To start with I’m going to share concepts about the credit repair business that you won’t see anywhere else.  First, credit repair isn’t that difficult to understand and master. And second, people need more than credit repair training online or not, to have a successful credit repair business. They need to learn how to build and scale that business. In other words, training on what to do after they know how to remove derogatory accounts from a credit report.

Credit Repair Isn’t Difficult

Going back to my first statement above about credit repair not being difficult to understand and master, let’s first define credit repair. Credit repair is the removal of derogatory items from a credit report using the process dictated by federal law. You may, and I encourage you to, have more services than just credit repair for your clients to build positive accounts or tradelines on their credit report. Which our credit repair business owners do.

If you have credit repair software, once you input a client’s credit report into the software, it will produce dispute letters for you. If the software is good, your job is to get those dispute letters out the door. How much more do you need to know? Having said that, a credit repair business model built around software is very limiting.

Yes, it’s true that there are other ways beyond disputing items through the credit reporting agencies to remove negative items. But if you’re going to offer those types of services, you’ll need to charge a lot more than the going rates that other credit repair companies charge. The reason is that these credit repair hacks are extremely time-consuming. The research and correspondence required are enormous. However, you will find it difficult to charge a client far more than other companies for these services especially when you’re new and just getting established.

Credit Repair Business Training Online

Now to my second point. After 10+ years in this business, I see the biggest mistake by people in the credit repair business all the time. They either don’t know how to market their business or because they spend so much time delivering services to existing clients, they don’t have the time. Without effective, consistent, and affordable marketing you’re dead in the water. There isn’t a credit repair training certification program or credit repair software company out there that will teach you marketing for a credit repair business.

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Scaling Your Credit Repair Business

Let’s assume you are a marketing expert and that you have researched the credit repair business and know exactly how to get clients on a consistent basis and affordably. You are so good at this that you are bringing in clients at a rapid pace. Ok, so how are you going to keep up with servicing these clients while still maintaining your marketing efforts?

You’d be working “in” your business but not “on” your business. You would now be on a hamster wheel just trying to keep up. At this point, as you read this you may think that’s a good place to be because you’d be busy. The problem is that you’d never be able to grow your business beyond this point. Every day, week, and month would be a grind. And your income would never go up. You’d be limited. For people that are interested in learning how to start a credit repair business, this is very important to understand.

What’s the Solution?

Well, we haven’t even discussed the challenges in starting a credit repair business with the time, expense, legal issues, and money required. When someone starts working with our business model, they will already have everything set up. Websites, merchant services, pulling of credit reports, and able to business in all 50 states without surety bonds. Marketing materials, videos, staff to assist them with their clients, services to build positive accounts for their clients, and more. But let’s assume you have all that handled.

Immediately, our credit repair business owners are provided 3 critical credit repair training online tools.

  • A script for talking with client prospects. Why is this critical? Couldn’t you figure this out on your own? Over time you could, perhaps. However, this script took me a year to initially develop and 8 more years to refine. The methodology is this script is responsible for thousands of client sales. Our credit repair business owners get this for free immediately.
  • A video that outlines credit repair law, the credit repair process, and the probability of getting derogatory items removed from a credit report based on certain factors. Factors such as the creditor, the type of account, the age of the account, it is an open or closed account, and more. Why is this knowledge important? Because not all derogatory accounts are alike. As a credit repair business owner, you need to manage your client’s expectations. You are not going to get every item removed. You need to know why and explain that to your client. If you manage your client’s expectations, you will never have an upset client. This video does more to make our credit repair business owners be perceived as an expert than anything else I’ve seen in this industry.
  • A video that explains what makes them different than any other credit repair company. This is enormously important in the credit repair industry. If you’re going to be viewed as just another credit repair company, your marketing mastery may get you many leads. But you are going to have a low closing ratio. There are over 69,000 credit repair companies in the U.S. You must be different. You must provide more value. Otherwise, you’ll be spinning your wheels.

Credit Repair Training Online for Immediate Business

When people engage with our startup credit repair business model, they are in business from the very 1st day. Quite often they are getting clients and even scaling their business in the first week if not the few days. This beats looking for a merchant services company, building a website, or figuring out how to pull credit. They invested $299.00 to get started and the training I described above plus much more credit repair business training is completely free and accessible on day one.

Want to Know More?

The best way for you to understand our business model is to watch our Credit Repair Business Opportunity video overview. This video covers the credit repair training online that I've discussed above. But more importantly, you'll understand how very different we are from the "credit repair software for business model". I stated above that the credit repair software business model is limiting. This video will clearly explain why.

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