Most people that want to start a credit repair business look into buying credit repair business software. Why? Because that’s what they are told to do on the internet. How is someone going to draft and mail out dispute letters without the software? At the least, it’s going to make it easier. But what if you didn’t have to mail out dispute letters at all? Our business model gives that task to a team of experts at doing that job. Your job is to work on growing your credit repair business. So, don’t buy credit repair business software if…

Don't Buy Credit Repair Business Software If...

You Have Limited Time

If you aren’t going to be working your credit repair business full time with no other jobs or businesses that need your attention, then you most definitely do not want to buy credit repair business software. Because by doing so you are locking yourself into a solopreneur business model.

What’s a solopreneur? A solopreneur is someone that runs their business by themselves. They wear every hat. In the credit repair business, if you wear every hat, how are you going to find the time to do it all? You have to market your credit repair business. By the way, marketing is the most important task for any credit repair business owner. It also is potentially the most time-consuming task that you’ll have. You’ll have to sell to clients. Then draft and mail those dispute letters. Then be your own Customer Service department when your clients have questions. And more!

Most of the people that I’ve talked to that have gone the route of credit repair business software have as their first complaint, time! They can’t grow their business (working on their business) because they are too busy working "in" their business. This is an important concept when thinking about how to start a credit repair business.

With our startup credit repair business model, your primary function is to find clients and sell to those clients. The rest of the administrative work is handled by a staff of people working diligently for you and your clients.

You Want to Get Started Right Away

If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks to a few months to get your credit repair business started, no problem. Because you’ll have a lot to do. You need to find credit repair business software. You need to get trained to use that software. Also, you need to build a website even if the credit repair business software company gives you a platform. Then you need to find a merchant services company. You need to figure out how you’re going to get credit reports. Don’t forget that all-important credit repair surety bond if one is required in your state. And there’s more. What about social media pages? Phew!

Our business model is set up and ready to go. Along with our training that you’ll receive access to within minutes of getting started, you can be putting customers into the system within a couple of hours. Think about it. 2 hours versus weeks or even months.

You Want to Keep Your Investment Low

To purchase everything you need as a solopreneur credit repair business owner (described above), you will spend thousands. Credit Repair Cloud charges $170 per month for its credit repair software. But that’s just the beginning. You may have to pay for a surety bond. Then you have to pay a merchant services company to be able to accept debit and credit cards. There are website hosting fees and potentially other fees associated with getting your website to show up anywhere near the front page of Google.

Our business model is ready to go and costs just $299.00 plus $89 a month. However, the $89 a month payment stops as long as you have 5 clients on service. There are no other fees because everything is provided for you for that one low startup fee.

You Want to Scale and Grow Your Business

If you only want to have credit repair as a service to help some credit-challenged clients, then you may not care about growing your business beyond that. But if you’re going to just have a few clients at a time, why would you pay a lot of money and take a long time to get it started? You wouldn’t, of course.

If you want to grow it as large as possible then you definitely do not want to buy credit repair business software and be a solopreneur. Especially if you have a job or other business to run. How are you going to grow your business and take care of all the customers at the same time? Why not let our staff take care of customers for you?

And how would you like to do business anywhere in the U.S. without needing a surety bond? With our business model, you don’t need a surety bond in any state nor in your home state even if they typically require one!

Are You Intrigued Enough to Invest 30 Minutes?

If what I’m saying makes sense to you then find out more. You can do that by watching our credit repair business overview video. It will give you a ton of details. You’ll see that by working with our business model you’ll also be able to offer much more than just credit repair to your clients. Watch the video. If you like what you see you’ll be able to click below it to schedule a phone appointment with us. You’ll be able to answer your questions and make an informed, logical decision of which direction is best for you.

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