business model so visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity to watch that video. Then, if you like what you see and want to talk directly with me, click the icon below the video to ‘Book a Phone Appointment’.

I look forward to talking with you.

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Network Marketing and Credit Repair

In order to absorb what I’m going to share you have to put aside any preconceived opinions you have about network marketing or the MLM industry. Just for a few minutes. I am well aware of all the arguments against the industry and I’m not going to debate them. I’ll just tell you that regardless of the perceived downsides of the industry, network marketing is the best business model for credit repair. And, I’ll tell you why.

Let me first address the challenges that the credit repair business presents. They fall into 3 major categories. Federal and state regulations, the scope of providing service to customers, and competition from large companies.

Federal and State Regulations

The Credit Restoration Organizations Act (CROA) restricts you from charging fees to a client before service is provided unless you are a bank, credit union, attorney, or 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They do allow you to charge a nominal account activation or set up fee. How this affects you depends on how much profit you want to make in the business. There will be more on this later when I discuss competition in the industry.

State regulations (in most states) require you to purchase a surety bond. If you want to do business outside your state, you must purchase a surety bond in other states as well. These bonds are a continuous expense, not a one-time fee.

In addition, the federal government and each state have its own truth in advertising laws that you must be aware of and comply with. Failure to comply with these advertising laws could result in very stiff penalties. States like Georgia and Utah have recently severely cracked down on credit repair companies advertising in those states.

Providing Service to Clients

Next, and maybe most importantly, has to do with the scope of providing service to a client. I realize that companies that sell dispute software like TurboDispute, DisputeSuite, and CreditRepair Cloud make it sound like it takes no time at all to pull credit, analyze credit reports, and draft dispute letters. First of all, it takes more time than they tell you. But that’s not the full extent of the work in the credit repair business. It’s not even close. You need to market and find prospective clients. Then you need to sell to those clients. People don’t typically click a link and sign themselves up for credit repair. This isn’t like buying a product from Amazon. Then you need to deal with disputes. Then you need to provide customer service and support once the service is underway.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of people that have tried to do this on their own that have called me. They have given up on trying to bring in enough clients to pay the bills and provide service to that number of clients.

Can You Compete Against the Big Companies?

Then there is the issue of competition from large companies that dominate the industry. Companies like Lexington Law,, and Sky Blue Credit Repair. They dominate internet advertising in every market in the country. They have the money to outbid you for a position on Google.

But that isn’t the biggest challenge you have when competing against big companies in the credit repair industry. The biggest challenge is providing the type and scope of service that companies like ours can provide at a price that is perhaps less than, or similar, to what you can afford to charge. You might be able to provide credit repair (removal of negative items from credit reports) for let’s say $80 a month. We provide that along with 11 other financial services for $89 a month. And, we do it with an A+ BBB rating and accreditation, and a NACSO certification. That’s hard to compete with.

Why Network Marketing and Credit Repair Works

Now that I’ve discussed the challenges in the credit repair business let me share with you why network marketing is the best business model for credit repair. In a nutshell, it’s because our business model overcomes every single challenge I’ve described above. We have the resources, technology, and the infrastructure in place. All you need to do is plug into it and you’re in business tomorrow.

We overcome state and federal regulations because our credit repair company is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Therefore, we are as stated above, exempt from CROA regulations. As an independent agent for our company you can charge up-front fees (the up-front fee we charge is nominal, just $99) and you can do business in all 50 states without purchasing a surety bond.

You still need to follow truth in advertising laws, but our company provides you with information on compliance with those laws. And, we make available to you legally approved brochures, flyers, folders, business cards, social media templates, phone apps, and an online sales funnel system. All of it complies with the laws in all 50 states and is available to you from day one.

Have Time to Bring in More Business

Now let’s address providing services. With our business model, you don’t provide services. Our staff does that for you. Not only are they trained at a high level to provide client services, but they also provide customer support for the length of time the client is on service. This allows you to find more people to sell services to. It frees up your valuable time so you can maintain another business or work the credit repair business part-time until you can make it a full-time business.

Now let’s talk about competition. By working with us as an Independent Agent you will be providing more services than any other company in the industry for the same price or less than the big companies provide credit repair. This allows you to compete with the small company in your area and the largest companies in the country.

Use Leverage to Build Your Business

But this is the biggest reason why network marketing is the best business model for credit repair. It’s because the profit margins in credit repair are small. You can’t charge much more than $100 a month and compete. So, given everything I’ve shared above how many people do you think you can bring in on your own and provide service? How much will those clients be paying you to do all of this? What if you want to take some time off or you get sick? Who’s going to run your business and what are your profits going to look like?

With our network marketing and credit repair business model, you can build a team of other independent Agents and get paid on their production. You can build it as small or as large as you want. In fact, you don’t have to bring in any Agents or build a team at all. But if you do that’s where the true substantial incomes in this industry are anymore.

Build True Residual Income

People come into the credit repair business because they think there’s residual income. There’s only temporary residual income until your client stops paying. No client is going to pay for credit repair any longer than they need to, and sometimes they stop paying before they should.

When building a team of Agents, you build a true residual income. Because when you stop working for any reason your Agents do not.  It does take time to build that residual. It doesn’t come overnight. But once you’ve built it, it comes each and every month. I had to take a couple of months off in 2017 for major surgery. I also slowed down in 2018 to fully recover. But my checks didn’t because my team didn’t.

Network marketing has its flaws. No doubt. But for the credit repair business, it provides the solution to so many challenges in this industry. You don’t have to put out a huge expense to get into the business. And, you can get started today for as little as $288.00.

Find Out the Details

If you’d like to find out all the details visit our Credit Repair Business Opportunity page and watch a 21-minute video. If you like what you see, and I’m sure that you will, click the icon just under the video to book a phone appointment with me. We’ll discuss each and every question you have. I look forward to that conversation.

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Network Marketing and Credit Repair
Start a Credit Repair Business Today

Start a Credit Repair Business Today

We’re coming up on our 9 year anniversary of starting our credit repair business. In those 8+ years, I have spoken to over 3,500 people that have called me with a desire to start a credit repair business themselves. Each one of them struggling with the regulations and red tape of getting their credit repair business started. I’ve told each of them the same thing. You can start a credit repair business today by doing it the same way I did.

Some of those people followed my advice. Others continued to do research only to discover that surety bonds, pulling credit, merchant services, and other roadblocks were too much to overcome. They eventually realized that even if they could wade through and overcome these hurdles, it takes too much time to operate the business alone. And hiring staff just wasn’t practical based on the profit margins in the credit repair industry. So, they quit trying. They gave up on the idea entirely.

Grow a Credit Repair Business as Large as You Desire

I received a call yesterday from a man in Georgia who had started a credit repair business a year ago using software from Credit Repair Cloud. He went through all the training. He started marketing his business and got clients. To an outsider, it would seem like he was doing well. Except that, because he had to do all the work of analyzing credit reports, drafting dispute letters, and generally delivering the service to his clients, he could not grow his business any further. He stopped that business and was calling me because he realized that with our business model, he could scale his business as large as he desired.

credit repair business coach

What It Takes to Start a Credit Repair Business

There are 2 major issues to overcome to start a credit repair business. The first is all the state and federal regulations. And, then finding a way to pull credit for clients. Then finding a merchant services company to work with you to allow you to take credit and debit card payments.

The 2nd major issue is then finding the time and having the expertise to do marketing, sales, and service delivery without a staff. Or, affording to hire a staff to do some of the work for you on the profit margins generated in the credit repair business.

Problems Solved

With our business model, none of those are issues at all. Our company delivers all the services to your clients. They pull credit, draft dispute letters, send out the letters, and provide customer service to the client 12 hours a day Monday through Friday. They also take payment from the client via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or debit card.

And, because our company is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and you represent our company, you are not subject to the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) laws. You do not need to purchase a surety bond or register in any state. And, you can do business in all 50 states. Your market expands to the entire U.S.

Your focus then becomes marketing and sales only. If you are good at marketing and sales you not only can do very well, but you can scale your business to any level you desire. In fact, you can bring on Agents all over the country that will generate revenue and income for you. The company actually pays you a bonus to do so.

We Train You Every Step of the Way

You’ll have training on how to go out and generate business. We show you how to generate referrals. Then we’ll share with you the most effective way to sell to a customer prospect. And, if you do bring on other Agents, we’ll train them as well.

And here’s the icing on the cake. Because it’s all built and has been since 2004, you can start a credit repair business today. We can have you into our online training program immediately. This program doesn’t teach you how to draft dispute letters. We have a large expert staff that does that for you. We’re going to train you on building a credit repair business that is affordable ($288 to start), sustainable (you have help building it), profitable (you keep what you make because your business expenses are very low), and scalable (build it as large as you desire).

Get the Details of Our Business Model

For further information and to learn all the details visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. There you will find a 21-minute video. You’ll get 90% of your questions answered. Then you’ll want to book a phone appointment with me. You’ll see a tab that will bring up my appointment calendar. Just pick a day and time that works for you. We’ll get on the phone and see if our business model is a good fit for you.

When you’re ready we’ll get you set up with websites, your online training, our private Facebook Group, and our weekly live training. Are you ready to start a credit repair business today? If so, visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. Talk to you soon.

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How to Run a Credit Repair Business
from Anywhere

As I’m writing this, I’m in Columbus, NC. Columbus is about 650 miles north of my home in Largo, FL at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My wife, Shirley, and I have been here for a little over a week and we’re having a great time. This is such a beautiful area to explore. We’re here for 5 weeks and we plan to explore as much as we can. That is what has prompted me today to write about how to run a credit repair business from anywhere.

Our credit repair business has given us a very nice income, allowed us to save for retirement, build a steady residual income for the day when we stop working and gives us time and travel freedom. The credit repair business is a great business!

The Right Business Model Creates Freedom

But as I’ve been writing about and doing YouTube videos for years, you must have the right business model. You can run a credit repair business in a few different ways. But if you want true residual income and the ability to travel and still work your business, there is only one way to do it that will work.

credit repair business coach

It’s all about having a staff that does the administrative part of the business. I call it service delivery. If you’re marketing for credit repair customers, selling to those customers, delivering the service, and providing customer support you will be tied to your business. You’ll never be able to take time off and travel.

Think about it. What sense would it make to do what we did? You drive 11 hours to get to a beautiful spot and now must take calls for new business, pull credit, analyze credit reports, draft dispute letters, and take calls from existing customers that have questions. That does not sound like a fun travel experience.

Travel and Still Run Your Credit Repair Business

Here’s how I’ve got things set up for the 5 weeks that we’re in North Carolina. I still take calls from customer prospects. But I only take those calls during the hours I’ve scheduled myself to work which is Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm. If they call at another time, I’ll text them back and ask then to go to my website and book an appointment. I have software on my website that pulls up my Google calendar and shows the times that I’m available. They pick a time and I get the information to call them at a time that I’m working.

If I sell our services to that customer, I input the information and our staff does the rest. I’m done. I don’t need to worry about pulling credit, drafting letters, or answering the customer’s questions. If there are any serious issues with a client, our staff calls and discusses it with me. And, there are rarely serious issues with a client.

Check Out Our Credit Repair Business Model

If you’d like to explore our business model and how you can have a staff that does all the administrative side of the business for you visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity. Watch a 30-minute video which is the only video on that page. Then use my appointment booking system and book a time to talk with me that works for you.

You’ve got to think ahead and plan before you start our business. If you don’t, your business will own and run you instead of the other way around.

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