Credit Repair Florida
Know These 4 Questions to Ask any Florida Credit Repair Company

Does Your Company Address All Negative Items on My Credit Report Immediately?

Most credit repair companies do not address all your items immediately. They only work on one or two derogatory items every 60 days. They extend the process intentionally so that you end up paying a monthly fee for several more months than is necessary.

Do You Have Online Reporting So I Can Stay Informed of the Progress of My Credit Repair?

Most credit repair companies in Florida do not involve you in the process. You do not see what’s being addressed, how they are addressing these negative items, or when they are doing it. They do not show you the items being disputed.

Do You Provide Online Credit Score Monitoring?

Unless you have a way of checking your credit reports and credit score on your own you do not see the impact of their work in real-time. Therefore you don’t know if what they are doing is working for you.

Can You Advise Me on Other Ways to Help Me Increase My Credit Score?

Florida credit repair companies in cities like Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami only do credit repair and do not help you with other ways to increase your credit score as well. Credit repair is a great service if done correctly. But it isn’t the only way to increase your credit score.

So, You Have Two Choices

You could call several Florida credit repair companies and interview them. You now know the questions you should ask them.  See if you can find one that disputes all items right away. Try and find a Florida credit repair company that will keep you informed and give you real-time access to your credit scores and credit reports. Ask if they provide other services that will increase your credit score as well.

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Or, you could simply make one phone call to ERA Credit Services at 727-222-0120 for credit repair anywhere in Florida.

  • Talk to a company that will fully explain the process to you right over the phone.
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  • All your derogatory items will be addressed immediately ensuring you’ll get the fastest results possible.
  • You'll have real-time online access to your credit reports and credit scores. You be the 1st to know when changes are made and your scores change.
  • We also will provide other powerful services to increase and protect your score such as rent payment and utility bill reporting to the credit bureaus. These are powerful credit score-building methods.
  • And, we provide you with knowledge about credit so you can maintain a high score in the future.

All for only $99/month with no contract and no minimum time on service.

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This article which was originally posted in 2016 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.