There are two powerful forces leading people to start a financial services business.

The first is the fact that our economy in the U.S., although doing better than in 2008, is causing the average family to struggle. Think about it. Not too long ago a one-income family could get along nicely. People were able to save for their kid’s college expenses and their own retirement. Today it requires two incomes just to make ends meet. In many cases, saving for college and retirement just isn’t happening.

The average family needs a solution. They need help with budgeting, debt payoff, increasing their credit score, preparing a will and living trust, and much more.

The second factor is that a growing number of people want to take back control of their own income, time, retirement, and advancement. Companies no longer provide 401k programs and advancement opportunities as they once did. And, Forbes magazine claims that 70% of employees hate their jobs.

Start a Financial Services Business

Therefore, smart entrepreneurial-minded people are seeking a way to start a financial services business. They want to leave their job, work from home, or open their own office and take back control of their future.

Many people will look at financial services franchise opportunities. Often these opportunities require licensing and are very niche-oriented. Certain financial services franchises concentrate on one area only such as loans, tax, or insurance.

The biggest factor in buying a financial services franchise might be the cost. Many require capital investments of $50,000 to well over $200,000. The least investment required is about $20,000. Someone can get a loan to buy a franchise but how long is that going to take to pay back? Why take on the risk, especially when starting a financial services franchise in a field that is new?

Low Cost, Low-Risk

We have an alternative. You can start a financial services business for an investment of under $300. Note that even though the upfront investment is very small, it doesn’t mean the return on investment isn’t every bit as large as purchasing a financial services franchise for $200,000.

We have been in this business since 2012. Over that time we have done well. But more importantly, there are other Independent Advisors using the same business platform who earn very solid 6 figure incomes. Some earn 6 figures per quarter. And, they run their business from their home or an office.

We offer a suite of financial services that focuses on helping the average family to become financially fit. Credit repair and credit score building are the core services. Debt reduction and payoff (not debt consolidation), and identity and credit protection are areas of concentration. None of these services provided require the Independent Advisor to be licensed. This allows for a quick start-up in the business.

My wife and I started a financial services business in 2012. We soon after closed our accounting business and work this business full time from home. We now live a lifestyle that we always thought about but never could make happen before. This lifestyle is partly due to our income but also because of the freedom it provides us. We take time off when we want, not when we are told we can.

Learn More About Starting a Financial Services Business

If you would like to learn more about owning a financial services business you can simply give us a call after you watch the video below. This video will provide you with details on the services offered, the compensation, training program, and investment to get started.

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This article which was originally posted in 2017 is updated regularly and was last updated in July 2023.

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