Looking for a New Career? - Become an Independent Credit Repair Agent

As an Independent Credit Repair Agent, you own your business. But you don't have to build it all from scratch. You'll represent a company that provides you with an entire system so that you'll be up and running right away. Thousands of people have started their own agencies and most work right from home. Our company gives you everything you need to be in the credit repair business. And you'll offer more than credit repair (removing negative items). You'll have services from a host of companies that will help your clients improve their credit scores and overall financial situation in multiple ways. This allows you to provide the very best credit repair service in the country. In all 50 states.

Hear from our Credit Repair Agents

Hear from some of our credit repair agents. People just like you that weren’t satisfied with what they were doing to earn their income. They now work with our company and have control of their income, schedule, advancement, benefits, retirement, and future.Credit Repair Agents

“I was working 70+ hours a week in retail. It left me stressed, frustrated, and in need of a change. With all the training and personal growth, I am a Regional Vice President and R&R Club member making more money than ever before. I’m living life on my terms (as a credit repair agent)”
Jill Halbreich- Orange County, CA



credit repair agents“We got started (as a credit repair agent) because we needed the services. But quickly realized that this was an opportunity of a lifetime to help countless people and achieve financial freedom. By utilizing the training provided we’ve become Executive Vice Presidents and R&R Club members. Now we are truly living the American dream!” Sean & Monica Andrews- Washington, DC


Credit Repair Agents


“As a business owner, I was watching my income go backward due to a changing industry. My financial future was in jeopardy. This company was just what I needed. Because of the training and my hard work, (being a credit repair agent) led me to Vice President and R&R Club. With this amount of money my future is no longer a concern!” Warren Bauerfeld- Minneapolis, MN


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ERA Credit Services and/or its partners or agents make no guarantees about the level of financial success our Advisors can achieve. Earning substantial income requires hard work, leadership, and dedication and some Adviorss may make no money at all. All income you receive will depend upon your individual effort and ability.