If you are interested in getting into the credit repair business, I have a very important question to ask you. Why? Why do you want to get into the credit repair business? You must give some thought to this before you spend the time, energy, and effort to start a credit repair business. Because once those investments are made you can’t get them back.

The Most Common Not Good Answers

I have spoken to over 5,000 people since 2012 that were interested in the credit repair business. For each one of them, I’ve asked them why they are interested in credit repair. The most common answers are the following:

Well, I fixed my own credit so I thought I could help others.

I know a lot of people that need help with their credit and finances

Clients (from their primary business) can’t qualify, and I want to help them so that I can close more sales (homes, mortgages, solar, cars, etc.).

But those responses are not answering the question properly. Let me break it down further and get more specific. The more specific question they needed to answer for themselves is this.

“Do you want to sit behind a desk and draft dispute letters, thinking you’re doing everything you can to help your clients, and not make a lot of money, OR do you want to grow a large business, help a lot of people in a multitude of ways and earn a lot of money?”

why do you want to get into the credit repair business
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The Big Problem with a Credit Repair Business

You see here’s the big problem you face when starting a credit repair business. There’s very little money earned per client and clients stop paying you as soon as you get them a result. If you think you can charge them big money, you can’t. There are a lot of companies out there that charge around $100 a month and the government doesn’t let you receive any money from a client until you produce them that result.

So, if you try to build a business around a model that gets paid very little per client, doesn’t get you paid until you produce the result for the client, and the client leaves you as soon as you get that result, you will lose. Especially if you’re the one doing all the work because you can only have a limited number of clients at a time.

The Solutions to the Problem


There are 2 solutions to the problem. The first is to do volume. If you have a lot of clients that pay you a little each month, you’ll be fine. But the challenge with that is that you can’t if you are doing all the work yourself and trying to be a one-person operation.

But you can do this on your own if you work with a company as an independent business owner and let them deliver the services to your client. This is a better business model. The people that are delivering the services to your client are going to be better at it than you because that’s all they do every day. They’re experts. In addition, they have systems that you and I will never have that increase workflow. They can do more than we can.

This allows you to do more volume. You can work with far more clients. And, you’ll have the time to find those clients because you’re not sitting at a desk drafting dispute letters. You’ll be working on your business, not in your business.

Offer More Than Credit Repair

You must understand that credit repair is only one small solution to the problem that most Americans have. If someone has a low credit score it is a symptom of larger issues that are causing the low credit score. If you just raise their score and do not solve the problem as to why they had that low credit score, you are not truly helping them. They will be back to a low credit score soon.

People have low credit scores because they are not saving enough of the money they earn. They are not eliminating their debt in a timely manner. They are making high-interest payments forever on their debt. If you just raise their credit score without showing them how to save more money and eliminate their debt, that higher credit score does them little good.

So, offer them services that show them how to save more of the money they earn, how to lower and eventually eliminate their debt, and then how to invest the money their saving into long-term investments that will grow their money tax-free. Oh, and yes, fix their credit along the way.

If you can do this these people will stay with you forever.

The Big Choice You Must Make

So, with one business model, you’ll be limited to the number of clients you can have, the value you can offer to people, and the income you can earn. The other credit repair business model allows you to have an unlimited number of clients, you can change people's lives with what you’re offering them, and you can make far more money because you’ll have the time to get more clients and you’ll keep those clients.

Now, why do you want to get into the credit repair business? Answer that question now that you know what you know.

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