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How to Choose the Best Credit Repair Company
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If you did an internet search to locate a Tampa Bay area credit repair company several were listed on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Now what? Do you call every credit repair company listed on page one? Each of these listings is going to state that they are the top company. Here is some information that is going to help you sort through that list, save you time, and help you locate the very best credit repair company.

A Local Tampa Bay Area Credit Repair Company
or a Large National Company?

When deciding on a credit restoration company, most people would like to work with a local Tampa Bay area credit repair company. There’s a comfort level knowing that there is a person behind the service, someone you can go and meet face to face. However, most local companies are just one-person operations. The resources are limited and you have to be concerned about whether they are still in business in 6 months or a year. What if they get sick or go on vacation? What happens to your service and/or the money you paid to them?

Working with a large, national company gives a different sense of comfort. They’ve been around for a while and probably aren’t going to go out of business. Their track record is more likely documented. But they also have poor customer support in most cases. What can you do if you do not get satisfaction from this type of company? You certainly can’t drive over to their office.

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Our Solution- We are both local and national. We provide the personal customer service you should expect from a local Tampa Bay area credit repair company. However, we’re also a national company with experience since 2004 and phenomenal customer support behind us. You get the best of both worlds. And, our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee will be honored regardless of anything that transpires with our Tampa Bay area credit repair location.

Credit Repair Pricing

This is a major deciding factor in choosing a credit repair company whether it be in Tampa, St. Petersburg, or any other city in the country. There are 2 pricing models primarily used in this industry:

Monthly Payments– Many credit repair service companies charge a setup fee and then a monthly fee as we do. However, sometimes these companies aren't motivated to restore your credit as quickly as they can because they want more of your monthly fees. We hear from people all the time that have been paying fees to a company for sometimes over a year, perhaps longer, and the work is still not completed.

"We dispute all items immediately providing you
with the fastest, most effective service available from a
Tampa Bay area credit repair company."

Pay Per Deletion– Companies using this pricing model charge you when they have removed items from your credit report. This actually sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Actually, they usually do charge an initial fee in order to give you an estimate of the charges for their service. And, they do a hard inquiry on all 3 of your credit bureau reports before you decide to move forward. Companies using this model typically charge between $25 and $500 per item. The difference in price depends on the type of item. For example, a cell phone bill might be $25. However, bankruptcy or short sale could be as much as $500 per item. And, it’s per item per credit bureau! So, you actually get charged 3 times for removing an item from all 3 bureaus. Therefore, some items could be as much as $1,500.

Our PriceWe work on all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion), all your derogatory trade lines immediately, and any type of account including bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, liens, credit card charge offs, medical bills, student loans, late payments and more. However, we not only provide the best credit repair service in Florida and the U.S. As part of our standard service that we call the Credit Protection Plan we also provide online credit monitoring, identity monitoring, education for you on how to build and maintain a positive credit score, advice on paying off your debt, and more!

Tampa Bay Area Credit Repair

All for a one-time activation fee of $189
and a low monthly fee of only $99/month

Staying Aware of the Progress of Your Credit Restoration Account- It’s important for most customers to know what’s going on during the process of credit repair. It can take as little as 45 days. But in most cases, it can take longer. How do most credit repair companies communicate with their customers? They don’t unless the customer calls them.

How We Communicate With You– Within 48 hours of service we analyze your credit reports and upload all your derogatory items to an online, password-protected account. Then simply log in 24/7 and see your items and then follow the progress of what items have been deleted, upgraded to paid as agreed, and what items remain for us to work on for you. You are not in the dark. You see us working for you every step of the way. We also have a dedicated Customer Support staff available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern time. Someone will answer the phone when you call and be ready to discuss your account with you.

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