Start a Credit Repair Business in Florida

Statistics tell us that there are over 1 million consumers in Florida that have a 599 credit score or lower. Therefore, if someone is looking for a business opportunity a great idea would be to start a credit repair business in Florida.

Start a Credit Repair Business in Florida

However, state and federal government laws and regulations, along with competition from large, experienced companies make it very difficult to start a credit repair company on your own.

In addition, as an entrepreneur beginning a “start up” venture you have to do everything yourself including having the capital which could amount up to $10,000 to do it professionally and legally. So, what’s the alternative?

Start a Credit Repair Business in Florida

What if you could leverage the infrastructure and service delivery capabilities of a national company that is accredited at the highest level by the BBB and NACSO? What if this company had already been in business since 2004 and you could utilize their experience and stellar reputation? What if they had a training platform that you could use to learn how to start a credit repair business in Florida and build a successful business throughout the state?  And, you could start a credit repair business in Florida for about $500.00?

Our company provides you with this opportunity and we would like to talk with you after you do some research on your own to see if this is a good fit for you. We are looking for serious entrepreneurs to start working with us on a part-time basis and move into a full time career. Or, those who want to begin a lucrative and rewarding business right away.

We will not only provide you with what is shared above but you’ll also have the opportunity to leverage our experience. We have developed our business in many areas across the country and we are looking someone we can coach on how to start a credit repair business in Florida in the following metro areas:

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater
Fort Myers, Naples
Jacksonville, Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach

If this is of interest go to Start a Credit Repair Business in Florida and watch the video located there. This video  will give you detailed information on our company, services, and business model. Then you can book a phone appointment to learn more, and get your questions answered. We look forward to talking with you.

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