Depending on the business model you choose, starting a credit repair business can be an arduous, time-intensive, and expensive task. There are credit repair laws to navigate, software to buy, merchant services to set up, finding a way to pull credit, and much more. Of course, if you choose our business model, the setup is easy, fast, and very inexpensive. But either way, now you need to find out how to grow a credit repair business. The challenge is that there’s only one of you and only so many hours in a day. That challenge is compounded if you have a full-time job, a family, or other interests in your life.

Credit Repair Marketing

Think about what you now need to do. You must market your business, and get the word out. You must do this continually and always be casting a wider net to bring in prospective customers. New credit repair business owners typically overestimate the amount of business they’ll get from social media and other online methods like sales funnels. They may get a significant number of leads through this type of marketing. But the problem is that leads coming from internet marketing are not the best-qualified leads. Another option is to buy leads. I have an entire article on why not to buy credit repair leads.

The best and most qualified leads for credit repair come as referrals from people in credit-related industries like real estate, mortgage, solar and other professions. Developing these great lead sources is initially more time-consuming perhaps, but far more productive in the long run. We go into detail on how to develop referral source relationships and how to manage those relationships.

Credit Repair Sales

Next, you must find time to make sales. Another misconception is that all a credit repair business owner must do is get a lead or prospective customer to go to their website. Then that prospect will read about what they can do to improve their credit score and will fill out a form and enroll in their service. That will almost never happen. Credit repair is not a one size fits all solution. It requires time to talk with prospective clients, find out what their specific needs are, and provide the right solution for them.

Customer Support

One of the most common pieces overlooked when figuring out how to start a credit repair business is customer support. Once you do have clients now you must arrange for customer support. These people will have questions throughout the process of trying to increase their credit score. If you have a full-time or even part-time job, how are you going to be available for your customers?

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Dispute Letters

Let’s not forget about the fact that you need to do the work of credit repair. Once you get a hold of credit reports you must then draft dispute letters and get them out the door. You'll need to purchase credit repair software from a company like Credit Repair Cloud. That should be an easy task on top of everything else you’re doing if you only have a client or two per week. But what if you want more clients?

How to Grow a Credit Repair Business

After 10+ years in this business, I can tell you without any reservation that you must have help. Even if you have the luxury of working on your credit repair business on a full-time basis, there’s no way you grow a credit repair business all on your own. You can hire virtual assistants perhaps. But now you must trust someone else with providing service to your clients. You can hire people that you know, like relatives or friends. That might work. But either way, when you bring on staff, you now add to your expenses. And let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of profit margin in the credit repair business to be paying staff.

There is no doubt that the key to being successful in the credit repair business today is by doing volume. And that brings us back to the time factor. How are you going to find the time, with everything that you need to do, to create that volume?

Our credit repair business model is the solution.
As an Agency Owner, you grow a credit repair business to whatever size you desire.

Here are the advantages of our credit repair business model:
  • Low startup cost- less than $300
  • Low monthly overhead – $99 a month.
  • No cost for credit repair software, merchant services, client credit reports, or websites
  • Free credit repair training will make you an expert on credit repair law and the credit repair process.
  • Free credit repair business training on how to develop consistent referral sources of good quality credit repair leads, and how to build a successful credit repair business.
  • Many complimentary services to offer clients to help them with their credit score and finances in addition to credit repair
  • The ability to do business in all 50 states
  • Marketing materials available that comply with all federal and state credit repair laws

The Credit Repair Agency Business Model

But even with the above and more provided to you, you still have the issue of time with a startup credit repair business. Figuring out how to grow a credit repair business would still be a challenge unless you had one other component that we provide. And that is the ability to bring on other Credit Repair Agency owners.

When you add other Agency owners you now get paid guaranteed residual income. And if they decide to add Agents as well, your residual income grows. These Agency owners can be anywhere in the United States. You are not responsible for managing and training them. But you benefit from the business they produce. They may even grow their business bigger than yours and that would be great for you. You can have as many Agencies as you want. And it doesn’t cost you anything to bring on these Agency owners.

This business model delivered by FreedomPath is much like a real estate, mortgage, or insurance broker bringing on agents. You make 100% of what you earn on your sales. But you also make residual income by having other Agency owners. Others have compared it to a franchise business model. This is how you grow and scale a credit repair business especially if you have limited time because you work a job and/or have other commitments.

This article which was originally posted in 2022 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.

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