One of the biggest challenges in the credit repair business is having the time, expertise, and bandwidth to provide the credit repair service to clients. Credit repair business owners soon discover that they must allocate time to marketing their business and selling to new clients as well as delivering the service. Because there are only so many hours in a day, many look for alternatives such as credit repair service outsourcing.

The business opportunity we offer has become a credit repair service outsourcing option for some who have started a credit repair business, have clients coming in, but are getting bogged down in delivering the credit repair service. By joining forces with us they have more time for marketing and sales and expanding their business.

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The Advantages of Using Our Credit Repair Service Outsourcing


Do you find that you can bring in more clients than you can handle? Our credit repair service is delivered by an expert and well-managed staff in our corporate office. If you have 10 new clients a month or 100 or more, we can handle the volume of new credit repair accounts. In 2019 we are projected to have well in excess of 90,000 credit repair clients.

Brand Your Company

When you outsource your back office credit repair fulfillment to us you still maintain your brand. You can continue to market your company identity on a local or national level. The only difference is that you'll have more to market and offer your clients.

A Nationwide Business

How would you like to offer credit restoration to people in all 50 states? By working with us you can. We can legally offer credit repair and other services in any state in the country. By working with us, you now can too! You do not need to acquire surety bonds or register with any state. And, you can be sure that the services we offer are done with 100% compliance with federal and state laws.


Our service is offered for a one-time $99 account activation fee plus the client's 1st monthly payment of $89. That’s a total of $188. You are paid $100 of that $188 the following week. Then you are paid $12 on each $89 payment the client makes. Based on 6 months of service you earn $160 or 25% profit. And here’s the best part. You have no overhead. You're not paying a company for use of their software. You keep 100% of what you make.

A More Valuable and Competitive Client Offering

Most credit repair companies offer credit repair only. The difficulty then becomes differentiating their company from the thousands of others out there. What makes them different? Not much really. But by using our credit repair service outsourcing you can now offer a host of other services along with credit repair.

Our Service Package for Clients

The following are provided as a package of services for $188 and $89/month. For a complete explanation of each service visit Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair- We dispute all items right away providing the fastest service allowed by law.

Online Credit Monitoring by Smart Credit

Identity Monitoring and Identity Protection by Privacy Armor

Credit Builder- Education and recommendations on what the client can do to increase their credit score

Credit Attorney- Will step in to assist derogatory account removal if an item that legally should be removed, is not. They will also act against debt collectors that are harassing our/your clients.

Online Debt Pay Off System to assist clients in reducing debt

Last Will & Living Trust

Online Budgeting

Net Worth Calculator

Savings Calculator

Financial Contacts Tool to inform loved ones in the event of a medical or another emergency

Additional Services

Credit Bureau Reporting of Monthly Rent Payments – Your client that rents an apartment or home can further boost their score by having their monthly rental payments added to their TransUnion credit report.

Secured Credit Card for clients that are building their credit we offer a secured credit card through Synovus Bank.

Client Retention

Typically, in our industry when a client has achieved results on their credit score, they cancel their service. There is a definitive end to the income from this client. That is why we offer money-saving services to the client as well.

Once they are satisfied with the results with their credit score, they can now take advantage of saving money on travel, cellular phone service, live streaming, legal services, health services, roadside assistance, and more. This will keep your client on service and keep that monthly residual income coming in.

Client Tracking and Reporting

You are kept up to date with each client through your Business Office. Your Business Office is a complete online reporting system of each client's account progress and results. You are also able to call our Customer Support Department Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm for questions and information on your clients.

Reporting for Referral Sources

If you receive client referrals from real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or others, you’ll be able to set them up with their own online portal to track the progress and results of the clients they refer to you. This is a major tool in helping you get more referral business.

Product and Business Training

We provide you with extensive online training, live weekly training, and one on one coaching. You’ll learn about our services, our extensive compensation plan beyond sales to clients, and how to market your credit repair business.

Get Paid When Others Generate Business

What if you could earn income from others that wanted to market and sell credit repair services? There are many people looking for a side hustle to earn some extra money each month. There are others that are looking for a career change. What about the real estate agent that wants to offer credit repair to their clients directly? You can bring on other people that offer our services and get paid when they do so!

For a complete explanation of how this all works visit Credit Repair Business Opportunity.

You’ll see a 30-minute video that will share details with you. If you like what you see you can then schedule an appointment with me, Dale Guiducci. I have an extensive background in the industry and have trained hundreds of people in building a credit repair business. We can discuss what you’re trying to accomplish and help you decide if this is the right fit for your credit repair business.