There are conflicting predictions regarding credit repair business trends and the future of the Credit Repair industry over the next few years. And some of the data cited for the past few years do not coincide with the business growth our company has experienced. We provide two main reasons why in our Credit Repair Business Outlook for 2021.

The Conflicting Views

IBISWorld, an international market research firm, claims that the credit repair industry has declined over the past several years. “The market size of the Credit Repair Services industry in the US has declined 6.4% per year on average between 2016 and 2021.”

IBISWorld also predicts that the credit repair industry will continue to decline through 2024.

However, shares this, “the bright side of a booming economy for the credit repair companies is that consumers become more confident and tend to increase their debt. This certainly is occurring, today. When the inevitable downturn or recession comes, and consumers struggle with the credit they have piled up, the credit repair industry will once again be in clover.”

Credit Repair Companies May Be Necessary for Consumers

Further data shared by is that when consumers try to dispute items on their own through the credit bureaus, “Only 15 percent of the items that consumers disputed were addressed internally by the credit reporting company.” That means that 85% of the disputes never made it to the original creditor to investigate for accuracy. This may lead to more consumers using credit repair companies to ensure that the federal law with regard to their dispute of accounts on their credit report is followed. closes its assessment of the future of the credit repair industry this way.  “Best bet, though, is that the $3.0-billion U.S. credit repair industry will continue to have a major role. And that when the inevitable economic downturn arrives—now or in five years—hard-pressed U.S. consumers will look around for professional help.”

Other Credit Repair Industry Predictions

Information in a article predicts an annual growth rate in the credit repair industry of 2.21% from 202-2025. Others like Murphy’s Hockey Law claim that "the credit repair will witness astonishing growth by 2027".

Credit Repair Business Outlook Factors Not Considered

The Growing Number of First-Time Buyers and Millennials Trading Up

A big factor to take into consideration is that a large segment of prospective home buyers is first-time buyers and older millennials that are trading up for more space. These two groups tend to have lower credit scores.

One reason is that they do not yet have the length of credit history that could boost their credit score. Another is that debt accumulated when they were in college or just out of college may have not been paid on time. Student loan debt is another factor.

Lack of Services and Technology Provided by Nearly All Credit Repair Companies

Here is the biggest problem that the majority of credit repair companies face. They only provide one service, credit repair. Credit repair is narrowly defined as the removal of derogatory items from a consumer credit report. 80,000 companies in the United States currently provide this service. And for the most part, it is done the same way by all 80,000 companies because they must follow the process dictated by federal law.

In order to remain competitive with the big credit repair companies like Lexington Law, Ovation Credit Services, and Sky Blue Credit Repair, and attract consumers that want to repair their own credit, smaller companies must provide their clients more services. And, they must upgrade their service offering by using available technology such as online customer reporting, phone apps, and more.

We're Setting the Trend

Credit repair is just one of 14 services we provide each client as part of a package. While we are attempting to remove obsolete, erroneous, or unverified items from the 3 major credit bureau reports, our clients also receive credit monitoring, identity monitoring, credit building tools and services, a debt payoff system, and more. We help people not only increase, but also monitor and protect their credit score while helping them with their overall finances.

In addition, each client has an online account where they can monitor the progress of their credit repair service. Through this online account, they can also access all 14 of the services that we provide them. We also have a phone app that allows them to interact with their account with their phone.

Business Development Opportunities

In addition to a superior service offering, we also allow our Agents to build their business by adding other Agents to their team. This is much like the business model of eXp Realty and Keller-Williams.

By building a team of credit repair agents you can grow your business and income exponentially. Your team can service clients in markets that you are not in which means you can even more consumers improve their finances.

Our 2020 Results

While the overall credit repair market declined according to IBISWorld, we had explosive growth. Our sales increased by 84%. The customer count was up 125%. And we set a record in August of 2020 for the most customers on service at one time in our 16-year history.

2021 Starts Out Even Better

As of the writing of this article, so far in 2021, we are up 38% over a record-breaking 2020. For us, the credit repair business outlook for 2021 and beyond is extremely good. The biggest challenge we have is expanding the number of Agents we have to keep up with market demand.

Join a Trend Setter

If you are interested in getting into the credit repair industry and can only offer the service of credit repair, it’s going to be difficult to be competitive. Typically, your prices will be higher, and you will not provide the same level of value that we can.

So instead, join our company as an Independent Agency owner. You’ll own a startup credit repair business without having to set it up yourself. And you’ll be able to do business in all 50 states. You’ll have staff that does the administrative work for you so you can concentrate on gaining clients and building your business. You will offer your clients and referral partners more value as well.

Perhaps you’re a real estate, mortgage, banking, solar, or auto professional that would like to have services available to help your credit-challenged client become qualified buyers.

Watch the video below to learn more about our company. Then book a phone appointment with us to get your questions answered and get started with a trend-setting credit repair company.

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This article which was originally posted in 2021 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.