As I’ve documented in other articles and in some videos on YouTube, the credit repair business has changed dramatically in the last decade. It’s important for those starting a credit repair business to understand that this is a different business than it used to be. And, to learn what it takes for success in the credit repair business in 2022 and beyond.

Quite simply success in the credit repair business has come down to the ability to market it correctly. Regarding marketing a credit repair business, you do want to have an online presence. You want to have a Facebook and Instagram page for credibility purposes. But this is not where you’ll get most of your business unless you are a social media expert. The casual social media user will be out of their depth if they try to build their business exclusively through social media.

Similarly, sales funnels are not the way to go. You may get leads through using landing pages and having people fill out forms, true. But do not think you can have a significant number of people that will read a page or watch a video and sign up for your service. You must have a conversation with prospective clients to determine their needs and build value for your services. So, if you are going to stay the course and advertise online you must have a way to get these people on the phone for a consultation. And this is not easy to do.

The Very Best Leads in the Credit Repair Business

The best lead you can get is one that comes from a referral from someone in a credit-related business. What’s a credit-related business? It’s one where clients need to qualify for financing in order to make a purchase. There are dozens of these types of businesses such as real estate, mortgage, banking, solar, automobile, and more. To learn how to go about developing and managing relationships with professionals that can refer you to a lot of clients read, How to Get Referral Business and Managing Referral Relationships.

Why is it the best lead? Because the person just got turned down for financing. They are motivated to buy. This person has the down payment. They usually have everything they need to make that purchase except for a qualifying credit score.  Plus, the fact that it’s a referral from a business professional. That business professional, by telling their client that they need to speak with you gives you credibility and builds trust for you. You have neither trust nor credibility when doing online marketing.

But You Still Need More

If you follow my advice above and develop relationships with people in credit-related professions, you will be headed in the right direction. But to have success with a startup credit repair business, you still need more.  You need to offer more than credit repair. Why? Because there are tens of thousands of companies that offer credit repair. And they all do it the exact same way. You are offering nothing different, nothing more.

Your company must offer other ways to help increase a consumer’s credit score. You must be able to build their positive credit accounts so that their credit score increases with or without credit repair. And, if you do remove some derogatory accounts their score will go up even higher.

Offer More as an Independent Agent with Our Company and FreedomPath

The challenge with offering more services is that you must find those services. Typically, you’ll need to develop an affiliate relationship with companies that provide them. We already have 4 ways to help clients increase their credit score in as little as 45 days in addition to credit repair. We also provide the client with a host of financial services such as budgeting, debt elimination and so much more. So, instead of trying to learn how to start a credit repair business, talk with us.

Don’t try to compete in this market with just credit repair. Join our company as an independent business owner
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