, an independent research company,
has ranked ERA Credit Services
at the top of the best credit repair companies in San Diego reviewed over 900 companies and chose 544 of those companies to examine closer. They used 5 different categories, Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism. Out of the remaining 544, ERA Credit Services was chosen to receive the

Expertise Award for Best Credit Repair Company in San Diego

Best Credit Repair Companies in San Diego

Here's what had to say about us.

"ERA Credit Services is an Independent Agency, representing a nonprofit organization, and has offered credit repair services in the greater San Diego area since 2012. The company removes erroneous information from credit reports to improve credit scores. Its services also help individuals access credit builder loans and secured credit cards. ERA Credit Services also ensures that rent payments are reflected on credit reports for improved credit standings. The company facilitates access to comprehensive credit repair business training and mentorship programs, customized business websites. Other services include customer and agent support and online customer reporting solutions."

Shirley Guiducci of ERA Credit Services

"We are extremely proud to be recognized for our longevity, expertise, and commitment to our customers. These are attributes we have strived to maintain since we started this company. To be recognized at the top of the best credit repair companies in San Diego is a great feeling."

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ERA Credit Services is an Independent Advisor
and does not provide credit repair services nor accept funds from clients for credit repair services.