The Best Credit Repair Company San Diego

After a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo in an attempt to find the best credit repair company San Diego, you have probably found several listings. Every one of them tells you they’re the best and most effective. Calling all these companies is very time consuming so here are some answers you want to get before proceeding.

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Best Credit Repair Companies in San Diego

We've actually lowered our price to $179 to start and just $79/month

A National Company vs. a Local San Diego Credit Repair Service

Which should you choose? It seems like it would be best to work with a local company. But many local credit repair companies are one-person operations that have limited resources in their abilities. They have no backup should something happen to that one person such as illness, vacation, or closing their business. What happens to your account and money? The national companies typically have poor or no personal customer service. And, what’s your recourse should you not get the results you’re looking for?

Solution - ERA Credit Services is local and national. We have been providing credit repair services to San Diego consumers since 2012 and pride ourselves on giving the personal service you expect. However, we are also part of a national credit repair company with experience and phenomenal customer support. You have the best of both worlds.

Pricing - It's simple. There's a one-time account setup fee of just $179.00 and a monthly fee of $79.00. Here's the key. Many companies that charge a monthly fee drag their feet. They prolong the process needlessly costing you more monthly fees. You'll be able to see all your derogatory items within minutes of starting and dispute all your derogatory items immediately. This reduces the amount of time you'll be on service with us. Our goal is to be the best credit repair company in San Diego. And we've proven it since 2012.

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This article which was originally posted in 2016 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.

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